Gabrielle Giffords: Will She Return to Congress?

Focused on recovery, the congresswoman says she will return.
4:23 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabrielle Giffords: Will She Return to Congress?
-- -- think different really wanted to go back to Washington. Act where she was once called the most positive person in congress. -- Staying upbeat even during the unsettling campaigns of 2010. When we all watched opposition sometimes become the three all. After she voted for health care. She faced people in her district calling her a trader. Who in her in town halts. Someone even fired a gun into her office door Jeep and you may remember Sarah Palin targeted her district with an ad. And guns tied. Different once read aloud to her husband says -- some day. Really worried that somebody's gonna come up to one of its offense with a gun. On her Murray didn't stop her conviction that her job. To try to make democracy work. Even after the shooting she sent a message of courage and unity. -- stronger barely able to walk she flew across country to cast a vote on the debt ceiling. And when she entered the entire congress cheered. She moved them find any even shouting out a hello to the sergeant and -- fastest -- Say hello living niece living living day. A living really cut. She is looked at that disturbing photo of the man arrested for shooting her and so many others. She and her husband say it just wish could have been -- it was obvious that he had. Serious mental issues if he would have received some treatment. This probably would not happen and do you ever get angry. At what happened to you know what -- morning. Over the past months. -- dedicated staff has tried to take care of all constituent needs she's had to miss 98% of the votes in the congress she loves. So today as she really thinks she can go back to Washington. No. -- better it's. I'm them. I hope. Com. She wants to get better that there you wanna get better -- And so you think to yourself I'll go back to congress effective -- he. And that's where you are right. And yet there was a sentence in her practice list during speech therapy -- returned. He turns. And you can't say I will return that going that's -- Candidate he went through. -- -- needs stronger. The hard -- And the book is about that. The courage you need when the life you live is not the life -- plan. And you learn there have to be many different. One last question is there a word from work what's the first word you think Bahrain. -- I think you. I think killing think -- YouTube. Brave and tough. -- -- -- -- -- Gabby Giffords and mark Kelly say they want to thank all of the strangers who have written -- her -- her. And they planned to visit the families of those who died when she's -- has more of the word she wants to say. You should also know that her therapist doctor Esther -- sent word to us that she has already made another big leap forward in conversation. Just in the days since we left her.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Focused on recovery, the congresswoman says she will return.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14953088","title":"Gabrielle Giffords: Will She Return to Congress?","url":"/2020/video/gabrielle-giffords-return-congress-14953088"}