The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: Blades of Glory

Part 1: London 2012 was the culmination of the inspiring rise of a disabled yet talented athlete.
8:07 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: Blades of Glory
It's the new cover of time magazine out just tonight man Superman gunman. Three very distinct faces of Oscar the story -- who just this week held a private memorial service for the growth when he shot and killed. -- -- -- -- But as with everything else in this unfolding story even that was controversial with -- accusations information about the service was leaked. To gain sympathy. Sympathy and outrage both from a country divided down the -- over its golden sun. About the only thing people can agree on is that a beautiful and brilliant woman is dead. So all eyes are on what is gearing up to become the next trial of the century with some finding parallels to the OJ Simpson trial. Our -- robot just got back from Pretoria South Africa with all the new. Plus this story is -- used to being the center of the world's attention breaking barriers as the double. Breaking in goal of another kind as the star of several local ad campaign. Making headlines as one of the sexiest man alive. With a string of stunning girlfriends to. You like being Oscar historian target of this that a -- -- But this month in his native South Africa and we've seen it. Different historians. Getting a much different kind of attention and it finished at six he's aged years his eyes -- doctors treating -- Customer stories story it's almost like we're talking about two different. Because it's it's just it's -- -- he stands accused of premeditated murder in the Valentine's Day killing of his most recent month. The breathtaking -- model -- -- -- camp. We're turnout exploding case from South Africa this evening stunning fall from grace for -- historians. This story is admits he killed -- in his home but claims it was all an accident. That he mistook her for a burglar suspect is I think that's making this was a pretty -- -- -- -- get -- and and -- the case is still in its infancy one thing is already certain. Yet another hero exulted by the culture of sports celebrity has fallen to earth leaving us to wonder who really was the man beyond the -- And inspirational. Athletes and -- point you don't think you can do a cold blooded killer this has highlights it's -- violence in South Africa for boat. Ever seen a murder case quite like this -- The world's watching. But to understand the -- -- fell in love with what you have to understand his back story. -- Going to community he was missing defeat below -- in his lower legs. I think our pastors and as Massachusetts -- -- canoes because -- could. They brought their eleven month old baby to surgeon. The decision didn't keep was moved from one day -- and you didn't. His father's that it broke his heart -- you gotta think about it you can cut the -- Clinton investment. But Oscar's mother worked hard to make sure he never felt any different. You've got acidic lakes that's very lost your brother sort of punishes. You for your big sulfide. I think it was his mother who raised him and was the one who. Endowed him with -- confidence. And just as the young boy was learning to stand on new legs the country was too. In 1994 Mandela became South Africa's first black president. And as the country took its first steps into a new era. Historians became the first disabled boy admitted to this exclusive -- in Pretoria and is headmaster remembers what were your impressions -- -- -- interest -- an interview was profitable even -- that says there was a lot of talk a lot of -- -- Mexico and soon was wasn't anybody integrated the school. There were problems in the beginning. Oscar talks about being teased her Haiti's. When he first got there that's commendable is still has -- and then put a fire. I guess in the dorm and he felt like. Perhaps he was being paid to such as part of sporting his intellect -- -- -- -- -- In the end Oscars. Florist and -- objective of -- -- he did everything that any. Normal little school -- would do that -- such a small. But when Oscar was only fifteen his mother died of an allergic reaction to Madison. Boy was devastated. He took refuge in sports news playing rugby for three years -- an injury sidelined him and then his old doctor Hamid -- painful suggestion. DOC to look into your good friend and why you. Get injured right -- They had braces -- his -- he had terrible -- he was. Very shy but boy could he run he won his very first -- competing against men with two good -- One of the parent and Higgins took him out there -- running late to vote. That's helpful if you own needs he -- the money ran a hundred meters and -- -- breaking the world record. Eight months after he started running. -- -- the Athens paralympics breaking the world record. It was very overwhelming and it happened -- we need guns and country motion. If he's just amazing to -- -- room. And I mean I just this -- -- school bus and a -- still only seventeen years old. Suddenly thrust into the international spotlight how to thinks change for him at school. Listen to notice -- news. It's been ordered by the world and other movies -- magazines and -- -- is is taking place there because Michigan candidates. Around this teenage Riegle was a brainy girl growing up in Port Elizabeth. Riding horses and speaking a -- school. But already so beautiful she was getting calls to model still compared to Oscar her life was quite. Tuesday only intensified when he started competing internationally against runners with two -- the father he was. McIntyre boarded athletes -- was. With Britain and securely route to an important part of export coincidentally just then there's been a breakthrough in the technology of athletic prosthetics. The carbon blaze known -- she does that made it possible for. Amputee to run more like -- able bodied person than ever before. His new nickname the playground this. But with his fame -- an unexpected controversy. International track officials banned the story is that in fact they're worried he may be too fast historian sees -- -- should be considered him. Police did the prosthetic legs give the story as an extra spring in his step and it was the south African wearing when she does not cheater. I think that there -- worried about. Plus an executing him months. Finally after a long fight he wins the right to try out for the regular Olympics. To. Will be able to compete. Against what he called it able bodied athletes. Was huge for him because that's. -- -- -- As his game grows the story is transforms from sports star to cultural icon. He even goes on the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars his message is an inspiration to millions redefining our perceptions of the disabled. Of the relationship between technology and the body. And of the limits of human achievement. Time magazine named him one of the most 100 influential people in the world to -- is sunny tomorrow abstinence and wanted him to go through it. Off the track this story is commits himself to numerous south African charities aiding the poor and disabled. And after years of training his goal was finally realized as he became the first disabled athlete to compete in the Olympics. Wade Nelson Mandela from it was -- it as the font a foundation. Austin the story as was the -- the one. -- -- That was the public Oscar the -- Vivus fell in love with what was the private. -- altogether.

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{"id":18634406,"title":"The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: Blades of Glory","duration":"8:07","description":"Part 1: London 2012 was the culmination of the inspiring rise of a disabled yet talented athlete.","url":"/2020/video/fast-times-oscar-pistorius-blades-glory-18634406","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}