The Cutting Edge: Is Ten Too Young?

Meet the plastic surgeon who routinely treats his daughters.
3:00 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for The Cutting Edge: Is Ten Too Young?
Many people wonder if British it -- -- a plastic surgery and what is it too old. You are about to meet a Doctor Who covers both ends of the spectrum. Even operating on his own daughters. We're gonna need to get approached me. Prevented has prevented them from there. Feeling young again plastic surgeon doctor Michael Napoleon has two adopted daughters Brittany and -- -- -- look here's and China. That's and -- almost ten she was already unhappy with the way she left John you had plastic surgery to renew it. And is -- -- -- your belly button yet another -- ended yep it was an Audi and I didn't like it at all so. 100 ST Asia and he. Changed it for me. And -- Britain turned eighteen. She got the surgery she had wanted to use and again dad performed the operation you wanted to have -- your breasts made bigger. Yes from a very young age I really wanted to get attendance zone for me and was meant a big deal today -- press -- I -- eighteen Y. Just above my self esteem and I didn't have -- press and I was younger and -- my friends at. Shamu may questioned her father doing changing in his own -- isn't that a little Dontarrious. To operate and you're eighteen year old daughter. Not really -- in practice for thirty years I felt. Who would give them the time and the patients that their father would give them. Brittany -- and their friends -- still in their early twenty's have already had many. -- -- and they're still looking forward to a lifetime and cosmetic enhancements. -- -- -- -- The girls and their friends have had other cosmetic procedures and smoltz. Lip injections. Botox. Skin smooth and -- Cosmetic procedures and rapidly growing among teenagers and fifteen -- nineteen. I have my nose done and when -- -- when he won the put a little more on the side. I was thinking about getting my restaurant and a little bit bigger and yet it is -- -- love that I can't Botox. Now attorneys who can. Yeah cats you can get radio frequencies stipulation Fleischer didn't get what stipulations. -- -- toxins while land claims. Appeals from decades by little made -- this is twenty units of -- I also get it in my armpits -- -- stop sweating just. -- -- -- You know they're -- -- going to look at these two beautiful girls and and your doctor and say this test too much emphasis now on. Nixon -- -- pretty -- out having Botox and and fellow. It's just sort of -- on -- we place this kind of emphasis. I somewhat disagree because -- not changing their looks and any means they want maintenance they don't want to get old. They want to stay young. -- -- -- I think eighteen and as a -- -- Beauty and cosmetic medicine expert at marine cinco advises against most cosmetic surgery while still a teenager don't. Did something permanent tear -- -- backing -- the needs unless truly there is the absence of a normal development or opportunity for our normal development. -- -- -- -- -- and Carly so has the distinction are treating one -- they don't just cosmetic surgery patients. And her day many -- and had no notion of getting breast implants. Then at 83 years old with four children five grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren -- who works isn't hot. The managers decided this time for breast implants. Why did she wanted to replace. -- I've been in business for a long long time with a lot. Competition. From younger people and part of it is for a woman. Having good posture and -- breast. And giving off a good appearance. So that I can meet with the competition. Then 83. And it may recall stood -- and said I want. -- breast right. Bigger and -- year a lot of this it has to be up to you. Minibus heading into uncharted waters no -- has studied the effects of implant surgery. I'm the elderly anytime they're having cosmetic procedures whether -- 84 or twenty foreign your overall health is the most important -- We had a cardiologist go through her impeccably. And he says she's she's young she's a 5080. Three year old soul why not. What did you drawing children say about they were afraid of -- current under the anesthesia. So they weren't that happy about it but I didn't tell until the day before. Two weeks after the surgery and he was on the beach in Hawaii and sporting a new figures and a new. -- you happy with what you don't if I am very happy. In fact movie was so happy. The -- signed up for several other cosmetic procedures including Canada's job. She had a collapse nose like bitter knows I did fat transfer to the cheeks the nasal -- -- foale's upper eyelid. Use is poppy used his full -- not put some fat inner temporal area here -- when you look great. -- and attitude -- guy and I feel good. I don't say every woman my age this is for you. And so I'm not there to. By my place. In life and to continue to -- take care of myself. Six and -- one people think that when you turn eighteen year old I -- give that. Now come at a -- Because I don't feel old and I don't think I'll. I think the same way as I did it thirty years ago.

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{"id":15788657,"title":"The Cutting Edge: Is Ten Too Young?","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the plastic surgeon who routinely treats his daughters.","url":"/2020/video/cutting-edge-ten-young-15788657","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}