Death Down Under: Suspicion Begins

Part 3: A phone call made Tina's father think Watson may be hiding something.
3:00 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Death Down Under: Suspicion Begins
Well he Watson was escorting his wife -- the morning in Australia. Her parents from six -- time zones away in Alabama who had no idea she was dead -- room until -- Father got a phone call that work pay 36 animal and guess I'll never forget. And it was -- -- I had no idea what was coming. And he said I don't know any other way of telling you this there's been an accident immigrant. Indefinitely. The worst. Moment of my life. That's our movies and news to give someone's hair the -- ask senator Carl mr. Thomas. So why didn't he call mr. Thomas himself I don't know -- -- do. And teaching until it was important that you tell Tommy. What it happened yourself. I don't I don't think I was in the right frame of mind to think like that always afraid they were going to blame him. I don't mean I don't think at that point I did I don't mean I really don't think also without really thinking. What ever engaged reasons for not delivering the tragic news himself -- didn't sit well with Tina's family. And the resulting tensions were exacerbated. When it was time to -- Tina to rest. You know it was a very strange. It was just a very strange. -- -- and especially the way that he was acting. -- closest friend Amanda Phillips says -- was making insensitive and inappropriate comments Amanda Phillips said that. At the funeral home. You stood with her looking at -- in the coffin and said well at least her breasts look. Perky cute releasing them. Matter she's making the -- I never said it. But others attending the funeral the same friends and family he would gather just weeks earlier for the wedding. -- -- behavior pond for a grieving husband. He did tell me that he's -- all he could -- And Australia. And that he's just basically -- And that if we ever need a hug from -- to come see him. And he will provide -- a hug from Tina right. That was -- estranged who among his things I had friends buzzing were some broken sentimental promises. One of us that you. -- agreed that -- be buried with her engagement ring and that you then asked the funeral director to give -- that -- -- had. Originally I had said yes I want her buried with her -- -- -- -- -- Festina -- you can put -- her little finger something. I was trying to get my sense something went on to say that we've met some time happy memory. So was -- a comfort to you to keep that rain coming did you get it out and hold what what did you. It was more of just knowing that you know it's there. And the put him. The marching band is with her. But Tina's father didn't think it was sentiment that prompted -- to take the 3500 dollar ring he thought it was greed and all of those Henley thanking him things are not. All right we're really convinced his father's something more sinister happened and propel him into action it was an all important phone call from those two expert divers and on the same -- -- told -- -- story -- slipping away and sinking so fast it sounded suspiciously. Basically told me that that was -- That. That I could -- doubt in my mind that -- That really what got me to me. Realize that I didn't get Australia's group. And I didn't try to find out some things for myself. Tommy Thomas was a bug in the Euro and Australian authorities who themselves were already suspicious of -- story. Nothing the first piece of evidence that they -- -- -- about a computer. And they had it and there had that gave lied about the dive computer. Beeping as he indicated on -- first. Just a couple -- in the water. -- -- -- Police in Australia we're developing a theory that gave had lied about the computer beeping the warning as a ruse to get to the surface and submarine Tina from the other divers and so he could kill her. The chilling theory re enacted by Australian police was that after the couple submerged again -- grand Tina -- a bear hug. Turned off for air until she suffocated then turned it back on and let her sink. But there remains the big question of motive why would -- want to kill his new wife on their honeymoon. Police believed he wanted to cash in on her life insurance. He would actually told her to and pressure her. Group insurance to the maximum work and to change the beneficiary from 10 AM the Logan -- that he wanted to collect. Only interest. -- teen then Alabama's attorney general along with investigators in two countries would eventually buying into the insurance theory. Even though it turns out Tina never made those changes and -- never collected a -- and why would Gabe Watson married Tina. Spend a lot of money -- he helped pay for that -- to you. Spend 101000 dollars to go to Australia. To killer for life insurance policy that he's even benefit from he believed he was gonna collect insurance but he wasn't the beneficiary -- -- there was a beneficiary that he didn't know. You're asking me to speculate I don't know what he -- done I'm telling you what the prosecutors and the investigators believe -- what you have to have seen true. With police on two continents treating him like a suspect and with his former in laws now -- a full throated campaign to put him behind bars. Gabe wasn't doing himself any favors. 1 morning Dave Watson just -- In fact he was about to be caught on tape by authorities. Doing something it -- is grave site that was shockingly hurtful to people who loved her. It makes me sick to my stomach even right now thinking about it and I'm sick.

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{"id":15838615,"title":"Death Down Under: Suspicion Begins","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: A phone call made Tina's father think Watson may be hiding something.","url":"/2020/video/death-suspicion-begins-15838615","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}