Gabrielle Giffords 10 Months Later

Giffords shares her own thoughts on her remarkable recovery and road ahead.
5:16 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Gabrielle Giffords 10 Months Later
And now Gabby -- sits down to talk. After the last videotape we saw there were a lot of weeks of hard work she made strides at a rate one of her therapist said was a phenomenal learning curve. Comprehension there even when the words don't come easily. And we remember a doctor saying of her. Sometimes it's wise just to acknowledge the existence. Of miracle it's. It is still sort of wonder. A woman made the journey from this. To this. She watches and others being -- we see her lovingly poking fun -- her cheerleading mom. She's funny. It's intelligent. She's got the great personality. -- -- But before we start talking she signals a problem but she wants to reach over and fix my hair. -- How do you feel. Preheat. That they I concede that your arm your right and you move a lot more. Is it painful as it. Hired this couple just difficult if you know it's tough strong strong. -- could fit that -- that is. That's the spirit should have been very good posture -- better than me if you do a lot of therapy ever eaten in how many you know. Two hours and he can hear them. What do you love in your life right now we know what tired there's -- -- that's happened. -- think about -- -- trip then six. Of the things you love right -- football. Can't hit a Catholic votes the all felt awful. -- -- -- -- to come around them. And once again in just ten months with ferocious determination she strengthened her right leg so much that her walk went from this. The parents. A small ritual most of us might take for granted. -- walked to the mailbox. Wife and husband. So do you remember the first time you met mark. -- -- -- Strange is that seems it's true it's a running joke their first date she took him to a prison so she could be examined her support for the death penalty. This is what my -- -- -- -- -- -- So we wanted to ask more about her memories what does she remember of January 8. The book says the night before she took the bike ride and remembers having dinner at a favorite restaurant. Saddened by the news that a beloved waitress there had died. So I asked about that night before. -- -- I thought maybe -- confused here it turns out boy was the name of the waitress who died. And what about that next morning she remember meeting constituents. Are seeing someone with a gun -- remember being -- -- now. Things. No memory of the man in the crowd the bullet are being carried out on a stretcher. Nor the thirteen days at the hospital in Tucson. Before she was flown to Houston. And then you remember the airplane flight here all. Says she felt like without me. And we also wondered how did she learn the full extent of the tragedy that day. As we said doctors had advised -- at first to give her limited information. Telling her only that she had been shot. Then on March 12 Kelly was reading her newspaper article about her recovery. Not knowing how well she had already begun to follow words. He skipped over something. This is a photo of the moment happen. She grabbed your hand -- -- she grabbed the Paper and then pointed to the paragraph that skipped and the paragraph that I skipped was where talked about. Other people dying. She was very upset. Kelly says he has seen her crying. Moaning. Coping with the knowledge that thirteen were wounded and six people died including -- little girl and a beloved member of her staff. We see the struggle when the pain you feel. It's beyond your words. And when mark told you what happened. The plan. Lot of people die. For its convenience he in in. -- It is the first page in the book the dedication. In memory of those who time.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Giffords shares her own thoughts on her remarkable recovery and road ahead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14953004","title":"Gabrielle Giffords 10 Months Later","url":"/2020/video/gabrielle-giffords-10-months-14953004"}