Charity Angels

The L.A. company hires "hot" women to get wealthy men to donate more at charity events.
4:46 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for Charity Angels
Here's chris connelly. Reporter: Seaside marina del rey, every a magnet for l.A.'S affluent. Ready to dress up and raise a glass on an evening out. No surprise that mingling with the well-heeled is a high-heeled gaggle of gorgeous young women, for whom this gathering of the wealthy is a target-rich environment. But they aren't looking for a hot car or home in the hills, they're after these rich guys' wallets. Not to do well, but to do good. Make sure it's a winner. There's christina at the front. Kristen at the board. Lindsay, too. Three for 200. Reporter: And this is a benefit for charity, so they're in sell mode. So, this is only a third of the items that are out right now. Reporter: While rocking their je ne sais quoi, getting these once reluctant donors to hand over their precious credit cards and give til it hurts so good. Do they really get these attendees to dig a little deeper? Oh, yeah. What, in particular, led you to make such a generous donation a moment ago? I'm a sucker for a pretty face. Reporter: A trio of crusading glamour goddesses fighting for what's right. Remind you of anything? But these aren't "charlie's angels." They're the charity angels. Accelerated-fundraising sirens for hire, putting to work their IQs, THEIR TLC AND THEIR LBDs. I don't think the approach would be quite the same if we came in some overalls and a hard hat. But it could, I mean, it might be a cute look. 50,000! Reporter: Prying open like oysters those bountiful billfolds and putting the ahhhh in not-for-profit. Thank you so much. As you can see, all the charity angels are beautiful on the exterior. But they are far more beautiful on the interior than you could ever possibly imagine. Reporter: They're beautiful, they're brilliant and they work for her. Angels. Yes, melissa. You're going to the beverly hills hotel to raise money for the children's hospital of los angeles. Reporter: Model turned philanthropic powerhouse mellisa nielsen. In ten years, she's guided her charity angels concept to a $10 million gross, while amping up many benefits' bottom lines. By what percentage can you increase what they would normally make at a fundraiser? 60 to 100%. Reporter: Not 10%, not 20%, but 60%. Yes, 60% to 100%. Reporter: So, how'd you like this knowledge that she brought? Melissa pays each of her angels a flat rate of $30 an hour. She rocks 150 benefits a year. Please, please, open your wallets. You don't right away ask them for their money. I want to get to know them. Reporter: Are you looking at that person like you are looking at me now. I feel my hand going for my wallet as you speak. Give me your wallet. I'll spend your money. Reporter: Ah, but don't girl I didn't note you could get down like that independent women with booth babes. Those, so do you come with that car? Convention center cutie pies who are ogled but not heard. No. We don't -- I don't ever want to be in that light. Reporter: Not everyone has gotten the memo, like on the golf course. She doesn't have the to do anything but stand there and look as gorgeous as she is and she knows I melt to jelly. Reporter: Appreciative banter comes with their asking for money mission. But while all angels have wings, they also have, whoa, tiger, limits. That might cost you a little bit more. Reporter: What if they ask for a phone number? Absolutely not. We don't date our clients. Reporter: A hug? I hug everyone. You don't have to ask. We just, we smile, we hug. Reporter: Somebody asking for a little kiss? No. Unless it's a sweet old lady. Yeah. If we should sell out this evening -- Reporter: Her company's not paid on commission, yet no one closes out a benefit like melissa does. 5,000. Thank you, sir. Reporter:43,000 on the evening. More than twice the 20 grand initially hoped for. Another win. Angels, I just called to tell you how proud I am of you. It was a tough assignment. You handled yourselves very well. Reporter: And how am i possibly going to say no to you or one of your angels?

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{"id":19859865,"title":"Charity Angels","duration":"4:46","description":"The L.A. company hires \"hot\" women to get wealthy men to donate more at charity events.","url":"/2020/video/charity-angels-19859865","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}