Daunte Wright killed by police in Minneapolis area amid Derek Chauvin trial: Part 8

Chauvin’s defense argued that he was justified in his interactions with George Floyd. Later, the defense’s expert admitted it would’ve been easy to minimize the danger of asphyxiation.
6:45 | 04/24/21

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Transcript for Daunte Wright killed by police in Minneapolis area amid Derek Chauvin trial: Part 8
On Sunday, april1th, we are two weeks into the trial of Derek chauvin, and there's this news that shocks everyone. The deadly shooting of a young black driver outside Minneapolis. So, 20-year-old daunte Wright is pulled over by police for an expired registration sticker on his license plate. After they discover a warrant was out for his arrest, police decide to take Wright into custody. I'm not doing nothing. Stop bro. I'll tase you! Taser, taser, taser! I just shot him. Officer Kim potter claimed she mistakenly used her gun instead of a taser. She's been charged with second-degree manslaughter and she hasn't yet entered a plea. Here we are in the middle of the Derek chauvin prosecution. The trial is happening. We have been protesting at the courthouse, but things went to a whole new level in terms of frustration and anger at this latest killing of daunte right. But overnight the protests continued nationwide. More than 50 arrests made in Minneapolis and Brooklyn center. It's devastating. It's traumatizing. As black people over and over and over again, you're seeing black people die at the hands of police, like the shooting death of philando Castile, and the officer is acquitted. The people I've talked with have said, we're exhausted. So, now with tension at a fever pitch outside the courthouse, the defense kicks off its case by turning the jury's attention to George Floyd's use of illegal drugs. The defense wasted no time in bringing up this video that they were able to get the judge to approve. And it had to do with a prior arrest of George Floyd in may of 2019. Sir, passenger, can you undo your seat belt? Go ahead and undo your seatbelt. Oh, sure. Man, please, I don't want to get shot. The passenger was unresponsive and noncompliant to Keep your hands where I can See them.! Okay? Put them up on the dash. Put them on the dash. Don't shoot me, sir. Please. Please don't shoot me. I'm not going to shoot you. Put your hands on the dash! Okay, okay, okay, okay. The defense used this stop in 2019 to also bring a paramedic on the stand who had been at the scene, who had taken Floyd's blood pressure and had told him it was sky high. Were you able to learn that Mr. Floyd had consumed some narcotics that day? Yes. I don't remember if it was oxy or percocet, but it was opioid-based. It wasn't real consistent with his behavior. At that point he was real elevated and agitated. The defense was hoping that the jury would connect these two incidents and see that the pattern is there of how George Floyd acted. Defense attorneys always try to sully the victim, we call it. If we go back to 2019 and we start asking questions, maybe we create some reasonable doubt. But the defense team's has a huge hurdle. They have to rebut that damning video of their client kneeling on George Floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. They call Barry brodd to the stand, a use of force expert and retired police officer. I felt that Derek chauvin was justified, was acting with objective reasonableness, following Minneapolis police department policy and current standards of law enforcement in his interactions with Mr. Floyd. This was not what we heard from the chief of police in Minneapolis and those multiple supervising officers, who all said that what chauvin did was uncalled for and was not consistent with their training. Brodd reviewed all of the evidence. He reached the conclusion that the knee on George Floyd was not technically a use of force. I don't consider a prone control as a use of force. We reviewed chauvin's actions that day with police training expert Duane dieter. Dieter operates a center that trains law enforcement from all over the country on how and when to use force in close quarters. Mr. Floyd's now in the prone position, and they decided to put him in the prone position. In this case, chauvin is applying a technique that is approved by the Minneapolis police department. Yes. Your issue not that he applied it, but that he wasn't situationally aware enough, at the very least, to adjust it, to do something else. That's correct. As a person lays down in a prone position, it is stopping some of their respiratory capability. So what should be happening now if this is being handled properly? Knees off the neck, knees off the back, like it should have in the beginning. Get hiin a recovery position, turn him to the side. In fact, a Minneapolis police department training manual states that a subject should be placed in a, quote, recovery position to alleviate positional asphyxia. Should we roll him on his side? No. Just leave him. Okay. The defense called chauvin's actions justified and reasonable. You agree? No. As soon as Mr. Floyd became someone that you needed to treat, there was no way justifiable. Cannot be justifiable because you have to treat a person that needs medical care. On cross-examination by the prosecution, that use of force expert, he admitted that you do put a suspect in a side recovery position if you want to alleviate the danger of positional asphyxiation. It's fairly simple to do. Just pull them to their side. But whether chauvin followed proper procedure or not, the next witness for the defense is going to say that Floyd's death had nothing to do with his oxygen being choked off. Mr. Floyd died of a cardiac arrhythmia. And would jurors finally hear from the man in the center of all this, that stoic figure now seen on those videos? Would Derek chauvin himself take the stand in his own defense?

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"Chauvin’s defense argued that he was justified in his interactions with George Floyd. Later, the defense’s expert admitted it would’ve been easy to minimize the danger of asphyxiation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77278102","title":"Daunte Wright killed by police in Minneapolis area amid Derek Chauvin trial: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/daunte-wright-killed-police-minneapolis-area-amid-derek-77278102"}