Going to Extremes

A look at the extraordinary measures some take to achieve their goals.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Going to Extremes
But here's a sneak peek at a very different kind of going to extremes it's next week's 20/20. Just how far some people will go. These guys will tell you not nearly far enough. Players outside the box and then there's this. And this -- this. How some people are going to extremes to get the most out of their looks the stranger the surgery about. Want to look like all those celebs with the hour glass figures -- try something so old it's new again. And making of breathtaking comeback. Literally taking. Courses. It's -- this diet craze but only if you're not huge -- laced. Which means you're gonna take me in six inches. Probably not to bed sucking it up for beauty. He's -- get up for beauty and implementing -- To become a human and doll let me -- -- crazy question why not just work out back though not excited not glamorous Arafat. Meet -- times ten. She went from this to advance. To have the seventh largest breasts in the whole world how it's your -- way. 21 -- heat to get. But it's not for vanity pizza shop what do the world's biggest bottles about 250 -- What do women want. The -- and probably a pretty darn good size for most people and some people will do anything to get the inside story. Remember Samantha on sex in this city. Meet the newest naked sushi model. Is there anything that's terrorists -- up next Friday on 20/20 we are going to extremes.

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{"id":17411173,"title":"Going to Extremes","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at the extraordinary measures some take to achieve their goals.","url":"/2020/video/extreme-goals-extraordinary-measures-achieve-2020-17411173","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}