Grocery Shopping for a Family of 20

Part 4: Lawson Bates, 18, helps his family pay for bills and weekly groceries.
8:28 | 08/24/11

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Transcript for Grocery Shopping for a Family of 20
Running a household with twenty may look like chaotic fun. But it's not -- -- tree cutting business provides just enough to get from. How do you afford it. We try our -- to live as cheap as we -- I'm a real penny Pincher who probably worse than a penny Pincher we try not to -- up this fall crimes we -- goes on sale. And it's not a necessity we really trying to the violence is something we really need. The older boys help their father -- his business. Lawson even started his own when he was just thirteen loss since lawn care. Dawson -- our Canadian. He has a plan that -- -- play western navies he's found a cowboy hare and I and he taught me how the mountains it's a lot of fun it's good money to. I'm -- -- truck can't buy everything cash -- like them borrow money. Lawson is earning enough to help the rest of the Stanley. So for parents that don't look even thanked him no mortgage no car loans no credit cards months and he's the only person who. -- and they're good for kicks I mean I worried about it they paid they paid him back -- I mean. I don't need the money right now anyway so. We kind of banks finance -- because -- our race is. Landing says scent glands are landing bass. Thousand helped -- cars -- loaned him that there needed a couple thousand. Go to college -- she's paying me back -- -- real good about paying back which is fine with me I don't mind. Okay Fred. Attack from the deadly tanker is also has stumbled -- -- -- shop. So you're always thinking about budget has -- gone through always. Her family goes through seven gallons of milk and nine loaves of bread per week grocery shopping with a daunting. And just to keep this truck he's Big Three dollars even per pound and now let -- have found ministry very warm. We like fresh. -- for its most teenage boys to shame by not only knowing the price of gold cuts -- it's gone up. I think -- every eighteen year old -- and not a single one of them we -- has the pound Turkey guarantee. I -- getting good -- very well. Gated fences that can you know here's cucumbers -- -- and doctor. There's extra barbecue sauce and a whole lot of extra groceries for his sister aaron's birthday party. By the way any party debates household needs an extra work -- of ice cream. Why weren't things -- -- -- -- I needed -- fashion advice could -- invited the kids for a swim at my hotel that night. In keeping with their beliefs they won't swim with anyone -- exposing too much skin. If I were -- under that would not be appropriate. With them not figure what this is -- -- -- About Iraq that's about right how about best. Not too sure it is usually maybe it'll go almost -- it you think that's okay and are -- -- Well and being active little -- -- to get all America. -- -- -- -- So they go down there. Because his father hasn't gotten paid yet this week. Loss against the bills and postponing. And that's your debit card yes -- Total cost me 375. Dollars and 53 cents. Back at home when the residents obsessed with those -- Less and less spending and she comes to any news that says mom cannot -- several voices. Did you start at the. -- well thanks very fifteen minute -- -- the whole family. You know apple like learning about ending -- -- -- That's -- late that night you could come home -- Not -- -- getting everybody to -- that indicate again that Brian Burke class. I get Atlantis ready usually by about 12 o'clock is -- -- That's right -- okay. Food is one expense adds about all the clues they need go to the mall. I -- with teen girls can be pretty impressed the way we can go to goodwill games -- twice the -- stuff. Barr followed my name couldn't listen and you might not last long black. Exactly alike cheaper. Act does is play are either hand me downs and other families have shared with us -- that would then pass spam arc thrift stores what about the issues. Kids are definitely -- store items best pop. We shopping get a -- Because it's a whole lot cheaper -- -- hopes up. At the local thrift store we managed to buy a gift for nearly twenty people and it was less than forty bucks. Warden you found another parish is combined. And we know. This classic colorful its immediate value isn't -- -- -- -- get -- vicinity -- look at that five dollars five dollars. It takes approximately 200000. Dollars to raise one American kid to adulthood. Debates are doing at times eighteen -- of action -- com. I don't take anything from the government can probably qualify for a lot of things. -- -- -- purpose not to do that because God's taking Karen bass and I don't wanna be a burden on everybody else. That's a wonderful thing. America is a great place aliens. Their clothing is kept in one shared closet. Yeah it's pretty -- can say -- -- now -- -- -- And incarnate -- -- in The Hague is gradually baker and then the boys star is awarded them thirty fans and -- -- laying bend earning power. -- Michael actually volunteers -- the six or seven loads this households generates every day how do you know loses lose -- -- Jackson's. -- -- -- Quite a few others a denim bucket yes OK this is just -- filled -- and hats and shirts. And in some of the girls -- not yet -- -- to have the little -- to test. A talented seamstress Michael -- sowed the modest swimwear for the little ones. You made this with it's an associate renteria was -- -- pattern for even. No I'm just learned how to read a pattern actors that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With Clinton and come out. Kind of a family tradition and we try to do it every night -- he's -- And tonight an extra special. That's -- my hotel. It's not partisan in Jackson's defense being used -- -- as personally. Longtime. Got convicted. And sent -- hard and women to Wear bright says. We just felt like that was -- the lord for ladies to their site ladies and space -- and Dane Tom wins sometimes the generals get so. And it's hard to disarm. The big boys are in beauty and seems might outfit isn't big hits Harrison -- so cute. That was really think it hadn't hadn't been thankful sports. The best part of the evening -- is that exhausts the -- Not even live. Young that I like standing Hollywood's -- and every night -- we -- and two headless. Go to sleep thinking about -- -- All the things you let us do -- grateful. For the full part of gratitude. He let us live.

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{"id":16982671,"title":"Grocery Shopping for a Family of 20","duration":"8:28","description":"Part 4: Lawson Bates, 18, helps his family pay for bills and weekly groceries.","url":"/2020/video/grocery-shopping-family-20-16982671","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}