Doctor specializes in improvised medicine on the face of Mount Everest: Part 2

Dr. Luanne Freer launched her clinic, which sits nearly 18,000 feet high on the side of the mountain, 14 years ago.
7:02 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Doctor specializes in improvised medicine on the face of Mount Everest: Part 2
One of Luke air force. Accident nearly takes a young boy's life doctor Murphy springs into action. With no available surgical tools he's forced to rely on what he can find. A box cutter for scalpel so duty free Bergman for sterilization. And plastic tubing and a bottle fashioned into a palm. Stevie boy from a collapsed lung. David life. That's singular skill was known as improvised medicine. And doctor Lew wind freer is one of the few real world physicians who make it their practice third defense a handful of that position who find this. Great calendars and. Just a real turn on to be able to. My diaper. You know out a way to deal. We're at an unlit and emergencies how to get somebody better when you don't have all of the equipment. Here at Mount Everest the world's tallest and deadliest mountain. Known to locals as goddess mother of the world. It's its attention clinics so unsolicited. Medical improvisation. Is a month's. Doctor Lew wind freer. Acquired the skills of a virtuous so. Free or a wilderness enthusiasm launched displaced fourteen years ago. It's it's nearly 181000 feet high on the side of the mountain and its opening two months each spring when hundreds of people come from around the world. Try and summit Mount Everest. In your time Greer has fashioned a stretcher from coiled rope and it's hard she set broken bones with tracking polls. Too much pain. She's even extracted teeth with pliers from local Sherpa guide its premium. But it's a visiting climbers who usually need the most serious attention this is it deadly. And has spent a deadly adventure for many people. Tragedies happen every year our bodies are not designed to live. In this austere environments there's no oxygen and other conditions are brutal. So brutal that nearing the 29029. Foot summit oxygen ceases to exist. It's an area called the death zone. By far the greatest risk to climbers as high altitude pulmonary edema or hate him. Reduced oxygen in the air causes some blood vessels in the lungs to dangerously constrict. When pressure causes those vessels to leak and filling the Airways with blood and making breathing difficult even impossible. But perhaps doctor Frears greatest meant diver episode. Happen when she crossed paths with Joseph and Liz Hughes. Add that mountaineers the couple met while climbing a mountain in South America though they deny it was love at first eight. A it was friendship to his execution spirit and your doing something that's very dangerous and watch out for each other. Both were experienced climbers they felt like they were destined to be together that would also seem they would never hear little footsteps behind them. She didn't even think you each pregnant wasn't supposed to be. In the cards for me but conquering Mount Everest was and a couple vowed to do it as a team it can be. The most incredible experience but it it's also a Keller people dying there yes. Were you fully aware of the risks did it makes you give it a second thought at all of course there is always you know. Doubts in some fear but I was up for the challenge and I was Freddie is doing so you gained the risks and figured that. This is where is at risk it's where it's worth the risk. After six months of intensive training they set off in the spring of 2000 for. Their plans quickly went awry. One was first Mena them. They came to meet me because they were concerned because Liz kept. Getting dizzy and pass it now when she's seeing Chris you examine intern talked to her right lonely and we better just make sure. But you can pregnant. Pregnancy can constitute you'll miss daisy Eagan who seem she's diagnosed with pregnant. On the mountain K you had no idea idea and it sucks because they've even think about it but the yeah. Now. The news thrilling the timing Lou not so much. About to be a mother Liz knew this climb of a lifetime was over. She tough questions should descend immediately picked it. We both credible and it's but. Joseph was so overjoyed he proposed. On the spot. Since you won't get home and shoots like no I can't let this. Stop girlish dream. As a list headed home to the Stacey Joseph pushed on. Stealing 21000. Feet to the side of Mount Everest 8000 more to go before he can claim victory. Along the way you've been making recordings for students back home. Who were following his Evers to ensure. It's just producing and shipping fish camp it's still hold true. We wish you can your muscles start to get things. Now suddenly feeling we need. He made what would be his last disc package. Brady Deaton. Has pushed so hard. Political action. Commission warned more loans usually. All of a sudden I'm feeling. The K can't breathe feeling tired of silicon working hard put in my mind. And climbing Mount Everest you're supposed to feel like this. A film crew on the mountain turns his lens on Joseph who could no longer walk without help. Tantalizingly close to the summit his lifelong dream slips away as an emergency call goes out. American climber Jim Hughes has to be held and often carry down over 5000 vertical feet. Passing through the treacherous Kunduz ice fall. We got reports from other climbers who passed him on the ice fonds boy this guy doesn't look very good. Fearing the worst in the wind sends sure those with a stretcher to help bring Joseph down the mountain. And blood is beginning to flood Joe's mom was his life is slipping away. Instead of being wheeled into a hospital he's being carried in two with ten bucks here. It will require the daring improvisational. Medicine and dumped her freer and a big dose of good fortune ring general to make it home alive.

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{"id":49833753,"title":"Doctor specializes in improvised medicine on the face of Mount Everest: Part 2","duration":"7:02","description":"Dr. Luanne Freer launched her clinic, which sits nearly 18,000 feet high on the side of the mountain, 14 years ago.","url":"/2020/video/doctor-specializes-improvised-medicine-face-mount-everest-part-49833753","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}