Death Down Under: The Trial

Part 5: After a strong start, the prosecution's case falls apart.
3:00 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Death Down Under: The Trial
-- probably could -- -- the international media bearing down on a Birmingham courthouse. He wasn't right for his trial and looking -- -- Monica. -- facing life in prison for allegedly killing his new bride Tina Watson. I mean it's still pretty surreal I'm still in disbelief that that the state of Alabama brought these charges but they did. Tina's parents have waited eight years for the trial. It began last month on Valentine's Day. We're here as the -- crackles with tension prosecutors lay out their theory. -- -- Gabe Watson was feeding his new bride Kate at their wedding he was plotting to kill her and cashed in -- life insurance money. -- It is charged with a capital. What was it like to sit in that courtroom I was I guess mentally prepared for the mudslinging that was about the story. The most damning testimony against -- comes from Doug Millsap and Ken Snyder those two fellow divers from the spoil sport. On the stand they describe how suspicious -- Dunn -- story that day suspicion that first alarm Tina's father back in 2003. When he said I couldn't hold Barbara lost her arm she went down. -- -- -- -- -- She's not that should you didn't lose weight or he's not that happy he wasn't plausible story didn't mixes. But -- one of many setbacks some prosecutors hoped this other diver would verify that killer bear hug Gary. But he didn't have the time -- thought it was five trying to. Safer. Later -- the dive master of -- -- group wade Singleton testifies. That's him in the now famous photo on his way to try and rescue Tina from the ocean floor. He was the man responsible for -- safety that day. -- -- He tells the jury that it was easy for him just nineteen it to the surface. Implying that it should have been easy for -- to do as well she doesn't do -- you get better it's. But gates' attorney Bret -- Austin turns the tables rattling off mistake after mistake that wade Singleton made high. Failing to ask Tina about her lack of experience diving. -- about an hour ocean. She not. Failing to check -- -- equipment and failing to accompany the novice diver on her first dive ever in the ocean. -- tells the jury that wage employer Mike ball expeditions was charged with failing to ensure Tina was safe the company pled guilty and paid just to 6500. Dollar fine. And you are familiar better. -- procedures were not. Followed by -- -- specifically. Your lawyer made it pretty clear in court that he felt wade Singleton was responsible for -- staff and do great. I think he was just as -- and -- With the defense gaining grounds the prosecution was still wrestling with its original problem. Establishing a financial motive for murder -- -- And they didn't get much sympathy from an assertive and often hot tempered judge. And -- -- -- he's usually you know the defense trenches a huge hole in the theory went Tina's father takes a stand. Are you aware sir that you liabilities of the mind that she -- 124000. I wouldn't. Not only did Watson never collected -- he actually inherited Tina's debt. And when the prosecution tries to suggest -- -- each and every it was a motive the judge angrily dismisses them. -- -- -- -- -- It was -- people -- Basically you're telling me that he planned to kill his new bride for 33000. Dollars of life insurance money -- spent 101000 dollars on the honeymoon. 3500. Dollars on engagement ring where's the financial motive I told you what we believe the evidence shows I'm asking you if this makes sense to you have this theory that all the -- -- -- -- doesn't seem to. -- really missing because it doesn't seem to add up. -- obviously makes sense to me or wouldn't have done.

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{"id":15838617,"title":"Death Down Under: The Trial","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 5: After a strong start, the prosecution's case falls apart.","url":"/2020/video/death-trial-15838617","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}