Extreme Plastic Surgery

A "human Ken doll" who's had 90 procedures, and a Barbie wannabe whose breasts are her business.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Transcript for Extreme Plastic Surgery
Over the years we've done a lot of plastic surgery stories, but nothing close to what the two people you're about to meet have had done to themselves. Did they do it to look better or just to make other people look at them? Here's sharyn alfonsi. Reporter: No matter how strange the desire, from supersizing your breasts to become a human ken dog, is getting more extreme. With those chiseled cheekbones and sculpted biceps, justin jedlica is a self-proclaimed addict. I love to really metamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery, the better. Really? Yeah, bucking the norm's so much fun. Reporter: Over the past decade, he's had dozens of surgeries. I've had cranial brow bone, cheek augmentation. Pec implants. Bicep implants. Reporter: The grand total? 90. 90 procedures. Correct. And when will you stop? Never. Why would I stop? Reporter: Those 90 procedures have transformed justin into a living sculpture of silicone. Nearly every inch of his upper body bulges with implants. I started with my glutes. What did you want done? Perky, high, tight. Reporter:SESSIONS LAT He has a ledge to rival kim kardashian's. But it didn't end there. Then after I did the chest, people used to come up to me and say, "do you just work out your chest, because it's so amazing, but you have no arms." So I ended up going and, uh, was looking for a doctor then who would do bicep-tricep implants. Let me throw out a crazy question. Why not just work out to get biceps and triceps? That is so not exciting, not glamorous or fabulous. Reporter: As a child, he was an overachiever. A straight "a" student with a secret loathing. My nose was alwaybig source of tension in my head. For me it was something that was astronomically huge. Reporter: It took him five nose jobs to achieve something close to his ideal. Close. It's still not 100%. From three-quarters this way -- this side could be tacked in here, the cartilage could be tacked in like a tish, and this could be rotated up about a millimeter and a half. Okay, that sounds crazy. It's being very particular. What do you see when you look in the mirror? I still think I'm a very handsome guy. I always have, after my first nose job. The first nose job was a need. And everything after that has been a want. I love what I've become. Reporter: His question caught the this photographer's attention. Working on a book about a new kind of beauty. A lot of choices they're making have nothing to do with trying to look like archetypes of beauty we've seen before. Reporter: But defining his own standard of beauty has cost justin almost $100,000. Is his obsession a psychological disorder? I think I i have a very clear picture of how I look when i look in the mirror. For dr. Drew orton of beverly hills, he disagrees. My assessment in a word, disturbing. Wow. He is jeopardizing his health, his well-being with all of these procedures. Reporter: But the doctor admits plastic surgery is heading down a new and radical path. It's a pretty darn good size for most people. Though most are sizing up 20% larger than in the past, some are going even bigger. A melon, this is awful, awful big. Again, not my taste but if you have a bigger woman, then, you know, this size of breast might fit the rest of her figure. Reporter: Lacey wildd is all that and more. She has the seventh largest breasts in the world. There's a million blond girls with big boobs in this world. But there's not a million girls with humongous big boobs in this world. Just so happens that I am one of those. How much do your breasts weigh? 21 pounds. Each? Together. So why are you doing this? I do this to take care of my family and to make money. Do you think you look beautiful? I think I look like a regular girl, but just to the extreme. A regular girl with l-sized cups. I know. You don't see me on every corner. Reporter: At home in hollywood, florida, she tries to hide her assets so she looks like the mom next door. Extra large pants. Extra large jacket is required for this operation. Normal mom in 100-degree weather. On the way to picking up her kids from school she talks about how she makes her living. I do public appearances. I have a website i6 to go to every day. I just got asked to do -- go to the grand opening of the day care because they want the dads to get involved. Oh, my god. No matter the reward, those volleyball-size breasts do restrict her life. I can't run and jog. They've indepthed mire ribs. And sleeping under the weight of two bowling balls takes weird choreography. After a little while I can't take it. I feel like I'm being suffocated so then I'll turn. It's no surprise she has to custom make her bras but her breasts are so heavy that her doctor surgically implanted a pigskin corset into her chest to support them. You can feel it. It goes all the way down. It wasn't always this way. Before she was lacey, she was paula, just a poor girl from west virginia that's the house I grew up in. I slept on the floor. Irdon't think I'll ever be that poor again. She married at 16, was divorced with two kids by 21. Lacey was scraping by on her salary as a waitress when suddenly she had an inspiration. I knew that the girls that were waitressing were making the most money that had the bigger boobs. 12 breast surgeries later she was born and that they earn her thousands. What do the world's biggest boob models make. You can make about 250,000 a year. But for her children the cost of living with a mom that looks like this are high. On this day her public appearance at a weekend event draws a mob. And that brunette next to her is her daughter tori. It's crazy. It's annoying. I feel like we should have a normal time walking down the street. I wish she could take them off when we go places. Amazingly she prepares to go bigger. Her last implants were so large she tore a pectoral muscle and started hemorrhaging. Now no doctor is willing to do her next operation. I went this knowing tha there were going to be very big risks involved and I'm ready to take that chance. But tori is upset about that gamble. You know, when people like say I'm going to kill myself. Do it, do it us ba they don't care about you. They just want you to do something crazy. So you're going to do it? I haven't done it yet so -- that wasn't what I asked. How are you making more money if it's an m versus an l? I'll be the number one breast star in the world. Then people will start booking her kind of like when you go see like the two-headed man, you know, it's not like they're booking her because, oh, wow -- thank you, dear. I just love you. You know like people -- that's what people say. I'm not going to do this forever. There is a day I settle down in my little house in the country or whatever and I take my implants out and I look like i used to. Just with gray hair. Hard to say what really drives the obsession lacey and justin have with their bodies. The way this world works, sex sells. The world's actually made lacey wild, not me. But at the end of the day i couldn't help but wonder does blastic make perfect? There is no perfect. I don't think that there is any real end point. You have to wonder if all this surgery is about making us look better or just about making other people look twice.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A \"human Ken doll\" who's had 90 procedures, and a Barbie wannabe whose breasts are her business.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17469091","title":"Extreme Plastic Surgery","url":"/2020/video/extreme-plastic-surgery-17469091"}