George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

After more than three weeks of testimony six jurors set George Zimmerman free.
2:22 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty
Breaking news here not guilty more than fifteen hours after they got the case six women came out of that jury room within the last hour. And handed in their verdict in essence delivering the future of George Zimmermann. Just moments ago -- about Martin's father tweeting this -- put it up on the screen right now. God blessed me in Sabrina with -- and even in his death I know my baby is proud of the fight we along with all of you put up for him god bless. A family in pain tonight while another family to family of Georgia remained inside that courtroom with tears hugging his defense team. ABC's Matt Gutman has been on this case in Florida ever since the story first broke and he joins us live outside courthouse in Sanford Matt good evening. Good evening David in fact this -- seventeen months of suspense that's after George Zimmerman shot trade on Martin that. Cold February night now those six jurors. Five of the mother's coming to this verdict now that's just pause for second to hear judge Debra Nelson read out that verdict. In the Circuit Court and the eighteenth judicial circuit in enforce them -- county Florida. The state of Florida courses George Zimmermann. The verdict we -- jury find George -- not guilty. Texas daily at all four person. -- it is I want to -- the jury report yard. -- ladies and gentlemen and -- I'm sorry -- answer it juror number is being called please answer whether this. Your feet seven days with the -- yeah. Here -- being 37 is this your verdict yes sure -- if you want this -- yeah. -- There -- -- this different. Now just after that moment David the judge said that. -- of its business in court is over she released him from his bond he had his GPS ankle bracelet cut off and soon after that he was whisked away his defense team says to a safe location. They also say that George Zimmermann will probably live at least the next few years possibly the rest of his entire life. In hiding but whatever happens that five minute interaction between George Zimmermann and -- behind Martin Wolf. Probably tie those two people and their true names eternally together David. That's gotten an outside the courthouse for us here bad thing.

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{"id":19660202,"title":"George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty","duration":"2:22","description":"After more than three weeks of testimony six jurors set George Zimmerman free.","url":"/2020/video/george-zimmerman-found-guilty-19660202","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}