Classroom Confidential: High School Teacher Caught Having Group Sex With Students

Part 1: An English teacher's scandalous night with students age 18 and 19 is caught on tape.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Classroom Confidential: High School Teacher Caught Having Group Sex With Students
It has been a week of school stories in the news. Everything from hot debates about hot lunches to how to stop bullying. Kids are settling back into the routine except at one high school in texas. A community there is still reeling from an explosive court case that just finished. A teacher/student sex scandal. Make that plural on the students. One teacher, five students who say it involved the game of truth or dare. But in this case, nobody won. Here's deborah roberts. Reporter: Welcome to kennedale high school just outside fort worth, texas -- a conservative cow town. Brittni colleps, a 12th grade english teacher, is finishing up her first year. Petite and 28 yearsold, she's become wildly popular and chummy with the athletes in her classroom. And by all appearances seems happily married, living an idyllic life in the suburbs raising three children. Just hear your side of the story. Now, colleps is no longer that popular teacher at kennedale high. These days she's in a yellow jailhouse jumpsuit with lots of time on her hands, five years to be exact. You read and you write. How did she wind up here inside county lockup? It all began with a simple text to a student, a star athlete in her class. Colleps asks him, "do you know what time the baseball game starts?" In the weeks that follow, brittni colleps will exchange 300 pages of sexually explicit texts with that student known in court documents as aaron. And she's telling him to skip class and come to her classroom and have a rendezvous with her. Reporter: They never have that rendezvous, it turns out, but assistant d.A. Elizabeth beach says colleps became infatuated with aaron, telling the football player, "with all my other students, i look at them and see boys, but with you, I see a man." And then there's this candid admission -- "i'm an anything goes in sex kind of girl." Sitting in the classroom, she goes into these very specific sexual text messages about the things she wants him to do to her body. "I like pullin' hair, bitin', scratchin', spankin'. I even like being choked." Reporter: How did you ever even wind up with a student? I really honestly rather not even talk about the details of that. Reporter: But tonight brittni colleps is breaking her silence for the very first time in this exclusive interview with "20/20." It's april 2011. Colleps invites aaron into her home to watch a movie. Her sband and children are away, and teacher and student end up having sex. And it won't be the last time. Aaron reportedly goes back at least four more times to see his teacher, but now he's not alone. ON MAY 10th, 2011 AARON BRINGS Three friends -- all football players -- to colleps' home for spaghetti dinner. But prosecutors say they end up getting more than just a home-cooked meal. Their teacher reportedly decides to put on a lingerie show, pulling out sex toys and leading the four willing jocks to her bedroom. She's performing one sex act on one student, and she is simultaneously performing another sex act on another student. And she is farming out her kid s for the night so that she can have four students in and engage in what is more or less an orgy. Reporter: But this time, it's all captured on aaron's cell phone by one of his pals in colleps' bed. There are multiple participants in this particular act. Reporter: Wow. Yes. Reporter: Pretty graphic video. A bit graphic, yes. Reporter: The video so graphic, it's unsuitable for air. When they began filming, she said, "don't shine that light in my eyes." Reporter: Back at school, that steamy cell phone video is grist for hallway gossip and bragging rights. I felt like I was vtimized in that video because I did not -- I never gave my consent for it. Reporter: You were victimized even though -- I felt -- Reporter: -- You're older than these students? Does age matter if someone's a victim of a crime? Reporter: Colleps a victim? The law in texas says otherwise. The first-year teacher is called to the principal's office. Five days later, colleps is arrested and taken into custody. A school district shocked -- a schoolteacher accused of having sex -- getting too close to member s of the school's football team. Reporter: Nothing ever sort of clicked for you that "i could actually wind up being arrested for this"? A lot of time people don't -- aren't necessarily thinking straight. Reporter: Many in this community are outraged. I think it's disgusting. I mean I don't understand. It's kinda messed up what she did. You know, I kind of feel bad for her. I was really surprised because you never think it's going to be your neighbor. Reporter: What part of inappropriate didn't you get? Well, it's not that I didn't get it. And I'm not saying that I don't take responsibility for my actions. I do. I should never be able to teach again. Reporter: But she doesn't believe she should be in jail since all of the athletes she had sex with were 18 or older -- technically grown men colleps says who knowingly played their role in a tawdry sex game. Some people would ask, brittni, if you wanted to have sex outside of your marriage, why didn't you turn to somebody your own age? You know, I can understand why people ask those questions. Because they're still students, even though they were at the age of consent. I'm not trying to say that it's not wrong or immoral for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with her students. I'm not saying that. But I don't think in this situation where there were legal consenting adults, it should not affect me or anybody else legally. Reporter: But in texas it does. The law clearly says that no teacher can have sex with any student at any age in 12th grade or below. These were 18 and 19-year-old boys who seemed to be consensual. Where's the crime? Who has more power in the classroom? Does the teacher have more power, or does the students have more power? The teacher has more power, and so the teacher can use that power to sexually exploit students in the classroom, even if those students are 18 years old. Reporter: And even if they're willingly going along with the teacher in some sexual game? Yes. Reporter: Is brittni colleps a sexual predator? In my opinion she is. In no way shape or form was i ever preying on anybody. I never coerced anybody to do anything. I never bribed anybody to do anything. I didn't offer grades in exchange for anything. Reporter: Last month, a jury heard explicit and damning testimony. She said that she craved -- that I had something she wanted. Reporter: All five of the teens end up testifying, beginning with aaron. The very first thing was when she actually brought out some toys. What happened with the clothes? They came off. Everybody's clothes? Yes, ma'am. Reporter: Then the defense's argument. You look excited to be there. Would that be fair to say? Yes, ma'am. You were happy to be there. Ishat right? Yes, ma'am. Reporter: Are they victims? Not in my opinion. They didn't feel like i victimized them. They didn't feel like victims, you know, last year. They don't feel like victims now. And they didn't want anything to happen to me either. Reporter: In fact, one student wanted to testify on his teacher's behalf says defense lawyer lex johnston. Do you feel like a victim? No, sir. Did you know what you were doing back then? Yes, sir. Not a single one of them feels that they are victims. They didn't want this to go to court. Reporter: Do you think what she did was wrong? Morally, yeah. These were men who pursued her, took advantage of a mother who's separated from her husband. Reporter: Wait a minute. You're saying the guys took advantage of her? Yes. Reporter: We're supposed to feel sorry for brittni? I feel sorry for brittni. Reporter: The jury apparently did not. They find colleps guilty of 16 counts of inappropriate behavior with a student, sentencing the teacher to five years in prison.

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{"id":17353673,"title":"Classroom Confidential: High School Teacher Caught Having Group Sex With Students","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: An English teacher's scandalous night with students age 18 and 19 is caught on tape.","url":"/2020/video/classroom-confidential-high-school-teacher-brittani-colleps-caught-17353673","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}