Girl Fears for Mother's Safety

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation kid Louise's mom struggles with addiction.
3:07 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Girl Fears for Mother's Safety
We are writing up the majestic hills of the pine ridge reservation. Where a young content girl says she wants to show us the land she loves it's so beautiful. -- her name is Louise Clifford and she wants to teach us the poetry about Lakota silences. Everything they can't. This aids in this week asked the -- and seeing him. The TV is look hard says the buffalo. Everything just gets to me because this -- in Atlanta. -- is learning the Lakota language. -- -- OK and -- sex. As old as called. Coming in London school when I loved her when. The Anderson school teachers -- -- leases on of their stuff. Please is that playing one of my Thompson's. She's loyalists to -- kind of setting that standard for what I'm expecting the kind of -- -- grade class. Act -- just like any other children. And they have everything to offer. They are smart they're funny athletic. Okay and -- EE EE. They are wonderfully good -- -- -- and some of them have a lot to deal but. It is amazing to see the kind of person and that seven suddenly -- path. Things. It's. Another mom without problem alcohol. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Me saying there's so -- cents. Not. -- -- Tuesday evening Cheney and others over it favorite -- come -- -- Moon and on this night we go to her home there is no heat it's freezing. The collapsing moldy house but she takes me into her -- bedroom -- pink. Her mother who once Louise to be happy painted it with either -- -- on -- patent -- on the walk. But it's too cold for her to sleep in here she's afraid when she's alone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you ever watch families on TV -- think collect keeping our. Frank. And more room and then I when they have been so that while I have everything. And name and I can be -- I then -- And that's when. Currently our -- -- it hard I called him. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Pine Ridge Indian Reservation kid Louise's mom struggles with addiction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14736664","title":"Girl Fears for Mother's Safety","url":"/2020/video/girl-fears-mothers-safety-14736664"}