Six Degrees of George Clooney

Part 6: A look at George Clooney's surprising connections to fellow nominees.
1:36 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Six Degrees of George Clooney
In doing our research for our show tonight we couldn't help but notice how many of the nominees careers intersect with one person not. Sorry Kevin Bacon not this time there is a new king at six degrees in town. What do Brad Pitt and Viola Davis have -- -- -- -- They were bowled in three movies with gorgeous George wells -- France K -- but who's counting -- emotions already got thirteen -- -- And before they were nominees Octavia Spencer and just -- -- sought help. And Clooney's ER they showed me how to do everything Rooney Mara before the dragon tattoo checked into the same hospital. -- plumber and streams Clooney Clooney Clooney. In fact every single acting nominee has some six -- connection -- Here's a two -- ones are very silent bare knees and they show. Wasn't under knight's tale with -- ledger -- -- -- in Brokeback Mountain with Michelle Williams. Who tap danced in blue Valentine. For Ryan Gosling who ran the campaign and ides of march with you guessed it. George Clooney does your curfew period to lose your movements and report those pockets Scott cigar smoke blowing their faces by John Goodman's. He shared the small screen -- -- -- -- and a young man with a -- So many Clooney connections. They may just have to change -- named George next year.

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{"id":15771551,"title":"Six Degrees of George Clooney","duration":"1:36","description":"Part 6: A look at George Clooney's surprising connections to fellow nominees.","url":"/2020/video/degrees-george-clooney-15771551","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}