Foster Kids Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs

Part 1: Children reveal painful memories of neglect, heavy duty drug treatments.
4:23 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Foster Kids Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs
We want to start with something different tonight a roll call of sorts. A sea of faces beautiful kids survivors. They're typical kids freckles glasses braces even some bashful smiles as they reel off the names of prescription drugs they shouldn't be able to pronounce as you both know we have been working for a year on this investigation of ABC news and he. Use of heavy duty psychotropic drugs given to America's Foster children. As a new governmental report says sometimes even infants. And of course these are children already traumatized by abuse neglect and abandonment who tell us. But they most wanted as an adult -- -- love them and take their hand for life. We wanna say at the outset sometimes. Drugs can be useful but should this be the first response and what about the sheer quantity of pills the children are being given. Often without the therapy they say they crave. Here's the question is there something else we -- these children who have already endured so much. Yeah. It's. And cash machine I am nine years old when -- really from long term. I felt sad because -- -- -- 28. -- News. Still like smoke some dogs loose ball and he had a garbage sometimes -- I was like really hungry. -- -- -- -- -- From the beatings. I mean that can stop him he can't -- that got an untold dozens and has -- When. That was. -- -- -- And smooth I cannot name out of time handing out some of them floral works for HD NI -- -- snotty. Analysts were being bipolar and I am not -- -- an off. As for one hour safety net Sierra Club sack at around -- approach. So initial term most brutal -- -- when there's a beloved college. They knew he feels if I had a thousand bricks on the head of spacecraft. So in. -- different pills I gained. Almost -- over -- hundred patents. This is mixing all the medications together just thousands is on -- my name is crystal and fifteen. I have been in 26 replacements. Bill -- Has. -- Hamas. Disappear. From everybody's going to be. I was put on -- three different innocence when effort to an end of fox to -- agents. Ever since then they've just been piling up more medicine. The reason why it was that was so. So -- always mad and upset all time was because. I didn't really have -- it's hard to. I me Tom Knight out did -- and -- that. I want -- snags -- make me feel great. Do you feel like finance -- taking of your -- by -- -- -- these -- I share free. Since are not taking her medication. Feel as if I image control of myself and -- -- cities. Are doing very well. I can't Arnold three times in a -- it is not -- People that are over Medicaid and of the Chilean -- -- stuttering known what I really want people to knows that he can make it. Did the process as I had. Even though -- in Foster care you should never give up -- -- -- home.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Part 1: Children reveal painful memories of neglect, heavy duty drug treatments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15077792","title":"Foster Kids Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs","url":"/2020/video/foster-kids-prescribed-psychotropic-drugs-heavy-duty-drug-treatments-neglect-2020-15077792"}