'General Hospital': The Real Soap Dish

Part 1: As "GH" turns 50, Katie Couric goes behind the scenes to explore the cultural phenomenon.
8:30 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for 'General Hospital': The Real Soap Dish
Welcome to port Charles you won't find it on any map but since 1963. Diehard fans had found that with no trouble at all. Along the way they've witnessed hurricanes earthquakes a serial killer to their very own version of mister -- -- -- amnesia. -- a paternity tests. And a lot of love in the afternoon. It's hard to believe it's been fifty years so -- fast as we'd make you to general hospital. This is where we via the Walking Dead come -- and -- resuscitated. They can't resuscitated. Mega they have very little and then now you are -- its biggest. Air column cheap places like. Status but night Nancy please run is helping -- explodes. One of daytime television. -- -- -- Every -- thinks that all these young people on soap operas. Exquisitely beautiful and they're not they're hideous when they black yeah -- -- and and the magic happens. You know when news. -- Soap -- history in the making -- Okay. More of my scene stealing performance later. -- general hospital for one week. Dan and I -- Captured -- dress rehearsals. Peeked inside wardrobe closet and left you know -- and we have -- And -- among my friends and soaked up above is that these so did. This is something you can. Dedicated fans have been waiting decades for. -- -- -- -- -- -- general hospital like you've never seen them before altogether for the biggest celebration in daytime television. Big Five. It's a fairy tale story that began on April 1 1963. On grounds that -- And it's. Amazing race. Anderson bonds he felt fine is topped the charts. On the American broadcasting television network a fresh new -- is made his debut in black and why they're being. It was in the -- doctor Steve -- is young chief of staff I don't -- that he didn't do you general hospital. -- -- -- Town and port Charles won't ever be known to bring peace and quiet she. He -- his fans but Hollywood spend the next six decades crashing into homes. Five days a week and one hour a day. Over the years there were spin on -- Religion one in prime time. Once you -- the young man. This strange title has just been one is talking vampires. Vampires when it comes to fifteen years -- feeling that this -- your anniversary overwhelmed. With overwhelmed him. C and the fan support is an extraordinary. General hospital -- Plays Becky get back to their closet -- -- six with the. You yeah. People role in an amount of good -- Mortgage your respiration 34 -- and that decision clean this tuning her out. -- -- who plays nurse at Tiffany Johnson is a devoted fan herself. When I called my mother and I told her that I was on general hospital. -- -- -- -- I that. Old -- would be doing needle point smoking cigarettes should keep -- -- between the extra. I remember owners Jesse James Tea Party in earthquake. That's exactly shaking in it was you know was an earthquake catastrophe I think I -- -- All of the miracle of and love the general hospital right. -- -- -- -- The new hip approach attracted -- younger generation of viewers. And -- this soap out of date time and on the popular magazine. I remember. Dictate my conduct. And being movements. So that I could be home to watch the privilege. -- And inspired a Disco hit. General hospital now. Do you fall back and you're not that far back I. Laura Wright is the fourth actress -- -- favorite. Carly Toronto's -- I've completed just I've been blind I've been married I cant I how many times I get to dress up and beautiful club I get to cry on my hands in the east. I -- to fall in love I get to lose lovely gift of being passed by. -- -- -- -- A lot of viewers making -- only Monica for fighting for her life on the game. But for ten years. He's also been fending off vicious attacks on. Remember that fight that I had. Wish that -- character of Carly and she picked up for real polls today and -- to meet in the back and costly gas is so hard. -- -- -- 840 -- The show's writers have always known how to strike at Ford which. -- -- raw and emotional story lines. I want -- to have BJ's heart. There was a full week of you know the daughters dying in the Netherlands is in a car accident and she thinks he's gonna die. It was really. People who lived through it. Emotionally and he was hard to watch -- the show also broke boundaries by including controversial story lines -- move to daytime television. -- positive for H. -- A topic few -- wanted to talk about this. Face -- BJP. -- -- -- They were young they were in love and they were HIV positive he could not picked a better character to -- -- to Enron's -- -- It -- how and it helped the viewer because we had watched him in the college -- -- on the show when -- was sent to resolve. Do you feel like to have the opportunity to really educate people I think the -- -- accepted the tricky part about doing story -- like that. Is still. Somewhat making it entertaining knows it's still so. -- the show will go on. As a result the G-8 introduced the annual nurses Bob. The -- it's entertaining viewers. All alone -- HIV awareness at the same time. -- -- who plays the offbeat Lucy -- help get the ball rolling in the early nineteen. We must feel so proud of that it's the best blend of art. And educating people and making them laugh and I was in the in my underwear in history. He hadn't gotten under -- and see. Every time I think the writers didn't have a lot of why I think he -- continue you can't a lot of fun addition to you know I have the best job.

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{"id":18898375,"title":"'General Hospital': The Real Soap Dish","duration":"8:30","description":"Part 1: As \"GH\" turns 50, Katie Couric goes behind the scenes to explore the cultural phenomenon.","url":"/2020/video/general-hospital-real-soap-dish-18898375","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}