Dad Reveals Secret Bank Robber Past

Act 3: In an interrogation room, Scott Catt recalls robbing banks for over a decade to cops.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for Dad Reveals Secret Bank Robber Past
Reporter: Police had nabbed scott catt for holding up two banks. He wasn't the only cat in the hot seat. Just down the hall in another interrogation room was his 20-year-old son hayden. Scott made it clear as he walked in he was ready to come clean. You know, I'll lay it all out from the very beginning till yesterday. It's the day of reckoning. I get it. Reporter: Investigators were expecting to hear about the two hiests in texas, but they were about to learn that scott catt's secret life of crime dated back to the clinton administration. He didn't even ask for a lawyer before he started spilling the beans. First federal savings and loan. Reporter: For this head-scratcher scott actually needed a whiteboard to lay out crimes that began in his home state of oregon, 2,300 miles away. It was like a seminar in bank robbing 101. So this was, this was number one? I just went into the tellers, they just grabbed money and threw it in this bag, and i left. So I'd say I got about like 2,50bucks, roughly. We were able to insinuate to him that we knew all about what was going on in oregon when, in all honesty, that wasn't the case. We didn't know about the banks he had robbed in oregon really until the interview. Reporter: In total, scott would confess to having robbed five banks in oregon before even setting foot in texas. I'm surprised he was able to, you know, remain undetected, especially when one of the banks he robbed was in his hometown. You would think that -- someone would have known him. Reporter: In fact, someone did. It was scott catt's own mother. I picked up our local newspaper. And on the front page was a picture of a man that robbed our local savings and loan. And that is where his father retired from. Reporter: He worked at the bank? Yes, and I looked and I saw this frame of this big man. And I said, "oh, son, if i didn't know better I'd say that was you." And he grabbed the paper from me, and he looked at that. I remember it so vividly. And he said, "yeah, it does kind of." Reporter: But a mother knows what her son looks like. Oh, I know. And his hands. I know his hands. Scott said, "well, he didn't get very much money." Reporter: But her son was honing his skills, and you know what they say about practice. With each hit he was banking more and more money. That one I got close to 30,000 because by then I figured out that there were two cash drawers so I made sure that i got both cash drawers. I selected the bank based on accessibility and escape. How quick can I get in, how quick can I get out? And blend in with the rest of the world. He didn't just see a bank and decide to rob it the next day. He would plan for weeks at a time. Reporter: How many of those did either hayden or abby know about? None. Reporter: This was all just. Not a one. I mean, you got to think back, they're still pretty young here. Reporter: But growing up in oregon abby and hayden did know about the secrets scott kept by the fistful in his dresser drawer. He would keep an envelope full of hundred-dollar bills. I never really thought it that strange that he would keep a couple thousand dollars in cash. There was a lot of money in there. And it freaked me out, really. I'd never seen something like that before. Reporter: That extra cash came in handy when scott got laid off in oregon. He says it was a job opportunity that brought him to texas in early 2012. I had a nice chunk of money to come to houston. And I blew it partying. I don't know. I just blew it. Reporter: The cash tasted so sweet catt craved more, soon blowing off that engineering job in houston to focus on his more lucrative gig. I hated the job. It was just a really bad job. I just -- I'll just rob banks. I'm probably better at that anyway. Reporter: And in his new full-time job he knew more help could mean more money. This is where I started to, you know, talk the kids in. Hayden wanted to come out here and I said, "well, look, you know, there's a little business proposition I have for you." I talked him into it. Reporter: A couple doors down the hall hayden would soon fill cops in on his version of that dirty deal. That's when he started, you know, going over all the details about how it's done and what he's done in the past, also what to look for in a bank, you know. Like what? The getaway is everything. I told him, you know, "i don't think that I can drive after my first one." And that's when we talked abby into driving for us. We just needed someone who was able to drive slow and steady and abide all the traffic laws and, you know, not look like a bank robber at all. Right. This cute blonde girl is the last thing you would ever -- right. -- You'd ever look for. Reporter: But that's exactly who police were looking for, and after getting a call from her dad, abby drove herself into talk to investigators same room six hours later. Well, I just felt like I need to do what I did to, you know, protect them. Reporter: Abby admitted driving the getaway car but said it was out of blind loyalty to her brother and father, whose writing was still there on the wall. My mother died when I was 2. A lot of it has to do with, you know -- I have always trusted my dad. It's not okay, obviously. I'm not stupid. But when it's your dad, it's almost like it is. I convinced her of it. She trust me completely because she doesn't have anybody else to trust. Reporter: But according to texas law, it was a little too late to take thelame now. David ryan is abby's lawyer. Abigail catt was facing 5 to 99, or life in prison for aggravated robbery even though she didn't put a gun in anyone's face, because under texas law, just being involved in the crime itself was enough to make her as culpable as her father and her brother. Reporter: By the end of his 2 1/2-hour confession it was clear scott catt wouldn't be winning dad of the year any time soon. So that's where we're at today. Reporter: And after a decade of robbing banks what did he have to show for it, besides two kids on the fast track to becoming felons? About all I got in my wallet. Maybe whatever hayden has in his

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{"id":21216832,"title":"Dad Reveals Secret Bank Robber Past","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: In an interrogation room, Scott Catt recalls robbing banks for over a decade to cops.","url":"/2020/video/dad-reveals-secret-bank-robber-past-21216832","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}