The Cutting Edge: Joan Rivers

Part 6: Barbara Walters sits down with the queen of plastic surgery.
3:00 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for The Cutting Edge: Joan Rivers
You -- school is now seventy his -- Come on was suspended -- -- -- -- as -- -- standup comedy don't you -- -- really like intelligence corps when it comes right down to. But -- it has always been about -- -- and I also brain you know hearing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- -- obsessed about how she looked at the Johnny Carson show. -- got a surgical island naval Joan Rivers. From king has always included poking fun at -- obsession with their own the kids -- of these look at me and say. -- I -- it. What we all have about you is that you do make sense of yourself what are some of the things you say about -- at this. With basements -- every time I cross my legs my mouth snapped open. I didn't I got my. Face tightened because now every time out there I -- I have an orgasm. I have it is. Me but you know it right and that he -- it makes it. OK what did you and then -- -- He causing and a -- face had -- and when he was younger -- -- never -- me with that bandages so one counties are being turned the -- he -- to the TV set -- -- grandma grandma I'm. Is -- didn't have to be because -- society will looks camp bar that's number one. And -- beautiful women lie and say had done nothing and that is so unfair. And I just wanted women to know it's okay do it. Joan was indeed transformed over the years as she looked younger and younger can make more and more fun of their parents. Recently she job that she has had 784. Cosmetic beauty procedures. How many have you had -- had to face it. -- face you know. And and then a little bit here a little bit -- -- that he -- -- a lot of -- And de Ferran is excellence while you -- the weeks tweaks. It's like. Again -- car you do little to grappled do you do that century with the -- your body I did. Two surgeries I did what my breasts were too big -- Melissa. I -- inmates law. And then I -- tell -- check how do you choose a doctor. First thing you do is ask you -- us. Because they see that the work they see the -- they see everything and then look them up on the Internet check back if -- been soon. And it ended fusion cooking -- Compassion and human human feelings these -- activities in. -- even devoted this season opening episode of that reality show. -- Melissa Joan knows best and latest cosmetic surgery she's anxious faces. The wonderful. -- building entire process beginning with plastic surgeon doctor nominally a little little -- here which hangs on a little -- lose. And Melissa revealed deep reservations about her mother -- under the knife yet again technically just as the -- I'm very worried. Melissa felt there was danger and she didn't want you to do and it is day yet anesthesia is very dangerous. I always indicated an anesthesiologist. -- Ivan Harris doing I was very careful I picked up an amazing doctor -- hate. A -- anesthesiologist. -- -- You very courageous -- the reality show. And I'll make you -- yourself bandages and you show yourself paying my desk -- you have to think that my kids who. I think I -- people to see what it really. It was about. Yes it is life. Price for -- ten KEU please I. -- -- -- isn't worth -- just to have a tight and practical forward this. In my case -- but why -- I think he -- -- such self esteem. It makes you feel good it's a very happy experience. All I want them to say that -- Look amazing -- -- -- you look amazing fear that's for you that's a plastic -- that. What do you say to people who say Joan Rivers you had just -- toe much can I say. Mind your business. And it's a man. I always look at the wife who is usually a revenues with fake breasts but you've -- Others say and -- the most extreme kind of plastic surgery -- you -- -- the giant is now what I needed the giants. Well it -- -- get loose missing and if you read it cover children then you know. And -- -- earthquake in his section is so summoned to the floor time to tighten they actually take skin and tight -- and make it smaller. And and tighter I never thought I would ask you this question John have you had to get vagina -- why. I thought I thought the there is no hope -- But you know I giant heightening -- -- -- this hotel closed with a and it would -- the good.

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{"id":15788792,"title":"The Cutting Edge: Joan Rivers","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 6: Barbara Walters sits down with the queen of plastic surgery.","url":"/2020/video/cutting-edge-joan-rivers-15788792","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}