What the Future Holds for the President, First Lady

Act 2: With 3 years left, the Obamas talk their daughters growing up and life after the White House.
8:11 | 11/30/13

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Transcript for What the Future Holds for the President, First Lady
sasha and malia obama were just seven and 10 when their father was elected president in 2008. To protect their privacy, the first daughters were made off limits to the press, with only trips or holidays I'm malia, I'm 14. Sasha and malia, before our eyes, you are growing up to become strong, smart beautiful women. Malia 15 is no longer daddy's little girl. Having adolescents so close to adolescence is a challenge you are at that stage with malia. Can she date? Uh-huh. Does she date? Oh we're not gonna -- we're not gonna talk about that. -- We're not gonna get -- give her business out on -- we're excited that -- -- I don't -- -- I got that far. Yeah. So, she can date. Yeah -- she -- she does -- she does what every -- every normal teenager -- 15 -- -- does. That's the only way -- -- year old does. You know, we think about not just her life here, but her life after. Because she's gotta be an independent, strong, smart, capable woman in the world. So, she has to get her training now. Can they have sleepovers oh, gosh -- yes -- no? They're never home. they've got a third -- third floor, yeah. The third floor of the white house. A series of rooms on top of the mansion, set back and hidden behind a balustrade. Once reserved for guests, it's now used for teenage sleepovers and pajama parties. -- Third floor full of -- young women who are -- giggling behind closed doors -- we have no idea what's going on. You don't peek in? Nah. I do periodically -- their parents say, so far there's no real sign of teenage rebellion, but malia and sasha do know how to argue their case. I will say, malia and sasha -- they are independent, they've got opinions -- they're like any other young person, and -- they're -- they push back on their rules and -- -- you know, perfect -- right. -- Boundaries. Malia will advocate to the -- she will, she -- she's got a little -- -- ooh, she -- -- lawyer in her. She'll make her arguments for wanting -- yeah. -- To do something that she knows we don't want her to do. And when it comes to social "thumbs down" they do some of it. But we limit it pretty much. Sasha isn't, she's not old enough yet. Malia does some. But they're still pretty limited. I still am not a big believer in facebook for young people. Particularly for them. We see the girls taking photos with their smart phones, malia even "photobombed" sasha's picture of their parents' kiss. Still their texts and pictures are not public, unlike their parents. Mrs. Obama posted this "selfie" with first dog bo on instagram just a week before they got a new puppy at the white house. Now, bo has a little sister? He -- we have more. We have now -- we've expanded our family. -- Sunny. This white house video introduced the year old sunny to the world. Come here. Come here. Why did you want another one? For bo, yeah. I see, bo was lonely? He was feel -- well, you know what, the girls -- the other -- the two puppies, malia and sasha were startin' grow up. He was feelin' a little neglected. And bo wasn't the only one feeling lonely. With the girls spending less and less time at home, the president was too. Between sports -- social events, and homework -- you know, they're -- they're -- we don't see 'em as much as we used to. The weekends, they're busy. You know, they are -- they don't wanna hang out with us. They still come in. And they'll s -- you know, they'll sit and say, "oh daddy --" oh you're -- " i-- I love you so much." "But I'm gonna be leaving." "But I'm gonna be leaving --" then they kinda give me a little -- little push and -- of the -- of the -- "that's enough, daddy." "That's enough. That's what you get." And when the girls went away to sleepaway camp, sunny and bo were there to fill the empty nest. Barack noticed this summer with the girls both in camp, you know, we -- we got a glimpse at our future and -- with just -- just the two of us -- oh, yeah. -- Lookin' at each other at the dinner table with bo and sunny. And for the first time he was touched. Well -- he almost teared up. He was like -- is it true that when the president's away you sleep with bo? No. That's not true. Uh-huh. No, no. Really? Absolutely not. Now, is this news to you? Look, my -- my general rule is -- thanks, barbara. Thank you. -- Don't let the dog in -- so sorry. -- The bedroom. I see. Yeah, we don't -- although -- although -- -- let the dog in the bed. You know, I've -- I've given up the girls -- no. The girls let these guys both in the bed. Sorry. How can you help it? They're so cute. The rambunctious sunny also keeps four year old bo in shape. Which goes "hand in paw" with the first lady's initiative to combat childhood obesity through exercise and diet. ♪ this is way more fun than sitting in front of the tv. Videos of mrs. Obama dancing have gone viral, as did this potato sack race she had with jimmy fallon in the white house. ♪ but for her last years in office the first lady is turning her attention to a new cause, urging high school students to continue their education. You have a new initiative -- to help to make the united states number one in college graduates by 2020. This is a very personal -- initiative for you. Absolutely. I wanna really shine a light on -- on the kids and have them take more ownership in their education. I mean, that's how both barack and I did it. You know, we didn't have a lotta support from home. And at some point, we both understood that it was gonna be up to us to get good grades and understand the process and carve out a path for ourselves in order to succeed. And it's important for kids to understand that they have to go beyond high school if they're gonna be competitive. And what about their own future, with just three more years in the white house? You are both very young. I mean, for me -- say that again as I reach 50. I'll keep saying it. Say it again. To me you're very young. And I know you don't like to think that much in the future. But you are in your second term. Do you have a dream for what you'd like to do? Will you continue in politics? You must -- how -- okay, no? That's a no. Well, look, there -- there -- I -- I think it's fair to say that I've run my last campaign. I won't be -- I won't be in another elected office. Will I continue to care deeply about issues we are working on? Absolutely. Whether they move back home to chicago or stay in washington dc depends in large part on their youngest daughter sasha well, malia will be in college, but sasha will be -- sophomore, will still be in high school. She'll be a sophomore in high school. So, you may-- -- until she goes off to college. So, you may wanna stay in washington because of sasha? Well, we'll -- I don't wanna pin you down -- but -- but -- -- but I am. But well -- let's go this -- let's -- further this way, sasha will have a big say in where we are. Obviously they've -- and michelle have made a lot of sacrifices on behalf of my cockamamie ideas, the running for office and things. Cockamamie ideas. so, when you met him did he ever say, "you know what, I'm gonna be president"? And did you say what? No. He -- he -- I don't think he envisioned the presidency. But he did talk about wanting to -- help people. That inspires me and us to think about how we can keep having impact beyond ourselves. I did -- I did promise her -- an interesting life -- an interesting life. And -- that he did. And -- I've -- I've kept that promise. He's kept -- he -- you know, he keeps his promises. And maybe more interesting than you might have wanted. Right. It's been interesting. And it -- and it will be when we leave. Announcer: Still ahead,

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