Dunwoody Day Care Murder

Part 1: Why would anyone kill Rusty Sneiderman?
3:00 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Dunwoody Day Care Murder
Guilty but mentally ill that was the verdict handed down in this courtroom just hours ago late yesterday. It was a fitting end to one of the strangest trials Atlanta and perhaps the nation has ever seen. In vocations of angels and demons you sound like pop stars a widow who seem to be on trial herself. What role did she perhaps play in her husband's murder that's a question many are asking. Tonight we connect the dots and take you on -- journey from obsession. To insanity. But we start where it all began a father and his young son. And they're innocent final goodbye. For rusty Snyder and his son yet it is routine Thursday morning breakfast. Get short drive to drop Ian off -- -- morning and play at the -- looking back at daycare center near Atlanta. But on November 18 2010. Rusty doesn't notice that he's. Being followed by a man driving a silver yeah. Two year old Ian has no way of knowing his seat -- -- father but the last time. As -- in the other children had to the playground rusty -- -- back to was cars. The gunman opens fire. Three shots another parent Chris lane who watches it unfold from his car. Just a few feet away. A fire apparently the two men more than about sixty -- saying it was pretty much point blank. And then a final bullet to rusty sentiments and an execution in cold blood. Barrels. Either act or -- -- him. There was actually assumes deep into the. Assistant district attorney -- Geary interviewed several eyewitnesses. They thought it was a move. A movie we're actually looking around the cameras. Present step in that area that is just hope. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was no -- chaos or running or yelling or anything just -- Pakistan Afghanistan and it looked like it was professional. The killer escapes -- rusty snyderman gasping for air on the pavement. Ambulances rushed. With a lot of blood everywhere we knew that you know probably vital organs there was no bowl game with a response to. But the gunman has slipped away in trucks and he was last seen driving westbound on -- personally did -- -- around. Community in shock the last thing you think about is dropping off your child's school -- and then this happened yeah. This will cause. Like Andrea. Telling her there's been an accident Andrea calls -- parents Don and Marilyn snyderman and strangely she sounded apologetic. Said rusty been shot so -- How -- -- -- -- -- she was very excited her voice was up a high pitch. -- -- the words cannot real fast. She's -- -- not just. Really excited. The police dismissed Andrea as a suspect. We're days later they still have no idea her children -- while his brother Steve reaches out to community offering a reward for information. Here today speak from my brother whom -- -- anymore. -- Has lost. Its brightest light. And we don't know why. Who would've wanted to kill this outgoing young father did rusty had enemies a secret life. Maybe there's a clue hidden in his past the rusty sentiment grew up in Cleveland Ohio and graduated from Indiana University with his lifelong friend Josh Garland. Rusty always had a lot of friends it's -- Vick was rusty personality you know rusty would leave indelible mark people. You know a lot of people considered rusty -- had their best friend and part of that is trust each person. You know he's he just he had a priest always would he bring new and Josh was. With rusty when he met his future wife Andrea Greenberg and he had just met this really great girl that's really -- -- Just remember how exciting after meeting here we surprised when he proposed marriage. No need to -- in recent years the very good team. She presents very warm. And gives you -- huge embrace. And seemed very sincere -- so. Yet I had a good feeling about that in. Rusty saved his best man Josh. -- -- After rusty earned an NBA at Harvard the couple moved to the Atlanta suburbs to start a family. And how much did rusty love being -- We've seen him happier. In Baghdad and he was a big kid at heart himself and he just at -- we're just. Is so unnatural he just naturally have the scale take connect with -- and and he would say and the slower and played with -- you know and I never has that natural ability by Hugh Remington. At 36 years old rusty had a lot to be proud he created a comfortable life for his family is a successful wealth manager and consultant. To their neighbors rusty and Andrea -- to be -- happy couple. They are very very friendly when he says fit into the neighborhood this really easy to talk to -- just. You know nice people there -- happy we want to be your neighbor to -- them. Rusty was thrilled when Andrea took a job at General Electric it gave him time to develop a new business. And spend more time with his son Ian and five year old daughter Sophia. They -- their money during the day I don't think they they argued over the fact that she was working Childress wanted to have something to leave when she worked for Harvard she enjoyed working. In her new position at GE Andrea worked closely with her new boss -- Newman. -- highly paid engineer who supervised 5000 employees. The attorney -- panic has followed the case closely and he was the smartest man in the -- he had an air about -- arrogance. He knew best it was all about having. -- snyderman -- his high and by November 2010 she was spending more and more days on the road with her boss. After business trips took them from Lake Tahoe today Edinburgh Castle in Scotland -- developed a deep infatuation. With Andrea. -- could have been obsessed with Andrea. That doesn't mean -- -- educated the feelings she completely denies but in Greenville, South Carolina. Bartender Christine Oliveira thought they were more than co workers. To me they looked like a couple of -- newlywed -- like you know on a date and enjoying themselves he grabbed her rear and pressing -- to him and she expected. And you know towards the end she kissed him so that made him really happy. And they left kissing each other and embrace. Back home rusty had no idea how intimate their secret relationship had become. Or that there was a bizarre connection between the affair and an event that happened just days before he was murdered. Rusty noticed a suspicious man lurking in his backyard he called 911. Running I think you have -- gun in his back pocket. You know he's running away. In the middle of the call rusty -- to -- his son. I know but I think -- -- water bottle sorry. However is that I don't want my motto is wearing a hat -- gloves black mustache. Rusty was unaware that this strangely dressed man was determined killer with a detailed plan to take his life. It's only a matter of time in eight days later -- -- Dunwoody -- he would be successful. Mr. Snyder was dead.

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{"id":15942068,"title":"Dunwoody Day Care Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Why would anyone kill Rusty Sneiderman?","url":"/2020/video/dunwoody-day-care-murder-15942068","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}