Celebrity Wedding Freebies

Part 4: Many celebrities manage to get deep discounts on their big days.
5:02 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Celebrity Wedding Freebies
-- -- With home in -- The world is owned by the pomp and pageantry of the -- -- Months later. A reality TV couple did their best to run bullet. But the planning of Kim Kardashian in wedding to Chris Humphries lasted longer than -- marriage itself. -- famously short 72. Days. After much public ridicule -- finally broke down on her show this week. You play all these people this -- -- I wasted everyone's time police's every year we have everything you don't feel that -- And she might have felt even worse if she had to foot the bill for the entire city. Million dollar bashing. Yes that's the estimated retail cost of the wedding she reportedly got for free or at a fraction of the cost of first off she snagged. -- Nero playing -- -- 20000 dollars each and it tells. Thousand -- wedding -- plus 20000 dollars designer tuxedos. Wolfgang Puck catered the event there are 400 guests and the -- as you know an estimate. Dollars that comes out to about the morning 500 dollars -- That's Perrier -- bubbly. Thousand dollars and seventy -- Dresses for the bridesmaids and mom mister Jenner and it -- -- Great way how reported that she received at a fraction of the talks came crashing wedding there was this Super Bowl for product place. Why in the world would -- do it how about -- publicity on television and in magazines. This is not a charity they're gonna put two million dollars into somebody's wedding they expect that getting two million dollars worth advertising out of that -- And these days an added bonus winner. I think hopefully we can perhaps and we'll get a brand name and website in front at twelve million dollar -- teacher reportedly -- 45000 dollars a pop she plugged everything from her -- expensive Italian shoes all the way down to the table one. As for her flowers they -- beyond extravagant. And there was something like 151000 plus flowers at an estimated price of hours. The man behind all those -- Hollywood floors to mark held. -- celebrities getting deep discounts from you when -- -- No but if it's going to be on television I'm -- in a magazine I'm gonna make sure there's. It's something pretty extraordinary. So they will get a little more maybe. He says he had to -- Kim's -- the morning of the wedding because she wanted to downsize for that -- so perfect -- She was told -- right if you look at the cover of people. The proportion is exactly right she knows what works for -- Just because some of the pictures -- -- Kim pretensions big today became an even bigger payday. People Magazine reportedly he's. Million dollars for these exclusive photos she received another half million dollars on other weekly magazine for the bridal shower thinking he had. -- The event -- she's slowing. Other celebs have -- Jones does well Mariah Carrey even Longoria and Hollywood -- Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas homes sold their wedding photos from an estimated. Million dollars each. Then of course. TV rights leave reportedly made six. You sound -- different -- special. Other stars like Sherri shepherd mix from the Cheney cashed in -- TV brings to this if you know that. Some of these folks are really pimping out their weapons. I. Yeah I think they are. What galls people is the idea that people who make millions of dollars -- this stuff for -- And like billionaire Donald Trump who got third wife my money is fifteen -- Stoner for half price it's no surprise the jeweler was featured on the apprentice. And remember the woman who set the bar for sponsored celebrity weddings Star Jones she became fodder for late night -- Al Reynolds youth and association -- on some formal -- let's take you start zone. Spot the balance our bridal and lady speed stick when it. To be my lovely -- -- with promotional consideration dramatic back Continental Airlines and with a -- Storm has since acknowledged she went too hard and she's divorced. The divorce isn't so bad for business ask him her dad cheated on her reality TV show -- now busy as a preliminary earnings right now. -- And trying. The bank and.

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{"id":15511538,"title":"Celebrity Wedding Freebies","duration":"5:02","description":"Part 4: Many celebrities manage to get deep discounts on their big days.","url":"/2020/video/celebrity-wedding-freebies-15511538","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}