Caught in the Act: Waitress Exonerated

Part 2: Police claim a waitress served a drunk customer; video proves otherwise.
6:18 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Caught in the Act: Waitress Exonerated
Caught he had returned -- he. Scooters. Once again -- home. So rocky mountain parable of persecution and perseverance. Of virtue and advice comes and it takes place. Where else. It all started as a normal work day for nineteen year old Melissa Medina home after beating her baby daughter -- She made the fifty mile commute to work in Colorado Springs. Squeezed into the famous -- -- it. It began her daily routine. -- And smiling. For tips. -- -- -- Around 6:30 PM at the restaurant security cameras show Alyssa is serving the two guys at this table they're national they're getting. There are stepping in. -- -- -- -- Just regular district -- conference tax. And then this one of the guys sitting at a neighboring table pulls out a camera a -- doesn't even notice who would. You don't remember seeing anything we're not. Nothing at all she finishes her shift and had -- But. Six days later she gets a call it's the police and -- -- -- testing. And letters he saw you. Over -- someone who's very intoxicated. Those guys with a camera undercover vice cops. In their report they claim that -- and continue to serve alcohol to a severely intoxicated customers. -- regular civilian that's a misdemeanor with a potential jail sentence scared it's what did you think. Eyewitness. I didn't know what to say. I just must -- and five -- -- get an attorney with her job and hooters liquor license on the line the answer was yes this is -- anxious scared. Nineteen year old. The girl and she was adamant that she did not serve somebody that was. Visibly intoxicated why would you be so diligent about this -- found -- restaurant. So don't run the table full of children seeing this man stumbling around. -- Michael wanted to believe his client will be needed proof. When Mike and got his hands on the security video these initial suspicions. Grew into a full blown save -- Tapes would wind up being the difference here right I think that was a key difference in this case. Look at this in -- right -- of the incident the cops said they saw this man in the T shirt stagger and used table chairs for balance. That he was slumped in his chair then he was obviously intoxicated. As -- served him -- year. -- then I can't really. Yeah. -- -- scam tells a different story. I have a look at the video twice because I couldn't believe it this person that they said was visibly intoxicated. -- appears normal he wasn't slumping he wasn't. Staggering and stumbling didn't need assistance. Videotape completely refuted. The police officers representations. Nothing on -- tape I think so what did you think at their mind and remember those pictures the cops snapped. When -- saw them she realized just like the video and photos don't show that customers slumped over drunk. But they do show. This. In the table below -- the table there's two Al -- classes. Quarters girls -- soft drinks in these plastic cups glasses like these only used -- -- year. In the pictures you can barely see it any difference -- But it. I want to -- That meant the cops who had been drinking on the job. A fact confirmed by this receipt -- what it looked like to me it was a fraternity party -- three law enforcement officers. Having a good old times bond and the city of -- springs taxpayers' dime and then to justify yet framing somebody for breaking the law. Framing has a strong word but accusing somebody falsely is what happened in this case the DA initially denied the police had been drinking. But might -- with subpoena documents showing that the vice cops had been on a veritable pub crawl all day. They certainly that day. We're going around and drinking and other establishments. The same guys the same day yes drinking and all of them yes and what do you think at that time I knew we had I'm still. Why would police global false charges they knew as they should -- Headquarters as security cameras. The key is that sixty day delay from the time of the incident and at times Elisa was notified of the charge tax. -- says most local restaurants delete your security videos after a weak person. You think that the officers time the delivery of summons to coincide with when they think they'll be no more video evidence of that occasion I do now. This is no mistake. They went out there. To destroy someone's life. Fortunately for -- -- summons came just both for this video would have been race. With that evidence in her favor the charges were eventually dropped. I -- more happy. I was -- as Carmen and have to do it again. Members of the vice squad have denied wrongdoing. They declined our request for an interview -- you may have bigger problems. The mayor of Colorado Springs has now ordered an investigation. Into their conduct. Moral of the story a stand up for yourself and you know you're right. Think twice before accusing others and by all means next time you're in food and make sure to -- news. -- --

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{"id":14937284,"title":"Caught in the Act: Waitress Exonerated","duration":"6:18","description":"Part 2: Police claim a waitress served a drunk customer; video proves otherwise.","url":"/2020/video/caught-act-waitress-exonerated-14937284","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}