Foster Kids and Meds: Finding Solutions

Part 2: Congress holds hearing on foster care, psychotropic drug prescriptions.
6:22 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Foster Kids and Meds: Finding Solutions
If you look at little brook to things impossible to imagine that this was approved -- -- your -- just compounds given -- mind altering psychotropic drugs. I'm serious mental disorders. Do you her reactions of anger and Foster parents have told a ticket to a -- -- health clinic where is their solution was medication. Including Sarah quo which is often used for schizophrenia. And they had their crop. Within a few weeks they decided that it wasn't working they needed to do something announce at this point she's getting worse she's not getting any matter and then. She was given more medication and more ten drug changes in just four months. Frequently the clinic increase the doses. Brooks. -- consistent long walks and language. I know how he could possibly help -- it. On the -- just -- the children that some. -- children get out of place. But her Foster mother Lisa felt she had no choice read the state would take the children away if she didn't give the medication. We were told to put our faith in the system and -- -- we did. They kept saying she needs more occasions. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- two girls who had already been dealt a hand from hell. Taken from a mother who had a long record of drug dealing and prostitution and uprooted again and again. At -- -- drug doses and wild behavior increase Lisa decides to record the Regis and this could have gone on you after years. Lisa hadn't decided to pay for a private outside doctor psychiatrist doctor Lewis -- Jonas who was stunned by. Who must include. The first thing we got to think about is -- -- -- It always has to be a high index of suspicion we're reusing these agents. -- is now being weaned off all her medication. What -- you feeling right now can't. If you live anywhere special -- -- -- -- If he had -- training. Yes we do. -- still has a lot of demons left to wrestle from the life she's lived but she's learning to heal one day at a time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the good choice -- won't let you. We do right now -- know it yet you how about being -- -- great. I can't act and he won't from friends. Lean. For all your -- wearing. When a doctor tells me that the drug is working I would ask. Who's working for is -- working for the caretaker. Is -- working for the system. It only matters to me whether it's working for the kid -- for rhino who runs when released advocacy organizations in the country for Foster kids says. Too often. First reaction to any problem with the child is a drunk. When we breathed that Foster kids are medicated up to thirteen times more than other kids is that the cost their. They are more -- popular actually are troubled. You've been hurt the way these kids are you -- I would feel the same way we would be angry we would be upset. We would act out. The answer isn't always try to change their brain chemistry. And it's known that many of these drugs have serious side effects tremors irreversible -- and weight gain leading to diabetes. Not to mention the stories that children tell us -- -- -- a kind of chemical prison. Take a look at the little boy named -- -- You can screens behind the bedroom door. Like so many other Foster children -- had a really -- His mother's neglect and poor he was left alone to take her -- sister. -- if -- after that he says he was abused beaten in this. When he arrived at the home of Scott and Carol cook they discovered. He had been given twelve different drugs in Foster care. Not only Sara -- since he was six years old but the antidepressant like a pro and -- a -- for mood stabilization. In straight. From the hospital -- -- -- gave and his men sat night eight and 4 AM in the morning I get out and he's walking fast and circle and his -- around and around and around. And this thing for Wyoming. Leaned. Some of them -- for HD and I eighties TNT snotty. Beyond ten years old and come home and -- -- Hard to watch so. -- want to be felt great. -- -- -- He was just hurt and he needed it right attention and needs to be honest the right there he. African states afford to pay for the can -- can they afford not to can they afford to have kids who. Are on all these medications what's his future going to be for them. These young people have a right to be safe and well cared for that's the promise the state makes when it takes and other -- And that promise. Is too often not met. Today and has been very different from -- take off all the medication. In therapy. He's in some honors classes. And he now has a permanent family to help him heal. He's been adopted Scott Hoch -- celebrated with a party. -- part of the family that. Yeah. And remember little -- she too has something to -- the broken places. -- -- sister Kayla have also been adopted. -- they are with police and dad. And all their new Brothers.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Part 2: Congress holds hearing on foster care, psychotropic drug prescriptions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15077829","title":"Foster Kids and Meds: Finding Solutions","url":"/2020/video/foster-kids-meds-finding-solutions-congress-hearing-foster-care-psychotropic-drugs-2020-15077829"}