The Fight to Free Hannah Overton

Part 4: Experts say Andrew Burd's death was accidental.
3:00 | 09/08/12

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Transcript for The Fight to Free Hannah Overton
It's been four years since we last saw Hannah Overton at this Texas prison. Only returned again last month to find the mother of five steadfast in her face and confident her conviction will be overturned. How are you holding up behind bars. Untamed and I know that there will come in daily management has proven and then. How much like him he can. Are there are some days that are worse than others -- question what's the toughest part pulling my kids. Those kids have now spent five years without their mother. The baby girl born just prior to -- trial. Is now walking and talking. Your mom yesterday asked me if you feel thank. Are you -- Assigned its suite five year old -- her mother's director. And -- has been -- visits the prison every week and brings the children once the moment. They ask him life in -- conference for scary game of confidence and it's very -- not -- How long helping. What are the milestones that you lists. Police teens. Percent in the hearings. -- came -- and my son's going -- hikes going around. I've missed him so many things. You'll hear from me over to children all grown up in just a bit but first -- controversial case. You've had five years to think about what went wrong with your trial what do you think what Ron. I think the biggest thing Atlanta and -- that when a child die if everybody wants somebody to pay and I think that. Conclusions which up to -- This past great. -- was granted a new hearing in front of the same judge in that same courtroom where she was found guilty years before and at the center of the appealed those two doctors who spoke to 22 when he and believed that -- is innocent. Doctor Edgar Cortez once again insisted that he had pointed. Out his concerns about Andrews -- to the prosecutor. I felt that the prosecution had its own theory. About what happened. I'm the one that felt that he had other kinds of neurological problems. Cortes says his suspicions are backed by this report you've never seen before in court until this year. And a valuation of Andrew bird by child development specialists back in 2005. Before he went to live with -- The reports to me were very significant because this child had not only expresses delays he had resent it delays. Place head and yes I can't. Danger that's -- hard foul play. Yes. Doctor Michael grids assault poisoning expert told the court when he told 20/20 the most likely scenario was an Andrew ingested -- -- all -- his -- And once he did. Ridge says there was little anyone could do to save him. Do you have an opinion whether or not there was. CNN world. Did it cost me. Do you think -- Over to -- her child was dying. No I don't believe she did I think most people would never suspect salt poisoning since it's something very few pediatricians -- emergency room the country have ever encountered. In fact it took more than an hour winds and -- arrived at a hospital for doctors to determine he had solved police -- Before they figured it out medical staff actually added fluids containing sodium in an effort to revive him. Coleman. Any. Put it -- -- -- -- opinion as to whether it is more likely than not. Still. Taking music CD. Today's medical technology. And the best medical care and other major medical centers and even when it. -- -- Lawrence -- testimony hit at the heart at the prosecution's star witness he testified that Andrew could have been saved if you got to the hospital earlier. If Marisa told the jury his opinion -- they still believe Hannah knew Andrew was dying and could have saved him. And there's more. It's the trial prosecutor Sandra Eastwood was fired on related to -- case Eastwood was accused of leaking an internal documents. But the allegations in Canada's -- were far more serious defense attorneys say he would stack the deck against them. Hiding evidence that would've helped -- case. Now it was the former prosecutor taking the witness stands. Defending her actions. The once confident attorney seemed nervous having difficulty recalling some of -- -- tales from the trial I cannot remember I do not. Number I don't call and -- I I don't. Remember. But -- his attorneys didn't fight eastwood's I don't call defense. Instead they offer a theory for her foggy memory and confront her about a meeting with one of -- attorneys last year you were. All of this doesn't matter that you would like to make -- Maintenance. -- now. Do you recall that unit advises. -- -- over and -- out. You were abusing prisoners here and I are okay -- I can't move you're an. -- courtroom. Eastwood is later given the chance to clarify. I sense that I was taking prescription. Diet pills. And I never -- I. Used to -- and I also stated that in the evening I would drink wine. And because -- stress. I yet I believe that I am. An alcoholic and nice for a meeting is January. Fast 2011. You feel. Your views -- Your ability. But then a surprising weakness former district attorney and a -- Eastwood's -- council during -- trial who helped build and win the case. And -- later fired Eastwood for allegedly leaking that documents and says eastwood's behavior during -- trial. -- serious concerns. Now remember doctor Cortez told 20/20 four years ago that he wished he'd been called to testify. But needed the state nor the defense ever put him on the stands. It bothers me that the jury did not have the benefit of my testimony -- angry. I'm -- you know. Well it turns out he had good reason to be upset. The real story according to Jimenez is that Eastwood cats and doctor -- from testifying on purpose so that she could win the case. Did you have occasion after a question with regard to doctor -- pastor has used him armed and closer she told. I want to call him the final -- Because she -- cancer that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- and thought -- personal feelings and relationship Clinton is so pretty good. And you come to an opinion. Sandra each -- as truthful as best. What does that mean. Eastwood declined a request for another interview through her attorney. And has filed a motion for sanctions against -- attorneys for what she says are false allegations of false testimony. Meanwhile the state bar in the state attorney general declined to pursue any disciplinary actions against Eastwood. After their investigations. But what does -- have to say to the woman who helped put her behind bars and I understand how anybody can do things that she's done. Sleep well at night. And five other people who were given a life sentence today Hanna was convicted. What do you think. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 4: Experts say Andrew Burd's death was accidental.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17188021","title":"The Fight to Free Hannah Overton","url":"/2020/video/fight-free-hannah-overton-17188021"}