Comforting a Troubled Teen

Part 2: Lusk said she felt teen, whose parents were divorcing, needed nurturing.
7:27 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Comforting a Troubled Teen
Mr. Washington has something in common with other small towns across America. Social life is dictated by the high school. It's one of those -- you know just eighty year old women on the street they know the name of the high school football coach and all the players. One of this years -- players is Bubba frank any good here. But now -- -- is known around town for something beyond the gridiron. Almost two years ago when he was fourteen and Bubba was a key player in a smoldering small town scandal. A story that had its beginnings when popular sophomore Carly -- and told Bubba and -- boyfriend girlfriend days were over. My whole world you know miles around I didn't like that so. As -- united I don't want this anymore and he's still stuck grounded. Puppy love starts fast and fast right. Now when you to stop dating he stayed friendly yet right. And he kept going to the house yet. -- said his own house we're not so comfy cozy his. Parents were separating this tough time is definitely a tough time charter -- -- seem like he was -- he was. A little angry at me at first because I was on that chose to walk away from kindly and it. -- let off some of that steam on visits to the -- -- -- -- Playing a lot about the parents were going through divorce you have a soft spot for him yes why did he. It just appeared to need. Some nurturing -- how does he respond to the attention. -- positively it was very. Appreciative it seemed like. I think she's just trying to comfort me for the most part was it helpful. -- If Bubba and his friends were hungry Linda -- drove them to get something to eat if he had tennis practice at the high school -- sometimes come and watch. And then there was the texting. What -- attacks like in the again. I was invited. I want to -- over for partisan. You know -- LIN so there aren't a lot of just chit -- But then they each say the other took the texting someplace more flirtatious and suggested to -- Having gifts. More into the text like there's -- -- there and you're -- here you're playing this game to right there are also fourteen years old. Think when -- anyone to -- me without my -- on -- come on did you have nightmares -- would laugh off and then he said. -- -- bet you do things to yourself when you're by yourself. Even those -- She says didn't prepare her for one she received while working at the -- she owns and runs I -- -- -- during Friday. And he said and I came down here Tom. Would you give me oral sex and embarrassed to say this -- I texted back ME TUT up but he's a -- on just joking. He's used to kid. That's what they do the immature behavior is expected on your part but by not shutting him down. Tacitly -- encouraging right. I understand that now I think I can plant to hurt him which. Seems a little ridiculous. It was an amorous and now. I mean there were times when he would say that -- you agree Mueller cotton I would just -- go to LA ever. Don't think so and ensure that there was something in there that that was -- -- nice here. But it wasn't. -- Do you think that if you had a crush on -- At that time. -- road. Were -- attracted to her little bit enough to fool around get. On April afternoon last year he visited the lost south during lunchtime. Fourteen years old he thought his former girlfriend's mom the principal's wife. Might become his first conquests. Did you tell your friends are going over yes. What were they saying good luck with -- what happens. I get older that -- at the door. But the gore has been opened to much more than just this house. It's about to happen we'll have ramifications. That go far beyond this day changing lives and even a town. And then -- front door and he came and we sat down here on the -- but there's construction going in the other room in any tips him -- he forward looking and he just seemed very very there. Yes this construction happening at the how's -- -- in a new shower so. When you realize that that most of little disappointment right it. That -- since that he went to talking about it. And so. I just took him in this direction my bedrooms to the right there wasn't gonna take them in my room so we just couldn't actually went into my daughter's room. He sat down on the bed. And then they just said are you okay. And then he was -- in almost like shaking nervous and suck on my hand on her shoulders and what's going on. And then. I can't I get my hug they need to see it -- and he -- his pants. -- as a reaction. Honestly I. I was shocked I just froze. And then -- went to -- his hands and and I it was basically just briefly -- may I married no I didn't look down. Even touched him but I probably did and I thanks and I be right back -- -- left the room and I went out in the living room. And and -- just press. Hands and that in -- innocent you know you need to get back to school. The under aged boy involved maintains something entirely different happened once that bedroom door closed. We'll just have aural effects -- -- well. Oral sex on you it. Did she asked you if this is what you want. Yet. Did you say this is what I want kids shouldn't share followed along with an -- that. And why did it and -- socialist thought that -- leave the room. What did she say when it was one should the senate next time I have a chance to please -- Would you feel about that. -- -- Excited it. What happens now to get back to school there and I tell but it reference. Tell any one that you can find if this is big news for you here but I don't -- Two there's absolutely. No -- -- 3000. Basically those who. The -- rumor spreading through school quickly reached Linda's daughter -- I was just. The worst thing I can. And she would also here -- some startling admissions program mothers she wasn't -- dying every team in the nation parents are sorry so sorry.

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{"id":14937785,"title":"Comforting a Troubled Teen","duration":"7:27","description":"Part 2: Lusk said she felt teen, whose parents were divorcing, needed nurturing.","url":"/2020/video/comforting-troubled-teen-14937785","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}