The Cutting Edge: Male Plastic Surgery

Part 4: The rise in male plastic surgery, including making someone taller.
3:00 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for The Cutting Edge: Male Plastic Surgery
All that stuff about hunter gatherers not caring how they look that has some 101000 BC. There's a new alpha male on the -- sending doesn't need to go through years of evolution he can go from five foot six to six foot two. In just a few months his WABC news anchor Bill Bennett who couldn't. He's just doing some window shopping for himself. Room. Say goodbyes to Bally's want oh and hello to broad talks. Get -- rove talks because it turns out vanity knows no gender. Becoming much more popular and it's been about a 100% increase since 1997. And why is that. First of all the stigma of base that -- treatments and surgeries -- becoming much much last. Reality TV with people being a lot more -- it's becoming a little bit less taboo. But this isn't your father's plastic surgery. This new generation of cosmetic enhancing guys wanna look like himself just a little bit younger and so -- maybe even a little bit they. More a matter of minutes the popular guy procedures for the top five -- just like the women liposuction. Nose jobs and eyelid surgery. Breast reductions and hair transplants done by robots Zaurus. For all this got me thinking it's. How -- little nip and tuck here in the neck for more. Sure it's not -- lighting and it is one steel frame and -- But as my grandmother used to say there's no denying. Cutting to the occasion to suggest that there isn't a single thing that I would -- we're. I love you yeah. But that's. I'll -- -- -- -- he would be can take rather than what would you do. Well the answer would be tightened up the lower -- just a bit by removing a little bit of extra skin is -- nothing -- Well we're now looking at this idea. -- coach doc. How would you. The most appropriate place to actually put the -- For the lower face and neck is actually here right from here and behind the ears and pull it undermining this area and pulling it up. Let me tell I have -- I -- different from -- -- horses. If -- freeze the -- back. It's a little -- place. Kind of bizarre. And we're going to be years -- a technique that I haven't seen used many times before but you do bring -- back isn't doing anything here to your neck itself. No one can pick -- commitment so even with the stars wouldn't be visible. I think I'll go with the -- original advice and not doing anything but if idea. -- -- And insurance. Doesn't cover any of -- Expensive yes but many men think of this as an investment. He just projecting confidence might just when -- that girl or that promotion or maybe even. The Oval Office like it -- not. Look to report even in politics square jaw cold eyebrows small rise experts say that -- And it's not just the -- size matters to in more than half a -- US presidential elections taller candidate and the -- This year's big could be close. These two men -- running for office but they do want to be taller and they're making it happen. Before the surgery when I was four foot eleven half inches people didn't take me seriously. I discrimination subconscious. From -- -- it to some degree or another. 25 year old a -- -- and this 37 year old Nance who asked not to be identified are part of a growing in the no pun intended. But controversial trend in cosmetic surgery men who want and get. Their legs -- There are people would have said yeah except when god gave you. But everybody. Is trying to Alter what god -- him. If kids have crooked teeth bill increases. But this isn't exactly like stretching teach. The -- Doctor drawer paley and orthopedic surgeon at the paley institute at Saint Mary's Medical Center in Florida did 650. Leg lengthening surgeries last year. If you. Break a bone pull it apart very slowly like a millimeter. -- knows how to grow new bone. And the tissues like the muscles and nerves and arteries of skin all of them regenerate. Most of -- patients had severe deformities or dwarf -- But increasingly these days these surgeries include cosmetic patients. He uses the state of the -- telescopic implantable wrong once inserted in the middle of the broken bones. The rod actually expands and allows new bone to grow around. -- -- This is hardly a fast process. Not takes at least three months to complete including demanding an exclusion. Physical therapy. And who does this the majority of patients who come -- -- medical -- -- Have. What we call. -- this for -- -- are unhappy with their height how much does it really affect. You've got mild case and -- people commit suicide. Wouldn't that lend itself more to have some sort of psychologist. Therapy just doesn't make a lot of difference one of the few. Psychological psychiatric disorders. You can -- secure with a -- A -- -- what is now thrilled to be nearly five foot two. But this guy who went from five foot six to 59 well that wasn't enough for him so last fall. He went back for more surgery to add another five inches. You know I wanted to. The way art both involve myself in the way the world felt the -- to be some more so how the world look at you differently at 61 than they did. 57 all -- six to -- in four weeks. -- mom still -- right now you're growing as we speak as we speak. He actually traveled overseas for the surgery as many Americans do because labeling thing might cost you about 85000 dollars with a doctor -- But you -- pay less than half of that with a foreign doctor but sometimes you get what you pay for. -- these internal rods. The patient is the one who controls the length and actually twisting their own legs to extend the rot inside it makes a noise so we. Get ready to cringe. This is the -- forward. This is the -- back to resell it. -- that's much court. There was one quirk have to do nine more of those today to do -- point some -- -- -- It was all of us were that all this money all this pain that's what we. With women my dating life has improved exponentially because there -- storage. -- systems --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 4: The rise in male plastic surgery, including making someone taller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15788724","title":"The Cutting Edge: Male Plastic Surgery","url":"/2020/video/cutting-edge-male-plastic-surgery-15788724"}