Congress' Pensions: Give Me a Break

Congressional pensions are more lavish than almost any others in government.
4:49 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Congress' Pensions: Give Me a Break
Tonight something that made twenty -- special returns give me a break. It's time for us to expose situations that make no or just bad sense and then. We're going to do something about. First up for all the talk in congress about how our retirements have dwindled and how we all have to make -- with -- Turns out our representatives in DC are doing just the opposite when it comes to -- pensions and it's all on -- -- done. Can break. Why is this congressman ignoring here's a hint it's not his hearing. Maybe it's because I'm here to ask about the lavish congressional pensions. That allow them to retire earlier and collect more money in almost everyone else in or out of government. -- guess what you are paying for it. Fact is a twenty year member of congress whose at least 62. Collects over 50000. Dollars a year for life. Except for this man Howard. -- I represent taxpayers back told Christians who don't like a whole lot of money they're pay -- -- already. Should stay on top of that. Take care of a -- which is very lavish. Meet the face of the resistance congressman Howard Coble of North Carolina. He's been yelling give me a break for 28 years trying to cut back the pension with reform bill after reform bill. But so far he's only reduced it by one himself you didn't sign up for the congressional pension. Now what do realize how much money -- optimistic about having terror -- doubt it fit. Start sweaty. Now at eighty years young -- is trying again. His is one of three bills that cut the pension. Either calling to get rid of it completely York making members of congress wait longer like until 65 years of age instead of 62. To get pay eight sounds reasonable. But not in DC. And of course you can imagine Chris have a cosponsor Jon have how many none she say seven -- -- -- today that it. Those bills are all out there could be acted on what do you hear silence the silence is deafening. And that's what brought me to Washington to -- congressman Dan Lungren he chairs a committee that's been sitting on these bills for months -- Does -- make any sense right now -- the globe. -- -- There's -- hearings -- doesn't feel right. That's how you can. He says he's been busy making cuts to save money. Elsewhere on -- unworkable host of things across the board those are -- great this one. Religious holidays right admitted at a time when everyone has to tighten their belts for you to say we're not go to our -- be better than everybody else's you know. Our community just look at all votes have been present. When they've been schedule that's why we ask the question. Look at -- beginning. One door closes. But another one opens we get a meeting with the other committee chairman I'm looking for today -- congressman Dennis Ross we get told by staffers was -- -- -- go anywhere. They come up every congress that was gonna -- with a pension. Are you kidding me can only responded by saying that when it's something we should and need to look at this this is good. He's the chair of this subcommittee. And Ross is saying the right things a taxpayer can no longer be asked to foot the bill for these federal employees watching -- -- sellers remained flat benefits and wrote. You set I agree these are beautiful statements you -- guy who can get this ball rolling -- -- -- committee. You gotta do what -- we will do it hasn't -- has not been the number one priority right now of course it isn't it would be taking money from them instead of us. Maybe that's why the bills have gone nowhere for five months in his committee. It looks like. You guys as a group don't act on -- because to bite out of -- And that you don't want to mess with your own money -- I would love to see it get -- out of committee and on the floor I think the American people are craving credibility of their elected officials when I'm supposed to be saying that and you're supposed to be saying why it's not happening -- the subcommittee chair but here's the good news after some massaging. Ross says he's now on board. There's a chance I'm with -- whatever it takes to start the ball let us know and we will play fishing game and whoever takes you start -- that. So we shook hands like men and agreed he -- to get these bills and here. Never gonna happen right wrong. That's a letter from congressman Ross saying they're gonna have a hearing at the beginning of January. Guess we're all -- -- that --

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Congressional pensions are more lavish than almost any others in government.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14886759","title":"Congress' Pensions: Give Me a Break","url":"/2020/video/congress-pensions-give-break-more-lavish-then-other-government-2020-14886759"}