The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: The Need for Speed

Part 2: His best friend and others say Pistorius liked fast cars, tigers, beautiful women and guns.
3:00 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: The Need for Speed
The fast times of Oscar -- this story -- continues. Once again. -- -- Maybe it was the million dollar smile. -- -- in the way people think. Or maybe it was just the way we perceive the disabled. For whatever reason it seemed the cost of the story could do no wrong thing. -- it's such a compelling heart warming story about young man. Putting those carbon fiber blades on there are millions of people with disabilities around the world news tonight I'm gonna cheer for him. We don't know Oscar historian except for that brief time that he is on the track in front of us. In reality of course the stories had appetites attitudes and a taste for action. It was into the fall slot costs is about himself has become a parent I wrote -- us there was more than a little crazy. Mainly because of the -- he -- Michael's uncle -- a sports writer for the New York Times visited Oscar the story -- since South Africa in 2011. And found that for the young stars the need for speed extended beyond the running track. You know when I was. There and we were driving while we were driving 150. Miles an hour I was appointed it was raining we were on. You know from State's turnpike and he's weaving in between cars and tailgating them. And -- really. Insane driving his shot of the sport but I feared it would hurt himself. In fact the story didn't wipe out on mr. -- And and one of those artificial legs came off it was hanging on a fence post and he just joked he said well I guess that was one time when I was an advantage. Not to have your own leg. That's little incident may have been funny this one was not. In 2009 the story is came within inches of his life. After a speedboat accident when he hit a submerged -- on a river in South Africa do treated at this hospital after suffering since. -- is he smashed his eye socket jot notes and two ribs and needed to be airlifted to a Hospital for Special Surgery. I remember talking to him off to woods and he said it it -- and take stock of his life and realize what I can't behave in that way -- -- the world is. -- -- -- -- -- Oscar trying to slow down but the flirting with beauties and -- flirting with danger never stop this story is invested in race horses he also loved -- That's Oscar with his two pet tigers. And then there was big guns and lots of -- And one of the things you -- do so well I'm. You know sort of take care of -- let's go to the shooting range I thought that was somewhat bizarre -- -- and then -- the -- today than those of more bizarre now. This story is maintained a small arsenal of weapons and it wasn't just for sport. The story -- had legitimate concerns about safety. Lot of South Africa is no post apartheid utopia. In fact the murder rate here is six and a half times higher than it is in the US. Every single house. Our fire. Whatever kind of security -- green. Oscars -- British sprinter -- -- Thomas was astonished when he visited. By really wolves which in my pocket Prueher went in France and in the my friends know -- Paula not people -- in the -- initiative -- guns in. And -- the -- emotional well it fair to say you have money in Pretoria. You have to be concerned even in your home don't continuously the criminals would become unfortunately more violent they would actually write them to you -- And and they would jump the fence and in the coming that they hold up the families at gunpoint. It seems the story is took those threats seriously -- one report described him sleeping with the gun. You know -- -- Toys -- Us carry guns for self protection. Did Oscar happened itchy trigger finger and we asked his friend Kevin little rain on. The rain is says he was at this restaurant and the story is fired a gun by accident but make plus the kind of -- -- unfortunately the continentals. The -- at this much time but each telling -- reaction. When the gun accidentally went -- Of minutes here pistons face tanks and we can -- she started shaking it can't say I'm sorry I'm sorry that's I mean it shouldn't happen it's a freak accident. But even freak accidents can -- an -- off his pedestal with the public. -- Arenas says the incident was covered up. Into the -- for him because of the status -- No one even knew this immigrant -- to the police this was honesty amongst -- -- and we -- total -- happiness. No one is misusing the protecting us gambit. Someone else to the full -- -- -- -- and. Clearly the blade runner was a hot blooded alpha male -- was also hot temper. In 2009 the story is was arrested after an alleged incident with the woman during a party at his house. No charges were filed and the story -- has -- the woman reliable. Years later after an alleged dust up over a woman at this race track police think the story is told another man he would break his legs. I was -- -- taken aback at the big Oscar headed in him to make those kinds of threats to be that. The threat that level of violence. That he has. He's -- he's moments of anger may be too many people wanting. Too much from him I could never say that these -- In -- -- premonition so great to documents -- two Oscar's personality that. Whatever human shortcomings the story has may have had as double amputee Oscar -- this story -- six this -- the -- we wanted to preserve. London 2012. Oscar the story is sprints into Olympic immortality. As the first double amputee to compete in the games the. It was remarkable and it was something that I never thought I would see this spectacular. It was history but fast forward. Three weeks later. The paralympics held in the same stadium. -- -- After a surprising upset the stories -- good sportsmanship goes home the window. And when confronted with defeat -- links some of the same month that have been hurled at him. Claiming his competitors blades provided an unfair advantage. -- are racing experience. -- said it was unfair and he was petulant about it. And the shocked if he apologized he said he regretted it. And everybody looks back now was this something that changed him or was this evidence that he had already changed. Then just this fall Oscar tells his friends things do change. For the better when a stunning -- from Port Elizabeth rivas steam camp enters the stage. They started dating in November. And what was their relationship. In a Tom Lutz union ticket that was a great finished in the once I think the relationship -- -- -- and she was happy so this is fisons. -- dean camp was living with -- Myers and genus family when she died. Read his bedroom is just the way she -- -- -- for calls a young woman who put law school on hold to take advantage of an exploding modeling career. She wasn't just a pretty face she was not -- defense. -- -- She had a good -- the -- -- she had. Passion and expansions like it's coming really wants something we've got it isn't -- detainment. -- detainment. Now the center of Oscars personal life was building up public life of her own -- names read that -- consistent are on -- the kind of Shenzhou five which is going into reality TV show. And using her name -- a force for social good. Since something about a hot which just happens. Just -- to help people -- T -- PH the read his cause of all things and violence against women she wanted to be hurt and what was her. She won't let her biggest things that -- Saint Louis acts. Not a meaningful what -- it came to abuse and one in an abuse but one of the things that -- business clients must speak. Friends have testified that Oscar was deeply committed to the relationship. If anything they say Oscars heart was racing faster than Revis and the. -- couple's first Valentine's Day together was going to be special flowers dinner and romantic plans. -- -- camps last week what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow. Big expectations that ignited the house so how did -- from -- love nest to a crime scene. When we come back. And as the story continues to unfold here tonight we want to know what you think do you believe Oscar the story is a statement that he shot his girlfriend. Because he feared she was an intruder. Join our conversation on Twitter news the has -- ABC 20/20.

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{"id":18634449,"title":"The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius: The Need for Speed","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: His best friend and others say Pistorius liked fast cars, tigers, beautiful women and guns.","url":"/2020/video/fast-times-oscar-pistorius-speed-18634449","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}