Super Humans: Wonder Girl Jackie Evancho

The little lady whose big voice has taken her from Youtube to stardom.
3:00 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Super Humans: Wonder Girl Jackie Evancho
He's a bonafide superstar with the top selling album legions of fawning fans. And a stunning sound that has astonished listeners wondering how does a booming voice like this. Girl. You open your mouth and stick to singing you sound like a professional I'm. I think our way he Ian. Does it surprise you to think that you're considered superhuman he does surprise me because whenever I listen to myself sing all I hear. Is an eleven year old girl. Just three years ago Jacqui is also was an anonymous schools world living with her family of six just outside Pittsburgh. When you start to notice that you were sounding like an opera singer and essence. Well everything they just Indy is older and I want to see the navy in the opera. And we love Dixon and. Yeah and singing the movie songs in the nearer. But heard no one notice Jackie had a special can't. Soon. Choose to my wife and I thought it's now eight year old sound huge thought all eight year old girl sounded like now if we did know that at. Do you. You do it wasn't. Until Jackie's mother entered heard a local talent competition that Jackie star really began to shine. And handed them announced the first runner up to a twenty year old opera singer Pandit. That was kind of be signed it showed my hand me that I had its next. It was and until that talent competition that everybody realize he had something special. Encourage Jackie auditioned twice this show America's Got Talent. Amazingly she didn't make the cut then the family heard about a UT. Sponsored by a shadow. It ended up that I became PE winner. And the weaning prize is a spot on the show. Okay. One of the most extraordinary performance is up and this scene. We use this contentious reaction in the standing ovation I listen parents and that's where I could. Hey Kim. People put so astonished by Jackie's performance that many literally couldn't believe it was real. It typically takes decades for even the most talented singer to develop the skills and training to become an opera star. Subsequent night one of the judges asked her to spontaneously. Sang a liner to it to crash roof. Right to the audience that she wasn't lip syncing. Every now and again that the lip sync thing pop. This under no. It's more of a compliment now. Because appears being accused of lip syncing you must be good she really is phenomenally unique. Talents. Doctor Clark Rosen is director of the boy center and University of Pittsburgh hospital. He specializes in the treatment singers and says what makes Jack he super human. Isn't her lungs. Or her vocal cords but her brain. Her vocal cords probably wouldn't look any different than any of her classmates. What it puts us all together to make this amazing voices Jackie's bring. She's been no rain for its belongings. Through the vocal cords. Fix it all together into an amazing. Doctor Rosen says Jack these brain is like other prodigy with superhuman talents like tennis player Rafael Nadal. If you look at just the doll's arm it's probably not that different than anybody else's arm when Nixon a grand time winner this is a brain's ability to put his entire physical apparatus. Together to be. A masterful tennis player. Jackie finished second on America's Got Talent but first in the hearts of many fans. Dazzled by Japanese could not only performance with her idol. Senate race in. When your onstage singing what does it feel like. Actually I can just guide that it feels like I'm consents apparently he's I. And confessed I music's. Jackie was soon sought after star on talk shows and in Arenas. You get shaky Laura and I did get shaky at times since it would need you take a couple deep brats are back. I am taking practice and with the vocal collection in the back. And the stage we do little pink Lemanowicz. What are those funny me just run around like when you waddle around like a rookie Shannon went that is. I'm. It takes up the narrowest. What do grade ninety. And it works every time season. These days Jack juggles the demands of stardom with the home life of an eleven year old girl. Do we shores and squabbling what they're simply staying home when Jack he's not working she instantly consistent. She's annoying she's nice. She you know whose lives if you. Tramp. She's just let anybody else. But in the world beyond Jackie's backyard her star shows no sign of fading. Her first full length album dream with me just hits stores. Debuted at number two on the charts right behind them and them. You're just born. Analyst on behalf. We need. Just be able to show the world. Near constant happen. Or.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The little lady whose big voice has taken her from Youtube to stardom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14140078","title":"Super Humans: Wonder Girl Jackie Evancho","url":"/2020/video/super-humans-girl-jackie-evancho-14140078"}