Caught on Tape: Salesman Challenged Over Carfax Report

"Take that up with the Fox himself," he said of a Mazda revealed to have been in a major accident.
1:59 | 03/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caught on Tape: Salesman Challenged Over Carfax Report
The long yeah all right right 38736000. Miles out -- World in the BC news Sunday didn't. -- -- -- -- we definitely didn't look back at camp. -- Wonderful news. Wilson who is no accident. Get a car fan base just try to fight this action. You know I -- there -- a -- we don't even fixed our -- and. They Rico. I'm David -- -- ABC news we have a few questions about how -- -- the car facts and selling -- used cars. -- -- you've been working with Jerry here and in particular on the Mazda. But we have a police report right here which says the Mazda. Was in a major accident which Moses. To must have been trying to sell -- -- Algeria here. Not only that we contacted the former owner of the Boston told us. He was in that accident and they were the middle car to that targets massed on both sides. I don't Eagles pulled of these cars or anything like that that -- medical -- and if -- -- Book that's a 100%. Bottom line question though when that car -- doesn't reveal if it cars but in fact an accident a major collision. Do not see something wrong -- Yet they don't cluck thanks. It's -- -- he got to -- fox itself on the news the fox fox. What would you say to someone who was going to buy this car based on the car that report which said. There were no accidents while I would suggest that anybody buying a vehicle get a car effects vehicle Fisher port and have that car inspected by -- mechanic. And take it for a third test drive it says that on our website and it -- -- on. Every report that consumers are given.

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{"id":18745117,"title":"Caught on Tape: Salesman Challenged Over Carfax Report","duration":"1:59","description":"\"Take that up with the Fox himself,\" he said of a Mazda revealed to have been in a major accident.","url":"/2020/video/caught-tape-salesman-challenged-carfax-report-18745117","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}