The Cutting Edge: Breasts

Part 3: Taking women from "flat and fat" to "high and hot."
3:00 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for The Cutting Edge: Breasts
Every year more than. 300000. Women. Essentially to make their best logic. Gotta go ahead and -- Making breast augmentation. The most popular of all cosmetic procedure called their plan. There -- -- Beverly Hills surgeon doctor stood commended performance up to six operations David. Using the newest innovations in plastic surgery there ever had planned to go we'll. Is waiting room is lined with pictures of satisfied clients. We have bottles and global. The world from London Paris. Scope of their bodies and make -- absolutely gorgeous absolutely fan. Amazing in new innovations in techniques and cosmetic breast surgery. First and foremost. Entrenched themselves have been reinvented. This is all that was available ten years ago. This is the newest hottest most improved to implant it's a style 45 jail. This is a style ten little profile I caught flat fat -- -- high and haunt her home. What Frasier here today arrived in Amman I was interested end game to game. Breast augmentation. And arrogant is -- first time patient whose parents just had collapsed have to childhood I just want my curves back. Using a new imaging -- the American CNN photographic film and I -- you what size offense will look for. This is a nice size. There's Rhonda schaffler my address absolutely before pregnant that's friendly to be perfect coliseum -- offered -- again. Then using a technique called the lollipop -- doctor Linda avoids obvious -- The lollipop press slipped his we have an incision around knuckle down the middle abreast of all the way underneath -- were able to limit that scar under the -- Scenario Linda says that almost half of his patients like Clancy Carter -- victims of botched surgeries. The two main reasons women will have to have revision surgery are. Rupture of the implant or deflation of a saline implant member they're -- lifetime devices. Or severe scar tissue or encapsulation of -- around the back every ten years a woman's coming back to have something for next. -- his story is a cautionary tale about the -- phones -- breast augmentation. She received interest implement the 24 years old. When her once full dress deflated after child there what did you come -- -- -- Four years later Clancy saline implants -- -- -- food and deformed she then had them replaced with a margin of silicone implants. What size -- you when you can not. Technically -- thirty to act so. Five pounds apiece basically pushes up. Now 37 years old Clancy of this -- payments until she has suffered years of back pain and discomfort. Anything live -- and her pressing out. Pressing and lifting napping or been involved my testament -- As -- Part of the biggest mistakes that some doctors make. Going through arts because you leave the patient to a path of destruction because of that she now has had thinning out -- to issue he can just who receive the death. Her press for an outstanding and -- what you -- be. -- -- -- -- -- This is our roadmap that is what will be doing today answers for Clancy's new implant surgery doctor Linda advanced -- -- -- the ten pounds in silicon. With the latest implant technology. That's what we took. This is just. After removing Clancy's -- -- silicone implants doctor Linda makes -- next -- from brand new material make some pig skin. Discipline the impact it covers and integrates in the -- institution to -- -- with a bedspread over the implants so it. Look smooth and it -- -- smoother and it hides the weakling -- This operation lasts just over an hour and will cost about 181000 dollars. Hillary Clinton camera and comes in return to abduct him and his office -- Arafat. I didn't really really happy that you -- so. Stood really nice projection -- huge right. Never been. -- -- From surveys that we desired women who undergo breast reductions are the most satisfying patients of any procedure we do.

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{"id":15788701,"title":"The Cutting Edge: Breasts","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: Taking women from \"flat and fat\" to \"high and hot.\"","url":"/2020/video/cutting-edge-breasts-15788701","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}