Gigi Chao: Dad 'Just Doesn't Understand How Anybody Can Be Gay'

Lesbian daughter of Hong Kong billionaire explains father's $65 million offer to male suitors.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gigi Chao: Dad 'Just Doesn't Understand How Anybody Can Be Gay'
-- He's the man who has never married never stop indulging. We keep two beautiful young women -- -- -- yard. Note that it was -- who live there and waited for impatiently on the top deck. Ever beautiful daughter. That applies to women with campaign below as unconventional as -- life is in effect a more traditional light peak. Of course much in the news forward to get married and have on the mobile family and liar the issue is student -- she's still monument Mary. I'm good worry balls your dad it's 65 million dollars at -- for the man -- -- are. Are you -- the marketers -- already taken. Taken by another woman. She is -- eat originally from Cambodia the two have been girlfriends for eight years do you consider a show on -- Wife your Life Partners. He is mind. Life partner us. Your dad doesn't see it that way now he just doesn't understand how anybody can be day did you ever try to have a conversation with your dad has -- that I'm -- No I don't I didn't go to that game I said -- me letters and photos of us I'm happy relationship ultimately at the end he just goes. -- what you're doing is wrong wrong wrong they made it official -- church ceremony in Paris this past eight. That he was naturally concerned baptists and so. He found it necessary to make an announcement -- she's not homosexual. She's not she doesn't have gay tendencies she's not married in fact I'm trying to find a husband for her offer 500 million. That's in Hong Kong dollars about 65 million American dollars. What is a man have to be what does he have to do in order to get 65 million dollars. It's very simple -- you most that you. And he must like teaching in -- arises is it not okay for her to be -- on seeing this she is not okay to be -- I mean. It's her own choice and her room tendencies -- what she wants to do is to for more that you want in the future. The offers have come flooding -- -- with -- Right one and -- A real. Thousands that the emails and -- that thousands of FaceBook could enter. -- -- -- Yankees try to block the digital don't want a long time for 55 million dollars but the persistent one's -- away. Water we need to. After the -- -- you like it here. That -- about all of it. My. Prediction what's more important to you. Hear your love for your daughter or seeing her Mary -- man. Who wanted to marry him mad when -- -- who choose to marry a man -- bought married or. If he is an attempt tendency I wouldn't -- -- changes. That that though it doesn't change me for all. My love for.

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{"id":17465133,"title":"Gigi Chao: Dad 'Just Doesn't Understand How Anybody Can Be Gay'","duration":"3:00","description":"Lesbian daughter of Hong Kong billionaire explains father's $65 million offer to male suitors.","url":"/2020/video/gigi-chao-dad-understand-gay-17465133","section":"2020","mediaType":"us only 08"}