Growing Up Gravano

art 1: Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, reveals mob perks.
7:09 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Growing Up Gravano
Now a very different take on sins of the father growing up as a mob daughter. The woman you're about to meet survive growing up around hit -- -- she's currently surviving a hair pulling and cat fights on mob wives. Karen gravano. You won't necessarily recognize her name but you'll definitely know her father's before you judge just listen. Here's Jay -- I mean his father's vision and I would I actually was. It was about. -- yes he winds Sammy the bull gravano either pulled the trigger or arrange the murder of at least nineteen people. Our numbers are not surprising that I had no remarkable. And then. -- -- -- It's a great father and his daughter Karen of. He was home every night for dinner if we were sick he was bad -- heat really cared about our school -- he was someone that anything. You need he'll be after him boom boom boom in this strangely warped world of gangster families the grove on those have -- -- -- established a hit man. And now she's got a hit TV show chronicling the lives of women whose husband's and father's -- connected to them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get him out of his and my mother is you can't be in the -- -- did you just the weak minded individual. Course no cable -- can compare to living in the genuine lion's -- of the mafia. As raunchy as this reality TV show. Can't compete with the true reality of a young girl growing up Brevard. When your kid what is it that you thought you dad did for -- Construction. Every when things have found there was in the mom is in the construction business and my father really -- the construction business. Well in a fashion. At one point Karen's dad could rightly claim that much of New York's glittering skyline was a creation of his mob controlled unions. Operations Sammy ran from this tiny office in Bensonhurst New York. Complete with two way glass did you ever ask your father or why the -- to repair. And a kitchen full -- to lose your father himself says that someone was killed in this room. I think I didn't get that Karen heard a lot of things -- Sandy's daughter. For instance at a time when a young girls' biggest concern might he say getting braces -- was getting familiar with the word gangster. You said you knew that he was a gangster of some sort was at negative -- positive comment. There's a positive and I'll tell you why one of my classmates invited me habitat house. Sad sad how some and that my parents' romance -- -- -- on the next that would have been a whole host Paul Costa Lana. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the universe of gangsters Caron had been born into royalty. She's a princess wherever she's walking. Former FBI agent George Gabriel knew the mob scene here as well as anyone. She was treated differently in school. -- -- -- -- The group -- him -- that -- from. With good reason in 1997. Sammy was living under the federal witness protection program he granted Diane Sawyer an exclusive interview. Now -- is just about heard at all but even she seems staggered by Sammy is ruthlessness -- -- the -- of the -- -- and there. -- -- Serial killers don't have nineteen. One of the early murderers on that long bloody -- took place in 1982. -- was ten years of. -- Chris -- man suspected that he was a -- Probably was the times that frank -- is right outside his nightclubs. Jerry had been hearing her father complain about Fiat and then one night he beat upstairs asked dad's permission for a sleepover she found. And the door was closed Salameh and I opened -- and I seen him. -- a gun into the back of his pants and he let -- let me says don't you -- -- only slumber party that night was for frank Fiat bullet riddled body was found by the side of the road. To put -- and -- together and I definitely thought that possibly he can be involved. I think is a kid you don't want to think about fat C think about it -- -- minute. And then -- stopped did you ever go to your other friends and so you know I think Clinton might be killing people. Because that would be quite. Revelation you know what do you do is -- dean go and call the police have said think my father left the house he might have -- -- my last night I don't know hatter react to me there's -- -- -- didn't understand what that he was doing she's being treated differently because of who she is. Let there be no mistake she's -- -- daughter. You're peeking in on one of those sweet but surreal -- Its parent in the arms -- father and her sweet sixteen birthday. And on the fact that he's my protect and. He was safe at -- and he is a friend but before you get all miss you might want to know that the real guest of honor -- party. Was none other than the Teflon Don John god I walked Novak -- since sailor and uncle -- And I -- Helena -- and he gave me an envelope and in the envelope was known 10100. Dollar balance put into making job isn't treating. He had to -- -- -- about him when I went back to school -- people are like you know. I heard John that is such a tiny little mafia princess though she's offended by that late which was most certainly growing fond of the luxury news. Like her own flower shop and -- by Sammy for parents high school graduation. There -- -- booming business of and I welcome you just over in this shop and suddenly got a lot of business thanks has left to send flowers I guess. A lot of funerals for him. And nobody could turn a bouquet into a bloodbath faster than Sammy the bull and. Police say the hole Castellano the reputed head of the Gambino crime family and another man were shot and killed. On December 16 1985. -- Sammy helped mastermind the murder of Paul Castellano. -- my cousin -- and contests aren't just ahead. And yet -- wasn't there a feeling of some power as a result of that too. I wasn't all negative news -- one. They're your lesson CNN news at the time turning on the news and there's my father and John Gotti locking up to -- people -- you know glorifying. So I felt like I was part of something that was -- But big is about to become evident as Sammy Gravano turns the tables on the mom and -- Karen's life. There's like -- stuck a knife through my heart. His. You know he's betraying me -- -- do --

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{"id":15560707,"title":"Growing Up Gravano","duration":"7:09","description":"art 1: Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy \"The Bull\" Gravano, reveals mob perks.","url":"/2020/video/growing-gravano-15560707","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}