Dalia Dippolito's conviction overturned in 2014, she gets 2nd trial: Part 9

In a stunning development, an appeals court judge ruled in 2014 that the jury for Dippolito's first trial was improperly selected and the conviction was tossed out.
6:11 | 05/16/20

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Transcript for Dalia Dippolito's conviction overturned in 2014, she gets 2nd trial: Part 9
We're living on Teams. It's as simple as that. Now closing arguments continue in the Dalia Dippolito murderer for hire trial. This case will go to the jury before lunch. It was a typically hot day in Florida. But that is not why Dalia Dippolito was sweating. She was facing up to 30 years behind bars. Waiting for the verdict, what was that like? It's nerve wracking. It's just really stressful, really tense. I've been advised that the jury has reached a verdict. The jury took just three hours to come to a decision. We find the defendant guilty of solicitation to commit first-degree murder. I was numb. It wasn't at all what I was expecting to hear. And never had the impression or the understanding from their attorney that losing was a possibility. Everything was always, you know what? We got this. Wow. We have really good poker faces apparently. We all just said, well, she's guilty. It was just kind of unanimous. And the defense didn't present anything that really represented this was for a reality TV show. And she said, I am 5,000% sure. And that's -that did it for me. There is absolutely no moral justification for your conduct. It was pure evil. I'm sentencing you to 20 years in the department of corrections. I looked at her in that courtroom, and I just said to myself, man, this is sad. I wish we never here and as far as the sentence, I'm 5,000% happy wit. That seemed to be it. Case closed. Except this was nowhere near the end of this story. Everybody thinking, bye-bye, Dalia, that's it. But turns out she got an appeal. In the last hours, the black widow, Dalia Dippolito, set to walk free? The appeals court tosses out the conviction. Dalia's lawyers argue there was a problem during jury selection. And then three years later, a court agrees. And so Dalia Dippolito is getting a new trial. Were you surprised? The first piece of good news throughout the whole process. So, now we move on to Dalia, round two. That's right. She's coming back a second time. And this time, there's a new cast of players. For the second trial, Dalia hires two high-profile lawyers she's seen on TV, mark eiglarsh and Brian Claypool. Defense attorney Brian Claypool. Nice to see you both. I am 5,000% sure Dalia Dippolito is innocent. Dalia's new lawyers allow her to speak publically for the first time. And that's when I had the opportunity to exclusively interview her. Your every move is monitored. Clearly, the strategy was for Dalia to try and undergo a bit of an image rehabilitation. When people here the name Dalia Dippolito, what do you think comes to mind? Everything negative. Give me three words to describe yourself. Who is Dalia Dippolito? Understanding, sweet, and compassionate. Because it was a pretrial interview, Dalia's lawyers wouldn't let her discuss certain parts of the case, particularly those videotapes. I'm positive. Like 5,000% sure. Did you hire a hitman to kill your husband? No. How do you explain then what we saw and what we heard on those videotapes? I'd like to be able to explain that to you right now, but I can't because the attorneys legally have told me that we're saving that for our day in court. In our interview, Dalia's lawyer, Brian Claypool, reiterated that reality TV defense that we saw in her first trial. Dalia, her ex, Mike, and this gentleman Mohamed were all part of this, uh, collaboration to put together a YouTube video of a scene where they're hiring somebody to kill somebody. They wanted to submit that, post it on YouTube to try to get acting parts. That was the plan. It got out of control. I'm positive. Like, 5,000% sure. 5,000% sure. Not 100% sure, not 1,000% sure, but 5,000% sure. How do you explain that? I look at that video and I see somebody who's struggling with whether she's really sure. She's struggling with -- Why, well -- How is she struggling if she's 5,000% sure? Well, you might find that humorous, but when I hear people say they're sure, I'm 110% sure. She's trying to overcompensate. As for Mohamed, he denies working with Mike and Dalia to make a video to try and get acting jobs. Mike Dippolito says he's never even met Mohamed. What do you say to people who say you're just denying the undeniable? That this is an open and shut case? That now with the attorneys that I have, so much is coming to light to where it would just be insane to not believe me. The tape was a show. It was a tape. That was the purpose of it. You were acting in those Yes. But you're telling the truth now? Yes. Why should we believe you? Because it's what happened, it's the truth. Dalia Dippolito escorted into court by her attorneys for her second trial. Dalia's second trial is going to shock a lot of people in a number of ways. Claypool dropped this bomb. He just throws off like it's nothing, and by the way, if you send her to prison you're going to be separating her from her infant son. What infant son?

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"In a stunning development, an appeals court judge ruled in 2014 that the jury for Dippolito's first trial was improperly selected and the conviction was tossed out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"70715981","title":"Dalia Dippolito's conviction overturned in 2014, she gets 2nd trial: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/dalia-dippolitos-conviction-overturned-2014-2nd-trial-part-70715981"}