Finding Free Sperm Donors Online

Part 1: Would-be parents hit the web, then hit the road, in search of donors.
9:27 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Finding Free Sperm Donors Online
Women are looking for -- men are giving it away that means with which to have a baby that is. It's part of what we're calling the new sex -- sexual. Volunteers willing to help a woman concede. But aren't doing it out of the goodness of their hearts or their gene pools or something else. And what about the women what drives them to accept an exchange like you've never seen before. My monitor it's as at a high -- out so that ticket date to as -- Like millions of couples best and Richard -- request to have a baby. Unlike their labor of love is launching them on the cross country Odyssey. Their destination. Strange hotel room that's pretty much my whole gamut of fertility products -- If you wanted to -- it. And an intimate encounter with a perfect stranger. KG is sexy back and study on the way -- can you update us. So YE. They need to get pregnant I really felt the need. Ever since we got married almost nine years ago. There's so -- started when they discovered Richards vasectomy could not be reversed. They spent years taking in more than sixty Foster children. And ended up adopting two of the neediest but at 33 years of age and -- yearns to give birth herself. I -- around my sisters and -- and other screens and then. I just want to know what does it feel like. You know to have that baby inside of you after two years -- 141000 dollars worth of sperm banks and artificial insemination. -- and Richard just couldn't afford anymore. Big nearly lost hope. And then one day Beth turned on her computer and clicked onto a brave new world some people go on the Internet for sex life I don't. I'm in an effort when she Google -- -- aren't you really can't find everything you can't humiliate added. -- -- surprise it turns out there's an entire online universe devoted to increase our donation. I want to -- it's. Just like in the movies and you can. Shake his hand and can't -- that's -- -- plus fresh you know really don't want frozen. There are dozens of web sites like the free sperm donor registry. -- a child is a big deal and there's a lot of people out there to I don't wanna have a child with somebody I haven't cocktail. I can't meet face. Beth Gardiner founded -- sperm donor registry dot com. It offers a list of hundreds of men willing to donate -- firm to thousands of women desperate to concede. They have chat rooms and forums. Right click on something in a picture you just can't share you know you can view where they're born whether with the -- Reporter Tony -- -- that months investigating this new online world for -- Newsweek cover story. It's a weird blend of FaceBook match dot com and a traditional. Sperm bank. Where you get all this medical information about this person who might appropriately. Tony estimates thousands of people use these sites. His research took into some unexpected places where people donate sperm. A fairly common location for the exchanges. Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks. Lot of locations. An analyst at the end of the happening right -- that one bathroom they always have. He's happy with it like any -- heard it cops and civilian use is there a cop you can get him at a drugstore and -- the cup to the recipient -- handling go to the bathroom. And they don't even have to leave the bathroom to inseminated with the sperm -- start dying within minutes. Thanks to a handy device known as an instead cut. If it's on -- service so you can put the sample in the instead cop and then insert the fixture. And then you can walk around freely while -- taking its course. A few months ago -- discovered the freeze sperm donor registry ended donor named -- Sullenberger. Ally in this and myself and outside and fairly critical SI -- contacts from multiple and natural. -- was a brilliant 26 year old software engineer who does work for government agencies. He's also a member of the brotherhood who give away their sperm rather than earn thousands of dollars selling it just sperm banks. Why not go to a sperm bank contending parent why do this. Over the Internet. And for free I prefer to know the town. At all possible as someone who loves Chandra and I still want to have a child. But do you want to get married and heavier and kids I don't suspect that I would ever choose to -- -- and it wanna. I am -- and nature a bit of an inch of our. You know that there is probably out there. That is an assumption that guys like yield are. You know little. Many people do distrusts sperm donors there are some who did this for the wrong reasons but there are many -- Dennis. Drew is an extreme -- -- -- to donate thousands of dollars to charity and even donated one of his kidneys to a child. Today -- drew was traveling to a Maryland hotel room. That's how you had a baby if you expect. Best and Richard have come here all the way from Wyoming -- -- so many with a man they've never met before. I'm just curious what what do you use of -- in the movies you see -- Turkey based heavy use -- -- -- faster and Fuller. Little to try and the semen -- sister French. He lay down on the bed -- -- -- What do you say to you. And yet this demanded. And made him appreciate. -- so convinced that drew should be your donor. I have Tottenham. He -- way he believed he told me about the charities he needs to you I knew he wasn't there for the wrong reasons I just knew he was a good guy and me. Knew that I want to interpret them. Best entry into the kind of awkward first dance -- every tear she needs to know he will be good and safe as a partner. At a traditional sperm -- there's the assurance -- the -- has been frozen for six months and thoroughly tested for diseases that is not the case here. Now how do you know because you haven't had a sperm banks Granger had you know this is safe when he donated his skin and kidney to a child. He had to be screened by at a hospital -- I'm sure every possible. Disease. And he's also been screened for STDs. And he's given me that paperwork. But you're really trusting your -- -- -- -- Basically trusting that he is who he says he is now. Armed with a good gut feeling -- is ready to go to the next step OK it will go downstairs and I. -- okay Inkster. Drew retreats to the bathroom with a -- -- his imagination. Downstairs bath and Richard don't have to wait long for -- tax. -- says he's done it definitely -- -- now it's time for best to Begin her part in the process. That's Mediterranean there I think the federal weird moment when who's handing at this school. Excellent different -- You know feel embarrassed he doesn't -- path. I think my husband from her -- the new media affairs Richard I'm yeah I'm sure it is. Well thank you thank you will see is tomorrow. -- must say okay goodbye you know thank you goodbye funny how can you ever think someone for her. Eddie OK well best positions the pillars to ensure maximum effect get -- the -- that. Final delivery of this gift is entrusted to -- -- -- So -- the inseminated. And I have my -- abundant pillow underneath the fatal very you know here. Neither here is keep them up as long as possible the Syrian -- -- and we'll get it for about fifteen minutes. Thank you here. There's power plants and I felt like -- in -- for him to be there. That way -- Tuesday conception -- will be the father of the baby. And Richard is there over the next five days. -- As -- -- -- repeat the now familiar ritual of the dissemination. System. They will know in a few anxious weeks if -- pregnant we know that there are people out there watching us right now thinking we're crazy. When I used via good. Planet has only a faint. It's what's best for us when you look at these babies that -- adopted an almost struggles that they've gone through we loved. Both -- recent months and we of their manners for choosing yes that's how joyful about true at this time soon he's giving me this camp. Day. How many other people and -- freely --

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{"id":15359145,"title":"Finding Free Sperm Donors Online","duration":"9:27","description":"Part 1: Would-be parents hit the web, then hit the road, in search of donors.","url":"/2020/video/finding-free-sperm-donors-online-15359145","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}