From Sperm Donor 'Date' to Real Date

After meeting online, woman interviewed sperm donor over dinner and wine.
2:12 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for From Sperm Donor 'Date' to Real Date
I wouldn't be a mom since -- and child time his journey began when she was nineteen years old and made the toughest decision of her young life. I got pregnant -- and I just had its place our child for adoption. It changed me forever and you wonder where she of course every day like. Like act have a hole in my heart -- -- have now their biological Tyler. Jack had -- -- to be her -- He would at least you know. He will feel a little -- -- In her thirties Tonya had a longtime boyfriend when he told her he didn't want children it crushed her heart. Not her hope she turned to sperm banks I. Unfortunately he. How three miscarriages. Punishment -- -- -- probably 67000. Dollars 70000 dollars -- was so expensive I didn't have any. Infertility insurance at all. So I had to pay for everything -- a pocket. This past summer after her third miscarriage she still longed for a child. Out of work for savings exhausted she went on line. Tanya found a freeze sperm donor registry and opted to leave the choice between artificial and natural in dissemination blank. I just decided that LED and this person -- someone that I would be interested in nearly week. One online -- Spent six he now -- -- talking on the you can really getting to know each other and eventually they agreed to meet on you found yourself conducting the strangest interview she could imagine. Over dinner and a glass of wine. Whereabouts shaking as we -- lifting our plan -- -- -- -- -- questions did you ask. We actually started from the very beginning from rich culture continue -- funny and -- -- an attempt to -- to -- For I don't. It actually turned out to be okay and that sort that where it is an -- -- Arafat together. But we will definitely me. Have a special bonds -- -- -- if I get pregnant.

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{"id":15334271,"title":"From Sperm Donor 'Date' to Real Date","duration":"2:12","description":"After meeting online, woman interviewed sperm donor over dinner and wine.","url":"/2020/video/date-sperm-donor-15334271","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}