Classroom Confidential: Food Fight

Inside the school that used a music video to kick off a school lunch rebellion.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Classroom Confidential: Food Fight
They are time-honored high school tradition, horrible cafeteria fond food fights, maybe because the food is so bad but now it's got to be healthy. Big brother and thoseeria ladies are counting calories. Those are fighting words, so kids are fighting back. Here's matt gutman with a story that's making big headlines this week and giving an all new meaning to the hunger games. Reporter: Since the creation of mystery meat, the school cafeteria has held a certain mystique. A place of grazing and "mean girls" hazing. Tina, you're wearing sweat pants. It's monday. So? So that's against the rules and you can't sit with us. Whatever! Reporter: But the latest lunchroom drama is playing out far from the gilded streets of hollywood. America is fat, and getting healthy is a national priority. But resistance is popping up all over from parsippany, new jersey, where today students boycotted the new federal school lunch program and in the unlikeliest place for mutiny. A rebellion in the form of parody whipped up in a tiny rural school in kansas with a graduating class of 18! And it's stirring the pot this week on a very national issue. ♪ Tonight we are hungry ♪ Reporter: Over 700,000 viewers have watched this video of high schoolers singing about their hunger pangs. Athletes turning into narc lep tick s first graders crawling zombie-like from lack of food. So what's to this musical lament? The video-gone-viral tells the tale of students who seem to think the smaller portions and healthy fare on the school lunch menus leaves them downright depleted. New federal guidelines shifteded the lunch tray around. Gone is the puffy white roll and potato. Now there are a lot pore fruits and vegetable. All the your mother wants you to eat except mother for more please. It all started here, three weeks ago in elain fisher's school kitchen, when this kind-hearted lunch lady served this limp pair of federally-approved bread sticks. And I snapped a picture of it because I was angry. And I took that picture and within an hour linda wrote the lyrics. Reporter: And that's linda o'connor, she's the english teach who wrote the song. ♪ Tonight we are hungry ♪ Reporter: Surely in your 20 years of teaching this is not the first time you're heard this gripe. You're right, but it is the first time kids are complaining an hour after lunch, that's nothing new. It's the lack of carbohydrates that's causing the hunger. Reporter: Bonnie taub-dix says that's baloney. Perhaps some of the food being served is not the kids' favorites. Have to replace with fruits and veggies. That's why they're not eating it ♪ I know it's not all that you've got ♪ Reporter: The star of the video is callahan grunt. He's gotten so big around here that his I love beef shirt is turning into a hot fashion item. You should get some royalties for that shirt. No, I don't need them. I may not look like I eat a lot of food but I eat a ton of food. Reporter: Those protein cravings ironic since this is the land of beef. He has as many livestock on his ranch that there are people in his hometown in population, 800. How is this working out? In this one school town lunch lady elaine has to give the kids by law what the government wants. We have to give a high schooler whole cuts of fruits and vegetables and they look at that and think, oh -- Reporter: It's really torture, isn't it? A whole cup of vegetables. Why don't you kids get back to class. So this intrepid reporter hit the lunch line. Today's offer, chicken quesadilla. Inside a few lonely specks of meat. It's no wonder that these students cry out in hunger, much of this stuff is left uneaten. You guessed it, it ends up here! Most go and junk up. Secret stashes squirreled away in school lockers. Wow, this is like a refrigerator. This is great. Are these froot loops? What is this one. A hot pocket. This is your locker. Reporter: So it's no wonder fruits and veggies are a tough sell. It's hard for everyone to change their eating habits because as they're called, they're called habits. I'll take a little one. And to our surprise we discovered that the lower we went in grade levels, the healthier the habit. The little ones even let me in on a secret. Government rules flexible. We go back and get seconds. Oh, you do? You do. You never leave lunch hungry? You never go back to class hungry, never ♪ I need to get some food today my friends are at the corner store getting junk so they don't waste away ♪ Reporter: Maybe they could take a lesson from the younger kids.

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{"id":17353875,"title":"Classroom Confidential: Food Fight","duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the school that used a music video to kick off a school lunch rebellion.","url":"/2020/video/classroom-confidential-students-protest-healthier-lunches-17353875","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}