When Her Dad Turned

Part 2: Sammy Gravano dropped a bombshell on his family when Karen was 19.
5:36 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for When Her Dad Turned
On an autumn day in 1991. -- New York prison Sammy the bull gravano under -- of the Gambino Crime Family dropped a bombshell. His wife son and daughter. Q let me get in the eyes he says I'm going to do something that goes against everything I believe him. Everything kind of explosion -- 1000000 and -- -- -- with the government. In a -- -- the Persian rocks and pulled out from nineteen year old Karen -- Arnold's work I was hurt because I felt like. Everything he taught me in my life. You never attempt at selling the life that I -- up and was ripped out for money anything. Karen's father had taken the mosque -- commandment thou shalt not betray the boss and shattered a top John gotti's head. But this nearly did not happen because of camp. FBI agent George Gabriel helped arrange -- cooperation. Her concern outrage that her father had turned almost cause him to break up the deal she just couldn't deal with the -- trail. And of course it only made matters worse that the whole affair was played out on the fun day. In Iraq -- in your mind at that point just as bad as all those killings. It was -- since that -- My friends were told that there is was cut off all contact with me -- has allowed and that house everybody's mad at him for cooperating. See even those people that we're involved in that I -- and they have lost a family member wearing an ad that he killed someone and I'm more mad that he cooperate it. Ironic -- else to say the least again. You can see how twisted this on the weekends. And is -- -- one. Just how twist was revealed when the full list of -- his victims was released among them was none other than Kerry's own uncle. Mother's brother. I always wondered how we dealt with the fact that you knew your father had been involved with the murder. A viewer mother's brother. I don't think about it a chance to think about that's something that my family and we don't really discuss -- lead to a good friend of your thoughts. He killed. Bank didn't -- ever ask him how could treat us. I did ask him that. And he -- just like every other man and that might sound and -- taken an oath that you were killed if he -- him for your family. Shortly after his primetime interview Sammy left the witness protection. And moved to Phoenix setting up they have legitimate constructions. Karen along with a mother and brother Gerard moved here to. In her new book to be published this week about her life -- a mob daughter Karen writes these days in Phoenix were a struggled to find a new identity. And you say I had a choice to make a new life but I felt more comfortable being bad. He did it take it why has -- mean that is -- can respect and I see him my whole life kind of in short order she hooked up with -- ex -- and she and her brother began selling drugs in the meantime worded begun to spread that the charming guy with a construction business was actually Sammy the bull he went from having legitimate construction business. Once everybody figured out who it was almost contracts Florida. Perhaps it was inevitable but Sammy soon reverts to his old ways financing a small drug raid but this time the family is literally his -- Arrested for drug dealing. Yes four of -- -- my immediate family my father and grandmother and I present myself. Sammy was eventually sentenced to nineteen years in prison -- his son Gerard nine while Karen and her mother were placed on probation and released him. I mean again today -- a single -- splitting her time between new York and Phoenix where she lives of their eleven year old daughter Corina. She's also launching her own line of skin care products. Sammy will remain an inmate until 2019. Your dad's face has certainly grown softer. Has his heart from absolutely. I can say that. Imprisoned humans and -- time so he got involved in doing I. Which is really cool then everybody -- this talent. This grant -- this is -- best -- paintings. In. To my grandchildren I -- carrying out from -- Obama -- -- -- banana. But even a mobster who can draw a -- Draws the line when it comes to his daughter's new TV show and exhibits call yeah all what what is your dad has. She -- and I -- -- his about her time at that I'm Linda thank them I was against it. Capacity but it Dennison attended shouted I. When an episode airs -- your dad calling. He -- -- entertainment area Sunday and I get a call on Monday. And the first words were watch your mouth -- -- on TV you know I'm here feel -- your father. But I can't watch it. TV critic artist get me. What's a daughter -- Do you think your dad is still capable of killing. Gas to I think that he's one city you know. I think that if he was sitting in this room right here right now with us and somebody went to go -- me. -- -- -- -- -- You can read an excerpt from -- gravano his new book mob daughter at a website abcnews.com. Slash. 20/20.

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{"id":15560749,"title":"When Her Dad Turned","duration":"5:36","description":"Part 2: Sammy Gravano dropped a bombshell on his family when Karen was 19.","url":"/2020/video/dad-turned-15560749","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}