Foster Children: Reason to Hope

Part 4: At Maryhurst treatment center, children are provided therapy.
8:21 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Foster Children: Reason to Hope
-- Please. The all the news. And welcome to a reason to hope good morning ladies -- India the -- -- residential treatment center in Kentucky. Which they take children who've endured some of the worst abuse anywhere in the state and surround them with the -- Psychiatry. Therapists workers nearby talk laugh and help yeah. Even -- 75%. Of the kids who come to them are on psychotropic drugs. When they leave nearly quarters -- -- reduced or no medication and all. We caught up with a little -- seven year old Jeremiah. His eight year old brother DJ says he thinks V. Michael Jackson's Billie Jean he never looked so good. They were taken away from their mother amid allegations of extreme neglect. No doctors rarely going to school frequently going hungry. They're -- -- had a rap sheet including a conviction for manufacturing methamphetamine. And their mother. Of fire -- and -- them. And I played to. Their therapist David Crowley asks about that fire. -- -- -- -- -- informant and they can bullying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- burns all over her. Today Jeremiah is getting dental care for the -- that still show the evidence of all that neglect. And his brother. Good mood let's tell me. Coburn. And they. -- eat broccoli EEE. For insurance -- -- -- Searches for more intuitive creative ways to deal. These demons that haunt these children as children might Jeremiah are weaned off drugs they -- armed with something formidable. Monster spray to back down the terrorists. Fact if probe -- a man -- -- If you're wondering monster spray is water mixed with food coloring. Because this is really post traumatic stress. Cut its classic hasn't yet it's expert -- -- Because there would be hard for some adults to cope with those things much -- to serve him a hero. Who -- -- turn into the. -- He's saying I can't. Who's stronger spend -- -- supplement. -- soft cheeses it's stronger and neither woman. Yeah. And there's an irony aided the therapists often -- Jeremiah off drugs. And where did you used to work. There's -- of a big pharma. And company talking with doctors about medications but had -- -- I got here because this isn't I think -- my hardest. Are you. You know how do you know what I do now agent. In another part of the treatment center another child of suffering -- now in her nineteen Foster care placement in just six years. -- says her mother was drug addicted and she was three years old when she was abandoned. Take care costs I -- my -- It prepares -- terrorist my -- my two brash and when Allen was looking I don't pick from the dollar credit leading. Sometimes Sarah -- her son he's still do it is not and the other candidate. But it's -- way when -- think when you do that. And this woman dying. Through the -- she too has been put on powerful medications. Now only on Sarah -- And with therapies getting better beginning to deal so she knows that the age of fifteen. She has little chance of being adopted. It doesn't mean she had dreams like so many other girls -- big questions. Just to be. So what is it about. He didn't seem like the type of guy who in her or be on his girlfriend. I have a lot in common with him he's making me if our -- -- -- Allen lands -- -- he would. His favorite colors purple and I love personal. Here -- -- getting -- love -- -- Amy well. And -- -- -- marry her excuse he transformations. One side effect of anti psychotic from the enormous weight gain Gabby who left Mary -- in 2009. All of the medications now. Lost nearly 100 pounds. What do you think save -- life. Being here. They shown that they cannot -- a lot. -- Fifteen year old crystal hopes that can happen to her to she's been on a dozen medications. And 27 different placements over eight years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sports activity from one. That teen can gain that they can't -- down mountain club funding Malone. My -- -- -- need filling when people make fun of me like that. He may actually thought about -- own life community dominion post the thing. -- You -- service for -- These men but this president and CEO of merry -- where the motto is we love you until you learn to love yourself. We carry the hope until you find that it's the craziest thing about being here hope. Hope for the miracle. Of -- family to love you permanently. Almost six years ago when we did our first story on Foster care tonight we are calling all angels and we hope -- a family was watching. We watched your special and I called the next day and guest spot with Laura and John -- courtesy he Foster kids and this summer. -- families that included. A little dancer named Jeremiah. They joined the effort to reduce his medications. He couldn't -- funerals. Jeremiah and siblings. Along. With them -- -- But it today and perhaps. In nineteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Being. -- -- -- liking -- because you are the whole world you know each other you can teach him. Tell her little boy armed with a lot of vitality gets ready to go to bed arm. Superheroes. And his monster spray. When he's straight month since that game. That'll take. How. 123. Or Spider-Man. And something just as magical and powerful. Good. Think -- Good night prayer. With -- forever mark. -- -- -- And if you would like to bring a little magic spray of your own to some of these incredibly brave and resilient Foster children and to places like Mary Hearst. Which could sure use some financial help. Go to our website at Slash 20/20.

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