Confessions of a Sales Associate

Act 2: Retail veteran Freeman Hall shares his horror stories and secrets.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Confessions of a Sales Associate
Announcer:20/20 shopping confidential continues. With juju chang Reporter: Ah, the spending spree. Some shop till they drop. Some shop till they -- well, take a look. Reporter: What's that like for the person behind the counter. Just ask freeman hall what it's like to be behind the counter. You described working in retail like it's hand-to-hand combat. It can be a war zone. Reporter: He should know. He spent nearly 20 years on the floor of big department stores, selling clothes and handbags. I have been called every name in the book. I have had somebody spit in my face. I have had people throw handbags at me. Reporter: That's like hardship duty. It is. Reporter: Instead of hiring a bodyguard, hall started a blog, retailhellunderground.Com, spilling the secrets of scorned salespeople. I wanted to create a community where people in the service industry could go and support each other, tell their stories, laugh, rant. Reporter: Dish? Uh, dish, exactly. Reporter: The customer is always right? Not on this site, where salespeople swap horror stories about their customers or "custys." Hall has even created "custy" categories. The cranky custy, they're dubbed crusty. And if you walk in and you're a crusty, it's like, just, i don't want to deal with you, I'm going to run away and hide in the stock room, you know. Reporter: Category "b" is downright ghoulish. There's the bloodsucker, who will not buy anything, and ask you a million questions and want to start talking about their bowel movements and their -- their love affairs. Reporter: Category "c" is meticulous to a fault. There's the picky -- the ones that are, uh, taking out their magnifying glasses and analyzing everything, and analyzing everything you do. Reporter: Category "d" are the customers hall says are downright pigs. The piggy shoppers? They're horrible. They go into a store and just ravage it. Reporter: Hall posted this video of a discount store he toured pre- christmas. Dirty underwear Reporter: Describe the scene for me. It was under siege by people who just didn't care. And they were throwing things left and right. Stuff on the floor, piles of things everywhere. How long will it take to straighten this up? Four hours. Making messes. Spilling their drinks, throwing things everywhere. Kids screaming. Reporter: Ever told a piggy shopper to stop making a mess? No, but I want to! Reporter: Hall says it's the piggies who try to return so called "unused" handbags, despite the crazy clutter inside. A hair-covered cough drop, and paper clips, and condoms, and wedding rings, and money, and pictures. Uh, a boarding pass to the philippines. Reporter: There are ways for salespeople to exact revenge. A lot of times if I didn't want to help somebody I would send them to customer service, if they are calling on the phone, you hang up. Giving false information. Like, we sold out of it. But the store at the end of the mall, they have them. Go check them out. Reporter: Another secret, be cautious of overly solicited sellers, chances are they are on commission. I find when I go to the fancy stores, people are very eager to help me. They are under a huge amount of pressure. Whoever doesn't sell enough gets fired. Reporter: They don't necessarily have your best interest in mind. No. Reporter: He confesses the power of persuasion for some salespeople involves truth twisting and name dropping. You know jennifer aniston is wearing that bag on tmz. Then the lies about it's our last one and there is ten in the stockroom. It's the it bag of the season. It's an investment piece you'll have it forever. I had one lady looked at me and said, you can stop talking now, I'll buy the bag. Reporter: What do you do if you're in the mood for retail therapy but don't want to end up in therapy. He suggests a truce. Go for the attitude adjustment. When you go to the store, and the person behind the counter, something doesn't go right, take a deep breath. Just realize that's a person and you're a person and yelling at them is not going to help. Reporter: That's in the holiday spirit.

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{"id":21296236,"title":"Confessions of a Sales Associate","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 2: Retail veteran Freeman Hall shares his horror stories and secrets.","url":"/2020/video/confessions-sales-associate-21296236","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}