When Destiny's Child Came Back

11/19/04: Reunion of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle has music industry buzzing.
9:12 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for When Destiny's Child Came Back
An independent women's. We're survivors -- Fourteen aren't -- and an -- Destiny's Child is back. -- is expected to chart topping Monday winning twenty somethings to reunite after three years. Michelle Williams Kelly Rowland and beyond saying now one -- -- sings the -- UBA. They don't the music industry buzzing. You did so well when you -- company has. Room because inspiring because we say we -- -- because. If we enjoy each other. -- -- Suwanee from the stratosphere. Career. In three years this girl has been everywhere now a sizzling solo artist she's also a movie stars out to Cleopatra. -- -- -- -- cover girl. And a money machine with an income estimated at 23 million dollars last year. Mathew Knowles Beyonce is father who manages his daughter and Destiny's Child. They're people who say that Beyonce doesn't need Destiny's Child anymore. So why is -- that she still part of the -- why is the -- still. I think it's the love that they have for each other them one. Number two when the three of them get together it's -- -- magic. Beyonce certainly doesn't have to do this I think she really wants to do this I think it's also strategic for her to be doing -- -- -- executive editor of Billboard Magazine says Beyonce is not taking a risk. That may be becoming an even bigger star. Building up. Parallel tracks for careers in today's music market is extremely Smart and. -- mega star in their midst of the hottest selling female group of all time is trying to -- clean their top spot. The announcement -- winning a rare behind the scenes glimpse as -- prep for their new to war. At Chicago's house of blues and run through just before gig sponsored by Pepsi. Being together they say is -- slipping into an old comfy shoes. Or in their case to make that Leno. Backstage with. Just minutes to go the girls get their final touches of glamour you -- -- again. -- -- You. I'm I was Michael -- next month and threatening to hit him when he gets together with my shocked. Finally -- time. -- all right now we didn't. Yeah its -- They jump. Right into their high single losing my breath from their new CD destiny fulfilled. -- -- signals it's a long way from the soft spoken little Texas girl who found her voice on stage. Tina and I looked at each other through that he would be -- little girl. It's so poorly so confident. Is it's amazing. As he's and we had that kind of loan hunger like we're going to be -- Wouldn't it thanks it was just amazing it's been made and it got even though -- -- the attack appeared at. Kelly was just nine when she joined Beyonce singing group called girls time. After they most of competition on national TV show Matthew quit his high paying sales jumped to manage them. You downsized your home to -- apartment you went from three cars to one car. You went through some tough times in your marriage why -- kicking off my. I believe them -- delay. I believe in a group. He learned the ropes of the music industry while flipping his young charges into shape -- his boot camp life you know council. -- at 8:9 o'clock AM we went Jack and we came back to the house and lenient with -- each of us had an hours long. Vocal quote. How. We've I heard -- that now. And -- despite 1112 -- In the and we would sit around and just talk -- -- a lot of the whole. Motown tapes it sounds crazy but we still ahead by. -- -- -- -- -- A few years later they were transformed into a glamorous forced them called Destiny's Child. And in 1997 they scored their first number one hit -- no no no. But the -- and nearly fell apart during an ugly split. Two members stormed out and filed a lawsuit charging that Matthew cheated them out of their share of the profits it was later settled out of court. Two of the girls who left the group in a controversy claim there was favoritism Beyonce was favored. Given that she is rising now as a star when you look back. Were they in some -- right. Tonight keeping -- These are three very secure when 2 in the evening. -- I was -- here is because with the kid we love each other with support. Anything else does not. Here. Why do you think you've been able to hold together inspire the turmoil behind. I think that all the turmoil and every challenges have -- -- Opt for a reason and if we wouldn't have been -- turmoil when the -- -- Michelle Williams wouldn't last after yet another singer walked out. You scared at all coming into the group after the drama that they experience we get nervous not been married -- To the wild parties. And I've seen him do I have to be I don't wanna members including an odd man I'm -- then again. -- but Regis Regis -- so well. Destiny's Child was destined. To be a trio. Yet the infighting seem to create a buns and led to a string of hits giving new meaning and -- to the word. Survivor. In the moment -- the girl's eye popping outfits often stole the show. Even as they crafted a wholesome image -- mom Tina is the image maker now most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But yet you're designing them here until I think that they always been very clapping and they always -- -- sales ladies I don't think that their -- that. Do you ever stop them if you think they -- always cleavage showing yeah -- go back and went a little bit but I know what works and what doesn't. It may -- because of their strong bond which has lasted during their years apart. Michelle has had a run on Broadway and reported to gospel albums while -- -- movie roles and recorded her own CD. But neither has soared quite like Beyonce. I don't think there ever going to be. Superstars. Like Beyonce but they're gonna have solid careers in the music business. Is -- -- watching her with some success of mean is there even with a little bit of jealousy now I think definitely some riots there. More. The example. -- leading -- Kelly will soon become the leading lady for Dallas cowboy Roy Williams. And they -- now going to be a very handsome man. And -- -- you Beyonce marriage on the horizon giving. I'm don't believe. What she won't get into -- -- on his romance with superstar rapper -- easy. You see all these photos of you needs easy when you talk about it. Because it. -- -- -- Yeah. Defending and supporting each other always. -- resisted dance lesson from these spirited fun loving girlfriends. Women discovered that he can survive alone or together.

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{"id":15048004,"title":"When Destiny's Child Came Back","duration":"9:12","description":"11/19/04: Reunion of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle has music industry buzzing.","url":"/2020/video/destinys-child-back-15048004","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}