A Family Continues Their Quest for Answers

Part 6: Shirley Seitz' family hopes law enforcement can finally determine what happened to her.
4:53 | 09/07/13

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Transcript for A Family Continues Their Quest for Answers
Reporter: Shirley seitz is at peace. She's home now in the family plot in blount county, alabama. But her family cannot rest. Are you feeling a little frustrated about the fact that dr. Mike is still free? Yes, absolutely. He's living his life. He's going on with his life. He's moved on, like nothing's ever happened. I believe, and I'll go to my grave believing, that some time between midnight and 7:00, he went in that bedroom and took her life. Reporter: We tried to make an appointment to see dr. Wohlschlaeger, to ask him about his terrible luck, about how and why two of his wives had died early, sudden deaths. And two others suspect he tried to poison them, but the doctor wouldn't see us. Turned down our request for an interview. So, we went to see him. We found him living in pensacola, florida. And not alone. Dr. Mike -- whatever you are doing -- Reporter: The woman with him, and threatening to sue, as i back pedal, used to be known as li luanne elkins. She'd known dr. Mike back when shirley was still alive. The question is, just how well? I do believe that he was having an affair on mother. The woman that he is now married to, I believe, is the woman that he was seeing prior to mother's death. Reporter: Married to? That's right. Luanne now goes by the name maggie. Maggie wohlschlaeger. She is wife number six! Are you currently in a relationship with anybody else now or -- I go out with people just to be with them. Reporter: Her name had come up in dr. Mike's interview three months after shirley's death, when police asked about his love life. I've been to the movies with luanne, and I've actually babysat at luanne's two sons. Not really dating, dating. I mean, I see -- none of them are dates, per se. No, no. Reporter: Dr. Mike denied to police that he cheated on shirley. But sharon says she believes it could be another motive for wanting shirley out of the way. There's too many red flags with what I have discovered in reference to her. Reporter: We found dr. Mike in a fast food parking lot. Wife number six was not happy to see us. But we did get to ask that critical question. You have to know, did you murder shirley? Did you murder shirley? No, I did not. Reporter: Let me ask you, myrtle, as a mom, what are you looking for her? I guess justice. I don't want to accuse somebody of something they didn't do, but if he did do something to my daughter, well, he'd have to pay for it. When shirley married this man, she had half a million dollars in liquid as cemesets and a home and 15 acres of land. Reporter: What happened to your sister when the money ran out? She died. Reporter: Wohlschlaeger says he is living on food stamps and can't afford a lawyer, although he may need one again. The thomas family, at long last, got some good news. They say the alabama attorney general has reopened the case. The family hoping this painful game of 20 questions is nearly over. I am desperate for someone to answer those questions and give me an answer. Reporter: The thomases believe this case should not linger. Not just for shirley's sake, but out of a new concern. A concern for mike's new wife. In fact, ricky says he's called to warn her. I didn't feel like I could rest without at least telling her, and she got very defensive. I said, hey, okay, I'm just calling you to warn you because I wish somebody had warned my sister. We had a good trip. Good trip. Reporter: The family says mike may have replaced shirley, but they cannot. Any time he needs to remember, little brother ricky drives up to that quiet spot in high rock and listens for the sound he's been missing. His big sister's voice. ♪ Amazing grace ♪ ♪ how sweet ♪ I got a cd of her. Sometimes I just sit there, listen to her sing "amazing grace." ♪ Will lead me home ♪ it's still hard. It's been three years, but it's still hard. And that is our program for tonight. Thank you for watching.

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{"id":20186251,"title":"A Family Continues Their Quest for Answers","duration":"4:53","description":"Part 6: Shirley Seitz' family hopes law enforcement can finally determine what happened to her.","url":"/2020/video/family-continues-quest-answers-20186251","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}