Caught in the Act: Losing It

Part 6: When TV reporters make on-air blunders, the results can go viral.
6:23 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Caught in the Act: Losing It
Now it's time to turn the cameras on ourselves went on air talent goes anchors Zola. You know what I'm talking about you've seen the videos that go viral. But for our injury -- -- the question is career killer or attention -- that's the Fastrack to promotion. Dick Clark's TV bloopers and practical jokes knew how to get the last laugh at a -- expense. Now for the drawing. But now the Internet archives is embarrassing -- us -- -- -- Loose and his comrades. And -- -- big time blunder. Making her son almost impossible appreciate that humiliation. Dick Clark show aired once on YouTube thing there forever. New York Times television reporter Brian seltzer says now if you believe. -- -- Or B ring your colleagues like Bill O'Reilly did in this clip from inside edition. I'm -- -- and a lot. There's a good chance it will be -- to and it will live and breathe on the Internet some. Now we're in on demand world where things can be replayed in their own demand forever. Let's get estate manager -- here I don't care where you find one -- went out another studio. Former anchor Jessica savage was NBC's golden girl known for her troubled life and tragic death. But her final legacy may -- this camera tirade somebody posted on YouTube I'm not gonna wait until it -- -- prime time mission here folks. And is a better example someone who is confident in themselves and it changes your perception of who the person heads two million. Later Jessica savage is now sadly remembered on YouTube -- simply that angry anchor a lot of these videos are leaked -- -- by their friends or by their disgruntled ex friends -- -- colleagues no one knows better about what happens when a news clip is Lee -- mortal weatherman Justin Mosley. He's been too embarrassed to talk about these incidents until now. How afraid are you of cockroaches. Anybody living in Florida definitely realize is how large these things can be in if you have something -- that delaying. This video is notoriously called cockroach -- weatherman with almost three million hits on YouTube. This was leaked by a colleague of this this -- -- add New York apparently is a little bit afraid of bugs. In this case people fought the cockroach event happened live on millionaire when in fact no viewers ever saw -- on the air. What was it like when you started to realize that a lot of people were looking at this video. The first thing that's -- really came in my mind was what's gonna happen in my career how will this impact me Justin says one moment he was simply forecasting whether it would rain. And that's fighting off a hailstorm of negative publicity. But you know you have to just take a step back and say hey it's funny clip. People organ on lap 700 miles away in Knoxville Tennessee local reporter Gordon -- calls his my TV news blunder. But clipboard toss -- around the world. Aren't we haven't. Technical difficulties as we could see forced to resign from his job Gordon claims he can't catch a break. Is viral video just keeps on spreading. Well we've seen people dismissed and reasonable make careers out of these sort of viral videos. Because in some cases it's on the world's best -- -- no one has capitalized more on laughing at himself and Isiah Carey. -- -- was a general assignment reporter in Little Rock, Arkansas. What really happened on that Thursday here at Augusta high school that led to Chris wood's -- a couple. -- and we'll and let's just say he's lost his composure after swallowing bug. That has. Now what happens next with -- carried the nicknamed -- it's my favorite newsman. And escaped feet. A job in the top ten market and an interview on comedy central's -- point oh you know why people love -- so much. -- even reporters as robots and in this particular instance. You get to see a real reporter back -- -- It got to be a little -- herself. -- -- -- -- -- -- Recently CNN's Anderson Cooper got a chronic case of the giggles while reporting on a story about actor Gerard Depardieu. -- -- -- The next -- Anderson came back on the air acknowledged to his breakdown and made fun of himself for. I have diminished so little embarrassing to lose it like that especially because they giggle like a -- year old girl -- Justin Bieber. But it's not only big name anchors and local reporters who get caught losing an on air -- Sometimes it's the people they interview. And thank you I ask -- San Francisco reporter Stanley Roberts has made a career looking for what he calls 666 -- cross the road. People behaving badly whether it's new dissident public and warns you don't stuff I don't know Palin. Remember the report just public intoxication. -- reportedly one -- to really. Daley keeps his camera rolling but when this video confrontation of a carpool lane violator went viral just last week. Until then lately not relevant not back there and have -- -- Highway Patrol and that doesn't like how much homework. I'm me. We're. I love it. Down right now Steve. No it does that -- consider me that's -- hurt my feelings do you think it's -- to get a fight with these people I would tell people don't poke the sleeping bear I can denies man in the world. If you poke me. I'm coming right back in Sarasota Florida -- Mosley says he's now able to laugh at his weather map this happened. -- I have at present for you. A spraying to a he's finally owning his -- make being in on the joke if -- Instead of the flood events and why it happened all over again you're probably -- -- -- around the center. That's right -- just go with the flow.

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{"id":14937576,"title":"Caught in the Act: Losing It","duration":"6:23","description":"Part 6: When TV reporters make on-air blunders, the results can go viral.","url":"/2020/video/caught-act-losing-14937576","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}