How family separated during Hurricane Irma rode out storm

Nick and Kelly Edwards split up so Kelly could get their two children to safety while Nick stayed behind to take care of Kelly's mother.
4:16 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for How family separated during Hurricane Irma rode out storm
Back now on this special West Coast edition of 20/20 you're looking at a live shot at the Tampa airport where nothing is happening. That airport along with so many others of course closed. As hurricane hermit bears down on the state of Florida 101000 flights have been canceled. We already have received word that many of those major airports will remain closed tomorrow as hurricane her mad barrels through the state. Throughout the night so many families have been displaced in separated by this hurricane we've been tracking one couple who faced that experience. Nick and Kelly Edwards are from Kendall Florida. And I think my name's nick Nick Edwards I your reasoning from England's. Live in the beautiful Miami Florida married to my wife Kennedy and that she be used for you go through Kennedy in evidence. My name is Kelly Everett I am and fancy New Jersey actually on Monday I my husband and Liz. Very adamant about the fact that one needs to leave Miami and get to those we've heard him. If they experience home Patterson. The reason I'm saying it's not took off in my house contested by the house it's your car mob. Sorry I have decided to send Mike or say the youngest they hits take care of this is my neighborhood. Much street. Because whoever beautiful it's like Hussein and you just you can't even imagine isn't arguing coming bunkers assurances roughton school. We're watching news and industry can take your eyes operate it praying for everybody Florida. Time in this making me and my husband and I wish that we were all together. I and yet it's working. Suited right outside. CN. That's because this does have a hurricane is coming six's crew very. It's hard Iran and wins coming on way. Yeah three U more than see the parlance. That's the problems don't know when it's it's. Seven forward period power is patient. U. Soon and. It's 2 o'clock in the morning. I'm feeling very helpless. And very disconnected. Eats his Sunday morning in Huron water and comes through her torch on its. There's no life. Whoa wind is really did not know. Thought I don't know and I haven't heard anything in the next 10 am I didn't and it isn't gonna the influence me. Are there and pants. It's hard darn good power lines and trees and power lines down some car news make it through blocked. It's completely blocked. And I got some so how do you see any here OK there's still owns garden. We did it. They did that indeed there so many families experiencing those exact same. Emotions and moments of terror. And amidst all the chaos there are also moments of grace our station WP LG reports that three day. He's had been born at Hialeah hospital. But there was one woman in labor in Miami who couldn't get to the hospital and the EMTs. Couldn't get to her because of the hurricane. Doctors and emergency workers talked her through it on the phone. Talk church through delivering her own baby I herself. The city of Miami tweeting that the new mom had a baby girl you do have to wonder. If the name term outlook figure in an anyway.

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{"id":49760593,"title":"How family separated during Hurricane Irma rode out storm","duration":"4:16","description":"Nick and Kelly Edwards split up so Kelly could get their two children to safety while Nick stayed behind to take care of Kelly's mother. ","url":"/2020/video/families-separated-displaced-result-hurricane-irma-49760593","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}