Caught in the Act: Clerks Fight Back

YouTube clips show clerks and customers turning the tables on bad guys.
5:11 | 11/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caught in the Act: Clerks Fight Back
We start with what could be called vigilantes video. Victims were just getting mad they're getting weapons here's Deborah Roberts. Win big news attack. You to this fall it seems like -- -- some customers turning the tables on the Pentagon. Friend you have every legal right to defend yourself. But robbery is brightening in serious business just -- Mary big -- It was Valentine's Day 2005. He was just opening his New York jewelry store to its first customers of the day. He shows them engagement rings. They show him a gun. Looked up and write in my face isn't automatic pistol. My brain -- uses real deal and our have to kill and he said that because you know you've got this. You've -- -- -- who have children. Would the robbers don't know is that fixes a former marine in Vietnam combat vet. Slaps a loaded gun out of his face and -- for his own pistol -- comes up -- -- -- the glass door. Some of the gunfire hit here is former bullets were over here and -- -- the robbery in white. I shot right over here from one of the guys on this I think -- right over right there -- -- -- And convicted but the wounded nineteen year old never served his full sentence paralyzed by its -- bullet he later died -- -- Feel you have to shoot -- my life's in danger if somebody is that violent enough to put a gun and threatened to kill me. Now have to kill that person do you think it's heroic for someone to. Challenge the robber no I think it's suicide. -- -- Yes because -- odds are your the one that's going to get injured or killed. Security expert -- -- -- has -- years studying robberies and is even interviewed hundreds of captured grounds. What they say to you about pulling out a gun on someone did they expected gonna have to probably killed in general robbers do not want to hurt people they are just there to -- I'm not saying that make some good people but that's just what their particular -- In the ninety seconds it takes to -- -- the average robbery -- not can go wrong she says is especially when victims fight back. So watch -- Chicago store manager wrestled -- away from the robber in the struggle he employee gets shot. And in this YouTube clip called good guy one bad -- -- the -- could have been very different. A motel clerk shoots the armed robber but look how close is -- live past this child in his -- -- What are the chances of somebody being hurt or killed. If they resist well they found in and robberies at 82% of the deaths were when people resistant. That's -- what happened during this to -- but a Virginia gas station last year it's a robber holding a clerk at gun point. That's -- unsuspecting customers and -- -- -- -- Look back I saw the gun instinctively -- searches for a weapon anything besides a bottle of -- we'll have to do. I didn't like it but I was running out of time I -- I didn't have -- time. -- the robber but unlike Hollywood westerns the gunman doesn't go down. -- -- -- And -- was nobody's more surprised and I was. We didn't go down. What he does do -- shoot the good samaritan -- hit in the process how many times. -- time for time. -- education. Wasn't must shoulder. In -- new mines. Are here. And they say I've got a bullet -- here when did people call you a hero how to people react to you after this was. Are saying don't consider that is. Anyway I consider that as he'll win. The robbers were two of them were caught and convicted this -- head is doing just fine. But not every victim who fights back kids. You may remember this -- an -- Michigan Longoria. Pharmacist and Jeremy home in Meyers his own gun chasing -- -- would be robbers that he wasn't congratulate him. He was -- him. Its -- Hero. His reward is pink slip he's fired for saving the -- That comes down policy if they don't enforce that policy then everyone would carry guns and it is a greater risk for the business if people there have -- As for ten -- who had no gun but bought back in the -- -- times he says one of life is threatened sometimes there's no other choice it's -- job. And his citizen did you object is good job did not just him about it and now it's time they might be you. Might want -- you'll send. If everybody needed job we get guns off the street.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"YouTube clips show clerks and customers turning the tables on bad guys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14937241","title":"Caught in the Act: Clerks Fight Back","url":"/2020/video/caught-act-clerks-fight-back-14937241"}