The Cutting Edge: Plastic Surgery Today

Part 1: The latest tools and techniques can give face lifts without cutting.
7:20 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for The Cutting Edge: Plastic Surgery Today
Never has the phrase out with the old in with the new had to -- -- -- them tonight. And not just news but magically news the most cutting edge procedures that often don't involve any cutting -- -- Today women and men -- -- subtracted and multiplying. Like never before -- let's take it away everything you -- Change about yourself. Over 50% of Americans. Would like to have their peers and -- Through cosmetic -- looking older than you feel you can do something about it this is now a ten billion dollar a year business when you look good you. Feel good. And that's come -- are everywhere and through. From local business news and I can't remember if we have -- -- -- -- -- -- smooth pavement and ejected and killed. The catch phrase in the old days -- healed with steel. The Knight can do everything -- -- -- tonight. New York plastic surgeon doctor Doug stunt -- -- There's nothing had a plan for a facelift -- make 51 year old friend seemed down drug GO look ten years younger. -- I'll have a little -- -- -- thing I have these two bands here you know we're trying to do with face us now is to limit the amount of surgery we're actually doing cutting. -- -- -- and the incisions the length ordinance isn't he old fashioned surgeries go around all the way back. Come all the way -- the hair. Less cutting -- children recounted time and -- -- So this is -- an incision that's gonna hide behind a little corner here then along with a scalpel. Doctor Steinbeck uses -- -- skin tightening device to complete the facelift. The surgery will require almost three I was under anesthesia. And the entire procedure will cost up to 35000. Dollars. Five days later Francine does that -- -- -- -- just remove. Hard she's backing position -- jar line isn't much sharper and those bands in that I'm much nicer. This is really hidden nicely in -- -- -- no one's ever gonna see it I'm feeling great. About doctor Steinbeck is using the latest surgical techniques. It is not possible to get many of the same results without going under the knife at all using medical techniques and -- -- -- ought to just. Dermatologist doctor guy stays -- called to guess the facelift reflects her philosophy I don't believe an aging gracefully I think you have to fight it every step of the way I -- want the global aesthetic. To be. -- -- When you need a face lift and when -- use other things like fellas lasers my experience has been and that you can get rid of lines and wrinkles. But that doesn't always make someone look younger they just -- smoother what -- lose overtime is volume. And what we do is weak and very carefully naturally and discreetly add back volume. 48 year old -- Bowman has never had any cosmetic procedures. I never actually ever went first even facial I think the next team behind act was opening like a McDonald's -- and just think -- -- -- But -- -- -- -- distress invasion are large family. Your -- -- and her husband and four children and adopted seven mullah. That -- multiracial musical family was featured on the show my life has to sit com. -- -- Dependent children Andrew weapons -- relationship coach Jimmy never had time to herself until now. Doctor may Begin to nonsurgical facelift using a new device -- -- -- -- heat to shrink the tissue under the skin. Yeah. It's not -- -- and it uses ultrasound -- not the kind of ultrasound you had during pregnancy this is. High density focused ultrasound that delivers heat very deep and that over time will give her a lift both of the upper and the lower -- It felt like a million meals going into my face. And it. This is what doctor -- artistry comes into play at first she observes how she needs face moves and she talks. When you smile you left this nice little bit different. Then doctor -- injects a combination of -- Many out of Michigan and gel that adds volume to teach and temples before we just had a few different types of animal based collagen. And now we have a whole Pallet of tools available now putting some elements deep. And some elements more -- officials to get a very natural approach. Welcome it -- -- there using new forms of Botox to even out her eyebrows and -- Karlinsky. Doctor Dave -- should be space back into balance. Next docked today applies the finishing touches the Malaysia to which even John QV skin tone and texture. A procedure like this typically costs about 111000. Dollars. You're almost -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yes so I don't want to look at you think you got Erica. But the treatment will need a few weeks to take full effect. In the next room doctor -- treats -- Tribune I'm just marking out the parameters. Using a brand new and more powerful ultrasound to to -- fact without synergy. Let -- sonics is the newest kid on the block for helping to be sculpt. And melts fat to liposuction -- mean it's like liposuction but it's a nonsurgical approach so what it does is it uses that high density focused ultrasound to actually. -- -- -- -- -- And that's news and that's new if you can Putin in -- then -- -- sonics will work for you. I'm -- -- diet in the weeks after her treatment -- -- lose an entire address signs. The idea that that's reacting so well means you really gonna -- -- -- and you'll notice over the next few months. Your stomach will get flatter and smoother and you'll have just more contour and her dad and your lesson learned -- -- who -- the same treatment a month ago. It seemed dramatic. Besides I was a sex before I had my like Hasan estimates of detail that's amazing isn't losing all done to prison -- is completely gone yeah. Three weeks after hedges have -- day. -- -- is getting used to her new face. Before I guess I have to think I -- up to the high. Dinner time and I don't have to do that. So there is seeing my friends and my family just from the new even -- the big retail. Then -- -- her family together. Eleven now grown children a few close friends and her husband -- The deliberate and perhaps it -- them all. If -- how many students. Does this mean that you. Never -- -- Well it need not -- they can never look old but we can slow that process down in a very natural way. With these procedures you are very -- is it true that you and I -- is zoned to. You get. I don't know if it and I'm -- 126. -- in the beauty never had a.

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{"id":15788635,"title":"The Cutting Edge: Plastic Surgery Today","duration":"7:20","description":"Part 1: The latest tools and techniques can give face lifts without cutting.","url":"/2020/video/cutting-edge-plastic-surgery-today-15788635","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}