Celebrities Caught Cheating

Kristen Stewart and the PDA-paparazzi phenomenon.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Celebrities Caught Cheating
The camera never lies public displays of affection. Here's -- one. Hollywood's darling Kristen Stewart asks. Little did the act it's you know that's register sound. That goes -- -- -- -- The thunderbolt through this a leather sphere I mean you must've been -- prevents LA LY -- full she was in love with the role Pattinson and that's her directors. Whose married with -- kids. They're going to have to deal with us for the rest of their lives. In -- His wife has reportedly met with a divorce lawyer and Stewart received death threats and -- details. The photograph of the human being you feel for these people but. For -- -- is now being run these things. By -- were talking celebrities teaching pool in illicit PDA -- public display of the spectrum. -- -- and rimes and Eddie Cypriot. She was sucking his fingers and it would hurt. They were attending to other spaces and kissing and it was very obvious that something was going on and that their respective think it -- others. Probably were not aware of it. We're talking -- the very married spouses are -- groping the starlet and Sienna Miller. There are many lovely hotel that are very -- where these repairs could take place and we would never. We're talking Anderson Cooper's boyfriend -- sucking face with a stranger in Central Park just a month. After Anderson came back. For every one story we know about but somebody cheating I'm sure there's 25 stories we don't know about. And that's why we're here is to try to uncover those. There are now more paparazzi than ever -- around 300 in Los Angeles alone throw in the rise of the cell phone snapper and most celebs are more -- than ever. Apart from Prince Harry -- doing something to you to our bosses made -- insulate his entire body. Every doing behind their culture it's actually. Anyway the illicit celebrity PDA is now. -- -- the -- Back in the day Elizabeth Taylor and Richard -- wrote the book come -- -- in secret but. Still got caught -- lays -- and Cleopatra on screen chemistry into real life love and on the as of the -- Apparently that on screen and off screen thing happens. Look there's a type of intense intimacy that develops and sometimes having sex with the other person. Is the very next step. -- Christen and others Lux who might just -- the -- these she does know. Think that you get court. I think when people have affairs and they -- what we call big picture thinking -- just thinking you and me. I'm in the moment with tune your in the moment with me and that is all I care about -- turns -- it was. Very unlucky. Photographer. Had faltered in the gym that day you know very ordinary pictures then she turned around and went to -- from the sky and at first. People didn't know who the guy was and then. And we realize that with the snow -- -- the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders so wasn't just a random guy. He really there -- a back story there and also his life liberty rosters in the movie as well -- Kristen Stewart's mother. Us weekly -- the shots. For an undisclosed -- How much is fish grow from that were promised you pay for that I can -- Could not up to find -- and -- -- if it be north of a 100000 dollars easily. Picture like this is worth thousands of dollars because it's worth -- able. -- -- -- -- We loved PDA public display of affection are you know kind of make a story -- -- if I just heard that. Kristen Stewart was -- general -- If I see it. So MG. Exactly it is complete photographic evidence you know you can hear from sources of people always skeptical unless they actually see the photo of you know this -- in discretion happening in public. The camera. Almost never lives but quarantine so many people care and care so much that -- -- cheated on our. All -- lonely souls who couldn't find their own idealized relationships. We're living vicariously through this couple. Now other oxygen supply has been cut off who -- they can live through. And then. -- the -- and fluid -- it's like hey look at them and also. Perfect after when there's a car crash on the side of the road and everyone slows down to -- why are they slowing down to look. Because they're glad they're not -- up in the car but at the same time we're attracted to all those lurid sexual details because it's exciting why is it -- It's exciting because -- sacks. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Is there a moment of. Talk around your office should we publish these we know that this could destroy a marriage when there's no photo it's a little bit harder to go there with the story especially when there's a married couple involved. But when there's a photo you know it somebody's gonna take it -- so. That is while -- -- first. Some of those who snapped back -- Austin Malulani. -- methods you feel you don't deserve. The bad reputation deserved or not deserve -- -- -- Don't care either way what difference does that make did you know that our day today. Operations but -- -- make a difference you feel about themselves. We'll put my on the psychiatrist's couch and look. Let me ask you this who did the -- Kristen Stewart and that -- that was married did the hurting who did the hurting the person that took the photo or the people that broke promises.

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{"id":17188702,"title":"Celebrities Caught Cheating","duration":"3:00","description":"Kristen Stewart and the PDA-paparazzi phenomenon.","url":"/2020/video/celebrities-caught-cheating-17188702","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}