Christmas Lights Wars

Elaborate Christmas light displays can bring more than just holiday cheer.
4:52 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for Christmas Lights Wars
Nothing says ho ho -- like a house festooned with -- blinking lights and waving sentence. But as John -- found out some would be gracious would like to pull the plug on the whole thing. Literally. -- -- -- -- Is this easy to -- shiny. America has turned into a Johnny game over like right. Steve -- neighbor for the most lighting display on the blocks. Importantly -- content that I have in Brooklyn a festive feud has been brewing for. 26 years on one side of the street house of the woman who started all BC spot. On the other incandescent masterpiece of the street the pols Otto family it is about fifteen foot up in the air right now. It's fantasy. What it's not a fantasy everybody wants to share in fact in some -- -- been violent backlash is against the gaudy displays. In Florida this week a vandal was caught on camera trashing the decorations so lovingly put up by Angie is Stephen -- -- vote. I think that they were all well. -- -- -- -- -- How old. Yeah. Virginia to polity haters were caught on -- lacking an electric snowman. And in Georgia a reign of terror left one neighborhood littered with mutilated reindeer even I've heard -- the Santa Claus and on -- from a tree. These incidents may be chalked up to garden variety hooliganism. But don't know they'll pass -- Your community is indeed -- Texas sized battle over this Texas sized light show. This is a commercial grade. Walt Disney would be jealous shell. This is the mention of Fred law yet. Every weekend night he puts on this synchronized computerized super sized musical -- ship. Thousands come out to watch really brings out yeah. Other -- -- this is the first year the insurance magnate started this tradition back in 2006. How many lights at first here. Our -- it was about 40040. Does her here here at 230000. That's. -- not everyone likes looking at -- quite so -- Just around the corner in this swank upper class community of 100 -- -- families we found a house teaming. With -- humbug. That basically -- turned our neighborhood into the side show tremendous traffic our whole neighborhood is being held hostage. During Christmas time. This posse of repeated neighbors says the traffic down by Fred's extravaganza. Created a serious safety hazard. -- -- -- phrase normally reserved for sewage treatment plants in prisons. It's not in my backyard not a high -- yeah absolutely they see -- -- some suspect it. No I think there's a proper place to have this you -- -- -- to public square. How structure itself -- the palm trees out front are an integral part of the show who would be difficult burden. -- -- With -- are unwilling to budge the group his taking their concerns this City Hall. Don't know law partner upward into the laws go away with a little satisfaction and it doesn't realize that. Please don't create new -- some -- show. No it's my employer has the proper permits -- approval of the neighbors directly across the street and even though the -- he added this year might be against code. This CD will deal with it after Christmas. Present house and there were about thirty people there from the neighborhood. Give the message you -- descendant. Or germs aren't there are that this Christmas bars until March -- the disgruntled neighbors say that's not it. Do all of you love Christmas. Yes. You swear you're got a bunch of grandkids. Are not trying to cancel Christmas -- Korea is not about to cancel either. And he says these kids faces are the reasons why. When you think. Good how good night -- think -- So to -- and 30000 once this year how many lights next year 330000. So Merry Christmas to all. And to all. Right now --

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Elaborate Christmas light displays can bring more than just holiday cheer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15225994","title":"Christmas Lights Wars","url":"/2020/video/christmas-lights-wars-decorations-home-15225994"}